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Portrait Photographer Rates in Singapore

Wondering what type of photographer you need when you want personal portraiture, family photo, pre-wedding, newborn photo, Linkedin profile photo, or corporate photoshoot for your company. For personal photoshoots, many will turn to their niece or uncle who owns a DSLR camera and convince them to be their photographer. However, portrait photography is common, yet requires a unique set of skills. We will explain the different types of professional photographers. And help you to get the best results for your portraiture photography engagement.

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What Types of Photographer You Need, and Where To Find Them?

A Good Portrait Photographer not only need to have good understanding and knowledge of taking a photo, they need to have the ability to get people comfortable with them. Unless you are a professional model, you are usually not comfortable in front of a camera.

In short, I would say a good portrait photographer is someone who not only knows how to take good photos, but also someone that has a good and likeable personality and excellent customer service that allows them to understand the needs, capture the best emotion and needs of their client.

Just an important for the photographer is to understand that a portrait photo shoot is not just about the image. A photoshoot is also about the experience.

Instead of sifting through Google search, different forums, or even Carousell trying to find the perfect photographer, we are listing down the different photographers in Singapore and how they might suit your photoshoot.

Portrait Photographer Rates in Singapore

Studio NameSpecialisationRate
Vivid SnapsCorporate Portraits & Corporate Photography$240 onwards
BespokeFamily, Corporate, Newborn & Maternity$250-$600
Beauty BoxCorporate, Couple & Family$128-$700
Colight StudioCorporate, Couple & Family$50-$600
Digital MomentsCorporate, Family & Wedding$220-$670
Firefly PhotographyFamily, Newborn & Event$100-$800
Irina NilssonPortraits, Corporate, Newborn & Maternity$70-$1200
Kwang PhotographyCorporate, Corporate Portrait, People & Lifestyle$150-$500
OhDearStudioFamily, Graduation, Newborn & Maternity$150-$700
Photo RikikiPortraits, Family & Couple$80-$1600
Skai Chan PhotographyCorporate, Commercial, Family & Arts$300-$1350
White Room StudioFamily, Couple, Newborn & Maternity$300-$800

Vivid Snaps LLP – Corporate Headshot & Portraits

Best Corporate Portrait Company in Singapore
Screenshot of Vivid Snaps Corporate Headshot Webpage

Vivid Snaps (that’s us!) is a media production company based in Singapore and serving clients worldwide focusing on delivering high-quality photography and videography services for companies locally and abroad.

Started in 2011, the team strive to offer the best photography service in Singapore. With nearly 10 years of experience, Vivid Snaps considers itself a multi-disciplinary media production company that keeps up with the changing media landscape and deliver to their clients by evolving with their needs. At the same time, maintaining focuses on quality and a high level of business ethics.

Boban James Photography – Portrait Photographer

Boban James Portraits photography in Singapore

Boban James is a portrait photographer residing in Singapore. Be it in the studio or out in the natural or urban environment, Boban is able to create mood and drama in his portraiture using creative lighting techniques.

His works have been published in multiple publications, such as Straits Times, BLLNR magazine, Conde Nast Traveller India, Vogue India, Gulf News, and Entrepreneur Magazine, and many other publications.

Ejun Low Portrait – Portrait Photographer

Ejun Low portraits photography IN Singapore

Ejun Low is currently a committee member at PPAS and an international award-winning photographer accredited by the Federation of European Photographers. He appreciates the qualities of photographs being understated and timeless because outside all that commercial value of an image. He had always been inspired by film and fine art, and these are very apparent in much of his work.

He and his team have serviced corporate clientele including Chubb, CNBC, Diageo, Fidelity, Intel, Kaspersky, Marriot, Merx, NEC, Oracle, Pan Pacific, Raffles Hotels and Resorts, Spotify, Stephenson Harwood, Unilever and Volvo amongst other reputable brands and countless private individuals.

They have their own 2200 square feet studio space in Paya Lebar.

Coco Creative – Photography Services

Coco Creative corporate portraits and headshots

Coco Creative is a photography company based in Singapore. Proficient in corporate and commercial photography, Jose Jeuland is the Professional Photographer & Art Director, where he produces commercial photography and directs video production for his clients.

He enjoys the print side of photography and believes that the results of printed photographs are one of the peaks of photography achievements and he masterfully balances artistic vision and technical expertise in his camera work and creates touching portrait photos.

Digital Negative – Portrait Photography Company

Digital Negative corporate portraits,

Chris and Sam, identical twins with equal enthusiasm, passions as commercial photographers in Singapore. They started Digital Negative and embarked on their careers as professional photographers in 2014.

Digital Negative started out with the vision of tailoring its diverse range of expertise to clients’ marketing objectives. Previous clients adore Digital Negative’s work, citing that Chris and Sam are “professional, creative and meticulous in their work,” which is high praise for this pair of photographers.

