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Live Streaming vs. Webinars

Live Streaming Vs Webinars: What is the difference, and which one is more preferable for your situation?

Read on to find out what the differences are between the two and what their purposes are.

What is a Live Stream?

A Live Stream is an online public event usually hosted for entertainment purposes. Available on platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitch and Instagram. Live streams happen in real time, and are not usually recorded and stored. Anyone with access to the live stream platform can join and leave at any point in time.

What is a Webinar?

A Webinar is an online private event usually hosted for education and marketing purposes. Available on platforms like Google Hangouts, Demio and Zoom. Webinars can either by held live in real time, or recorded. Webinars are usually only accessible to people who registered or purchased access to the online event.

Public Vs Private

As stated above, the main difference between a Live Stream and a Webinar is the availability of content to the public. Live streams are usually free of charge and held with an intention to gain as much public audience as possible while Webinars are usually only accessible to a registered audience.


Therefore, Webinars and Live Streams have different purposes. Live Streaming is more appropriate when it involves an influencer or a brand showcasing content with an intention to entertain an audience. Webinars on the other hand are more appropriate for educators and companies who want to educate a targetted audience.

Production: Live Vs Pre-recorded

Engaging a Professional Live Stream Service Provider is highly recommended if you want the best results for your Live Streams and Webinars.

Live Streaming happens in real-time and has many different purposes. It could be as formal as a wedding event being live-streamed, or as casual as an event Facebook live stream used to engage an audience at a point in time. The amount of manpower and equipment needed is subjective to the event and purpose of the Live Stream.

On the other hand, Webinars can either happen in real-time or be pre-recorded. Webinars are more seminar-based. This means that a Webinar should have a more formal function. Webinars do not necessarily happen in real-time. They can be pre-recorded and rehearsed beforehand. Webinars are usually produced professionally with a Webinar Service Provider.


As professional live stream and webinar service providers, we support a handful of platforms we feel are trustworthy and reliable.

For Live Streaming, Youtube, Facebook, Twitch and Instagram are the most convenient and reputable platforms you can use.

For Webinars, we have written articles featuring three webinar platforms, namely: Google Hangouts MeetDemio and Zoom.

Live Streaming Vs Webinars

We hope this article has been informative and helped you have a better understanding of Live Streaming and Webinars. If you are looking for a professional live stream and webinar service providers, feel free to contact our project coordinators who will be happy to help.

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