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Brand Story Video Production in Singapore

Brand story video production is an essential part of a company’s content marketing. A brand story is a narrative that weaves together the facts and emotions that a brand evokes through a video.

Read on to learn more about brand story video production and how these videos can impact your brand.

Brand Story Video

What is a Brand Story Video?

A brand story is a form of storytelling video which companies use as a form of content marketing. Brand stories are shared in the form of a video, usually not longer than 8 minutes. In these few minutes, the brand story’s mission is to tell a story that encompasses the facts and feelings of the brand, as well as a clear representation of the impacts of the products and services on a consumer.

Brand stories usually follow a storytelling format, where the main character faces a conflict and interacts with a problem solver, which is in this case the brand. Brand stories also aim to showcase the consumer journey of any potential or existing consumers, making the story relatable and realistic.

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Brand Story

How are Brand Story Videos Used in Content Marketing?

Brand story videos set brands apart from one another. In a crowded marketplace where there are millions of content being created by competitors, companies have an opportunity to share a unique narrative circling their brand. A successful brand video creates an impact on the marketing of a brand, where it sheds new light to a brand and its products and services.

Brand story videos are usually introduced alongside marketing campaigns. Content marketing’s importance has been on the rise, ever since social media marketing took over the marketing industry. A brand story video that sits well with consumers could be the driving force to a brand’s image and reputation.

Brand stories are usually shared on a company’s social media accounts and website. These videos are also shared on advertisements as a more subtle way of advertising than a usual advertisement. Brand story videos are more focused on the consumer journey compared to traditional advertisements which focus on directly explaining and demonstrating the uses of the product.

Brand Story Video Production

How Does Brand Story Video Production Work?

Brand stories usually follow a process which requires companies to think deeper than just coming up with a story. Brand stories should focus on using the main character and plot to connect with a viewer on an emotional level. The main character and conflict should always seek to be relatable with any consumer, showcasing the true impacts the brand could have on a consumer’s life.

Brand stories should be filmed and produced with a professional videographer. This encompasses the planning, filming and editing processes. For a brand story to be successfully created, the team of videographers and editors must have a clear sense and image of the story that the brand intends to tell with the brand story.

Here is the process of brand story video production that usually takes place:

  • Research and Creative Brief: Like any other project, research is the key factor to a compelling brand story. Understanding your brand’s consumer journey and the experiences that your products and services give is important. Design and propose a detailed creative brief with a significant understanding of the brand and what the purpose of the brand story is.
  • Storyboarding: Creating a detailed storyboard showcasing the characters, plot, conflict and message allows the story to have a flow. This also gives the videographer an idea of the flow of the story and how it can be kept within the time limit.
  • Engaging a Corporate Videographer: Engage a corporate videographer and discuss the rates and available dates to film the brand story.
  • Discussing the Shot List: Discuss the shot list with the videographers and editors with examples from the storyboard. This is to ensure that everyone is on the same page before shooting.
  • Planning of Filming Execution: Recce the filming location and hire the necessary talents and team. It is important that the company and filming team work closely together during this stage.
  • Filming and Editing: Filming usually takes place over a few days unless the shoot only requires one location. The editing process will also take about a week.
  • Uploading and Sharing: Once the video is ready for upload, ensure that the brand has the necessary platforms to share and publicise the brand story. Advertisements can also come into play at this stage.

Ideas for Brand Story Video Production

1) Mr Lim’s Reunion Dinner by Singtel

This brand story video by Singtel pulls ones heartstrings with a heartbreaking, yet relatable story of a local family in Singapore during the festive Chinese New Year season. It showcases communication and staying connected, which is the key message that Singtel was trying to show in this brand story.

2) The Promise by NTUC Income

This brand story video showcases the reality and struggles of a middle-aged Singaporean man being sandwiched by two generations. It clearly shows the conflict and introduces the solution at the end of the video, which is NTUC income. This is a good example of what a brand story should be like.

3) I Am We by Prudential Singapore

Like the one above, brand stories could also be based on a true story. True stories are more compelling and tell a unique story that people can relate to. This brand story by Prudential showcased the struggles of a hawker in his early days and how he managed to overcome the challenges with the help of his wife. This creates an opportunity for Prudential to subtly introduce life insurance and protection plans through a call to action at the end of the video.

Engage a Professional to Produce Your Brand Story Videos

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We hope you have found some insightful inspiration from this article. To work with our team for your brand story video, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

We can provide end-to-end video production support in creating a storytelling video. This includes pre-production such as scripting and storyboarding, casting and logistics. Filming and production will include director and crew size of between 3-12 crew.

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