They believe in maintaining strong work ethics, and a constant stream of innovative ideas. Every business has its own set of challenges.

Drew Perspectives – Portrait Photography

Andrew Lim started with underwater photography, arguably one of the most challenging forms of photography. His love for documenting nature and wildlife in its element has always been his greatest passion. Andrew published his first underwater photography book, Silhouette of Serenity, in which part of the proceeds was donated to charity.

Using camera magic and his honed skills, he captures a client’s best self in eye-catching headshots. His eye for fashion and unique brand of artistry shines through in all of his work. Apart from pursuing underwater photography, Andrew also does plenty of events, studio, and commercial work.

Irina Nilsson – Professional Photographer

A mother of 4 children started her career as a professional photographer in 2017 and started her own company a few years later, After working for different studios and as a freelance photographer for a few years. She is able to meet many interesting and wonderful people through the lens of her camera.

Each of her photos possesses a visual narrative, perfectly capturing a life moment in a single image. Her bright, eye-catching photography style and use of exciting backdrops showcase the subject’s best self.

Her Professional Photography Session Rates

  • Corporate Portrait Photography: $200-$500
  • Newborn & Maternity: $700-$1200
  • Portrait Photography: $70-$800

Johna Photography – Corporate Portrait Photographer

Johna Photography corporate Portrait photography

After assisting several prominent photographers in the industry, Johna quickly picked up and became familiar with the aspects of a professional photoshoot environment.

For Johna, photography is more than just adjusting lights and clicking a shutter. A good professional photographer is able to produce not just beautiful photos, but beautiful photos that adequately sell his clients’ products and services.

Besides shooting food, product, interior, corporate and corporate portrait, Johna also offers aerial photography and videography services using drones.

Kwang Photography – Corporate Portrait Photographer

Kwang indoor and outdoor portraits photography

Yew Kwang Photography was established in 2002 and was only focused on providing wedding and event photography services.

Now they expanded their services to include studio photoshoots for families, babies, maternity and executive headshots. Together with the expansion of the studio that is now set up in Serangoon Road. The floor space is double the size of the previous studio and this allows it to serve clients in a more spacious and cosy environment

Currently, they’re now offering a wide range of photography services, for corporate and individual, both indoor and outdoor. As a result, diversification in the portfolio.

Professional Photo Session Rates

  • Executive and Corporate Headshot (up to 30mins): $250
  • Studio Family Portraits (up to 1 hr): $300

Portrait Gallery – Family & Graduation Photographer

Portrait Gallery photography Studio In Singapore

Portrait Gallery has over 20 years of experience in family and graduation photoshoots, earning trust as a family portrait studio with a majority of their clients that are referred and returned.

Their photographers started as a hobby and eventually fell in love with photographing people, learning a lot about family love and joy, about personalities and cultures and fulfilling their careers.

They provide a wide collection of graduation gowns for the whole family of graduates for a family graduation photoshoot. (NUS, NTU, SMU, SUSS (SIM), SIT and Universities in Australia and UK).

Theresa Olesen – Headshot Photographer

Theresa Olesen corporate Headshots

For the past eight years, Theresa has been working as a portrait photographer in both London and Singapore. Winning awards with internationally recognised photographer associations such as The Guild of Photographers, SWPP and Then National Photographic Society (UK).

Theresa Olesen Studio is filled to the brim with props, backdrops in a multitude of colours, that help create exactly the style of portrait that you would like.

With expertise in family-centred shoots, her heartwarming children and group portraits will bring a smile to anyone’s face. At her studio, space is filled with props, backdrops, and an extensive wardrobe of outfits for infants and moms-to-be.

Digital Moments – Award Winning Photographer

The Digital Moments is opened, curated and managed by an International Multiple Award Winning Photographer based in Singapore. Offer Professional Premium Photography and Videography Services and constantly improve on the quality for photographs and videos. With more than 11 years of experience (way before The Digital Moments was opened).

The majority of clients continue to adore their exceptional work. They continually strive for excellence and high-quality images in all of his projects. Rest assured, your portrait will look elegant and eye-catching, no matter the occasion.

Portrait Photography Rate

  • 1 Hour: $220
  • 2 Hours: $370
  • 3 Hours: $520
  • 4 Hours: $670

Types Of Portrait Photography Services

  • Maternity, Newborn and Baby Photography
  • Kids Photography
  • Outdoor Photography
  • Outdoor Family Photography
  • Couple Photoshoot
  • Family and Multigenerational Family Photography
  • Graduation Photography
  • Executive and Corporate Portraits
  • Personal Brand and Individual Portraits
  • Studio Portraits
  • Pet Photography

Firefly Photography – Photo & Video Company

Firefly Photography family Photography in Singapore

Firefly Photography is a customer experience-focused photography and videography company in Singapore, focusing on family portraits, weddings, events, and photo booths. The studio comprises a team of portrait photographers with diverse backgrounds and skillsets.

Firefly studio is born out of the need to foster human connection through visuals that channels empathy, relate and reach people’s hearts and minds, discovered that during a photoshoot, usage of mobile devices is minimal and real human bonding begins.They offer both in the studio and on-location photoshoots and has currently worked with over 3,000 families in Singapore to document the joyful moments of life.

Studio Photography Rates

  • Package 1 – S$150
    • 1 Hour Unlimited Shots
    • Up to 5pax
  • Package 2 – S$260
    • 2 Hour Unlimited Shots
    • Up to 10pax

J Studio – Corporate Photography

J Studio corporate photographer In Singapore

J Studio was founded in 1994, having 20 years of experience, the team prides itself on connecting with clients to deliver beautiful, creative images that capture the quintessential spirit.

The studio focuses on corporate photography, including portrait photography and staged shoots for branded lifestyle content. An impressive client roster with brands such as American Express, Capital land, Shell, and more.

Zainal & Zainal – Creative Photo Studio

Zainal & Zainal corporate & editorial portraitures

Zainal & Zainal is a Singapore based creative studio that crafts stories with photographs, Specialising in portraits and spaces. Combine artistic practice with a keen commercial sense to deliver high-impact visuals for your business or organisation.

They also feature commercial marketing photoshoots to create highly produced commercial imagery. Zainal offers on-location photography, where they seek to capture their clients’ in the most natural way.

Their impressive client list includes the Taste of Bali, Gypsied, and Manulife, that bring client stories to life through candid style shots.

Bambini Photography – Corporate & Grad Portraits

Bambini Photo corporate portraitures

Bambini Photo is a Singapore based portrait photography company that specialises in corporate,capturing maternity, babies, kids and family portraits and telling their stories through professional photography.

They’re a vision of Making memories, telling your stories through quality professional photography. Clients are individuals, parents or soon-to-be parents who believe the value of preserving memories through photography. They would have a strong commitment and trust to work together with our team to achieve the best outcome.

Visual Verve – Portrait Photographer Singapore

VisualVerve corporate portraitures and group photographer In Singapore

Rendy Aryanto from Visual Verve, a former creative director that became the man behind the camera now. With 17 years of experience, not only is he able to capture great portraiture, his onsite corporate portraiture shows off the excellent corporate image of the organization.

As a former creative director with a can-do attitude and approachable personality allow him to have a clear understanding of your needs.

Snap Memoirs – Portrait Photographer Singapore

Snap Memoirs Photography portraitures and arts photographer in Singapore

Deric from Snap Memoirs, A photographer with 15 years of experience. From his school time he has always been touched by Arts, he now uses his artistic knowledge to add artistic touch when capturing his images

Started as a street photographer, now he not only does portrait photography but also ventures into wedding photography in recent years. His unique way of lighting adds a unique artist feel. He believe capturing and bringing emotion to any photography session best create the result that make his clients happy

His passion never fails to inspire and motivate him to keep improving, learning new stuff and upgrading his skill.

Greg Instyle Photography – Fashion Portraiture

Greg In style Photography portraiture and fashion Photographer In Singapore

Greg is a photographer that started as a hobbyist. With an artistic eye, he is able to capture unique and distinctive photos. His unique style allows him to focus on fashion portraiture but his artist’s eye for details and combining with technical knowledge allow him to take up any type of photography assignment.

He is proud to be able to shoot right out the camera with minimum editing which is not something many photographers in this digital age can achieve.

You can also find very interesting cosplay or futuristic photos on his Facebook.

Vinki Ho Photography – Newborn & Family Photographer

Vinki Ho photography Newborn Photographer in Singapore

Looking to take a photo of your newly born or your family photo, Vinki has been a newborn baby photographer for 7 years since 2014.

She always found joy in documenting the new life and capturing the sweetest memory. You can have her go to your house or go to her fantastic studio where she has backgrounds, lots of props and outfit to choose from.

Colight Studio – Open Plan Studio

Colight Studio Studio Space In Singapore

One of Colight studio’s biggest selling points is they have an open-plan space of 144m2 consisting of 3 distinct areas with white-washed walls and raw concrete floor that can be transformed into an ideal background for your photoshoot.

Not only you can hire them to be your photographer but if you already have a photographer that you love but do not have a studio space, you can rent their studio too.

Professional Photography Service Rates

  • Corporate Portrait: $50-$300
  • Family/Couple: $400-$600
  • Maternity: $300-$600

Beauty Box – Corporate Photography Singapore

Beauty Box corporate portraitures Photographer In Singapore

Beauty Box is established in 1998 and has a dedicated team with over 22 years of experience making them one of Singapore’s best photography studios.

They are not just photographers but also beauty stylists and producers that understand your every need. They offer to photography and styling services to not only individuals but also groups and corporations seeking all-rounded photography services.

To them, taking a good photo is not about clicking behind the camera but is also about building the relationship between the client and the photographer so that they can best capture the needs of their client.

Professional Photography Service Rates

  • Corporate: $128-$700
  • Family/Couple/Friend: $200-500

DGT Portraits – Portrait Photographer Singapore

DGT Portraits portraitures photographer In Singapore

DGT is a photographer that singularly focuses only on portraiture photography. Having over 20 years of experience, he started with a basic manual camera LOMO LCA with virtually no control as he felt that taking good portraiture is not about technically but to capture the most genuine side of his client.

He does not like to over-engineer his photo by over-controlling what you need to wear or even where to take your photo, but instead, he will use his very good eye to find the authentic and genuine portrait allowing his client personality to shine through the photo.

White Room Studio – Peranakan Shophouse Studio

White Room Studio portraits photographer in Singapore

Having a Peranakan shophouse with 2400sqft of beautifully restored heritage space in River Valley.

White room studio is a team of photographers that have a combined experience of over years. They are a great team of photographers that makes you feel that they are part of your family. Using a unique fine art style, they create a natural look that captures the real emotion of you.

Their studio is full of warm natural light and nostalgic character.

Professional Photography Rates

  • Personal Portraiture: $300-$500
  • Maternity/Newborn: $400-$800

Skai Chan – Portrait Photographer Singapore

Skai Chan Photography portraitures

Skai is a self-learned and down-to-earth photographer with a can-do attitude, and a small touch of cold humour that he is proud of.

He loved setting up professional lighting and getting the perfect lighting during the uncertainty of any photoshoot gave him the sense of achievement more than anything else.

Not only learning and perfecting his own photography, Skai also believes in sharing his photography knowledge with everyone.

Professional Photography Rates

  • Individual/Corporate: $300-$400
  • Pre-Wedding: From $1350

Photo Rikiki – Portrait Photographer Singapore

Photo Rikiki family photographer in Singapore

Shiwen from Photo Rikiki is a photographer that focuses on natural light photography. Many photographers nowaday like to focus on getting the perfect lighting by spending time setting up professional lighting.

Shiwen believes photography is not always about perfection, a messy hair, sleepy face, laugh or even cry is all the real emotion during the shoot. This will add up to all the memories when you are looking at the photo album in the future.

Natural Light Photography Rates

  • Personal: $80-$100
  • Family Photo: $700-$1600

Tomato Photo – Family Photo Shoots

Tomato Photo family and graduation photography

Since 2008, Tomato Photo has had the pleasure to serve over 3500 families for their family portraiture. Serving as a family portrait studio that offers busy parents an opportunity to capture and preserve memories of their family.

Always loving big smiles and giggles, they also listen to their client, learning and making thousands of changes creating family photos unique to you.

Tomato Photo is one of the most awarded Family Photo Shoot Studio as well as Newborn Photo Shoot Studio in Singapore since 2008

BWPortraits – Grayscale Photography

BWPortraits Black and White Portraitures

BWPortraits is the Only Black & White Fine Art Portrait Photography Studio in Singapore

An award winning photographer that creates unique portraits that removes the clamor of color and backdrop focusing making the children the centerpiece of his photography.

As a father of 3 boys, he believes that he is granted the gift to be able to capture the precious memories of children and their family through photography.

Tsang Photography – Creative Photography Service

Tsang Photography corporate photography

Tsang photography started in 2004, they have a photography studio located in Ubi providing professional and creative photography services. Their services include corporate portraiture, editorial photography, etc. 
With their principal photographer, Mike having more than 17 years of experience and a believer that great visuals equate to a thousand words, he has served multiple corporate clients in Singapore like Singtel, DBS,NTUC, SGH and many more.

OhDearStudio – Conservation Shophouse Studio

OhDearStudio signature French-style full, glass windows Studio

A professional photography studio that has a signature french-style full, glass windows housed in a Conservation Shophouse right in the middle of Blair Plain.

Melody Lin, trained as a graphic designer but now a photographer that has photographed many couples over the years. Her photography uses a unique blend of natural sunlight and studio lighting crafting bright, airy and timeless photographs.

They even have a private rooftop that enables them to explore and capture outdoor greenery images.

Professional Photography Rates:

  • $150-$700

Bespoke Photography – Professional Photo Studio

Bespoke Photography family photography

A team of photographers that understand your needs and capture your stories into photographs.

Having specialized photographers that provide services from family photography, graduation portraits or even maternity photos, and more.

How Much Do Singapore Portrait Photographers Charge?

For a professional portrait shoot in Singapore, you can expect to pay about S$200 to S$600. Some variables includes the experience and portfolio of the portrait photographer.

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