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Tech & Equipment Training Video Production

Video content serves as an effective way to convey information, equipment training videos in the past usually take on a longer duration, and they tend to use jargon that the viewer may not easily understand. 

To solve this problem, companies have begun creating short informative videos that are focused on teaching specific skills. These videos are easier to understand and more engaging. They also allow the viewer to pause the video when they need a break or want to take notes.

The Vivid Snaps Team

Tech and Equipment Training Video Production Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps video production team

Our team consists of media professional with expertise in video production from pre to post. Consisting of videographers, video editors, director, project coordinators and graphic designer. Our portfolio is focused on corporate clients. And our works ranges from internal communication videos, brand story videos, virtual & hybrid events and corporate photography.

Green Screen Studio for Corporate Filming

Reference Photo of Green Screen Studio in Singapore
Green screen studio setup at Vivid Snaps office

Our office houses a small green screen studio, suitable for filming of up to 2 on-screen talents. This is exclusively reserved for our clients, so to provide high availability and convenience when engaging our video production services.

For more reference photos of our green screen studio, please visit our Green Screen Studio Singapore blog post.

Tech & Equipment Training Video Production by Vivid Snaps

With the rapid growth of the tech industry, there is a growing demand for equipment training videos. We had the opportunity to produce some informative videos to our esteemed clients. 

PLEASE NOTE: The videos referenced in this blog article are not produced by Vivid Snaps. The following videos are sourced from publicly available websites, such as YouTube.

Smart Shower Demo Video

This consumer-oriented training video helps an uninitiated consumer by educating them on the benefits and proper use of the product. This product training video demonstrates how the device works, and how it can help save water and reduce costs. The video highlights the features and benefits of the device, such as its durability, ease of installation, and compatibility with common household plumbing fixtures. 

Separately, an equipment training video can be repurposed to educate plumbers, contractors, and other professionals who may be involved in the installation and maintenance of the device, ensuring that it is installed and maintained correctly for optimal performance.

Appliance App Instruction Video

Instructional videos can benefit a household appliance brand by giving clear instructions on how to operate the product, thus reducing customer uncertainty and disappointment, leading to a higher level of satisfaction and brand loyalty. A video like this can also offer practical advice to optimise the appliance usage, which can enhance the perceived value to customers. 

Moreover, instructional videos can also serve as a useful training video for customer service representatives as they can assist in resolving common problems and answering frequently asked questions.

Tech/Equipment Training Video References From Around Singapore

Equipment training videos are a relatively effective way to train employees or serves as how-to videos for consumers. Thus making hands-on experience with the equipment less intimidating. In this segment we will look into some of the training video references produced by local brands and organisations. 

PLEASE NOTE: The videos referenced in this blog article are not produced by Vivid Snaps. The following videos are sourced from publicly available websites, such as YouTube.

Gaming Chair Setup Video

Training video reference, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

Gaming chairs have become a commonplace beyond the gaming community. The setup of a gaming chair is not complicated at all. 

Savvy consumers today will do a fair amount of research on a product before they commit to buying your product. As the consumers sift through the different product videos on social media, a setup video is likely to attract their attention.

Transport Service App Training Video

Training video reference, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

A training video for a driving app can help a driver by providing them with clear and detailed instructions on how to use the partner app, including information on how to navigate the app’s interface, accept and decline ride requests, navigate to a passenger’s pickup location, and communicate with passengers. 

An app training video can also cover the safety features of the app, such as the in-app emergency button, and explain how to use these features in case of an emergency. Additionally, the training video can provide tips on how to provide a positive and safe riding experience for the passengers and how to handle different situations that might arise while on the job, like how to deal with difficult customers or how to handle long-distance rides.

Security Training Video in Singapore

Training video reference, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

Security officers are trained to be alert and vigilant. They are trained to be aware of their surroundings, and they need to know what they should do in any given situation. A security officer training video is a video that is used as an educational tool. It provides information on how they should act in different situations. It also teaches them the rules and regulations that they need to follow while on duty, and it informs them about the possible consequences of violating these rules.

While basic videos can be created in-house with basic video tools and sometimes even on PowerPoint itself. A well produced video can help to communicate more effectively. Examples of an effective video can include acted scenes of mentioned subjects, with text overlays on important points. A voice-over can help to narrate the incidents while the appearance of a video host can help to transition between video segments. 

Tech/Equipment Training Video Reference From Around The World

Tech and equipment training videos have become a popular way of instruction. It can be used as a replacement to an in-person training, or the video can be used alongside a face-to-face training to emphasise important messages. We share samples of tech and equipment training videos from around the world.

Drone Equipment Training Video

Training video reference, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

Drones have seen increased popularity in many industries, including video production, photography, agriculture, security and aerial performances. With the recent launch of a new product, the drone manufacturer released a cinematic tutorial video for consumers. We chose this video reference as it was filmed & produced tastefully with the use of cinematic footage. 

For the operator, a drone training video can provide detailed instructions on how to safely and effectively operate the drone and navigation controls.

For the brand, a drone training video can be a valuable marketing tool that showcases the features and capabilities of the drone. It can be used to demonstrate the drone’s ability to capture high-quality aerial footage and photographs and its ease of use, thus making it more attractive to potential customers.

Lighting Equipment User Guide Video

Training video reference, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

The use of film lights is not as straightforward as one would think. There are many different types of film lights and each type has its own set of features, benefits and drawbacks. Some types are more suitable for certain situations than others. For example, a lot of film professionals prefer using tungsten lights as it creates a warm light that looks more natural. On the other hand, fluorescent lights are more suitable for shooting indoors because they produce less heat and can be used in confined spaces such as green screens or sets with limited space. This video shares with consumers on the usage of a particular light.

Camera Accessory Video Guide

Training video reference, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

A camera accessory is a device that attaches to a camera, often to provide additional features. The accessory market is also flourishing with new inventions every day. Consumers are forced to adapt and learn these new add ons and it can be confusing at times. This video aims to help consumers understand how to use and operate these accessories for their filming needs. 

A professional tutorial video can help the brand to advance its market position. As an informative video will showcase the brand’s expertise and knowledge in the field by providing detailed instructions on how to use their lighting products effectively. This can help to establish the brand as a reliable and trustworthy source of information for customers and industry professionals.

Monitor Setup Walkthrough

Training video reference, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

Newer and innovative products sometimes come at the expenses of a more sophisticated setup process. In this informative tutorial video, the consumer can familiarise with the setting up of an innovative monitor product.

It is worth mentioning that a setup video can save the consumer time and frustration, and can ensure that they are getting the best possible performance and viewing experience from their monitor.

At the same time, a setup video like this can serve as a valuable marketing tool that showcases the features and capabilities of the monitor and the ease of installation. It can demonstrate the different features of the monitor, making it more attractive to potential customers. A setup video helps to build trust with customers by showing that your brand takes customer satisfaction seriously.

Cloud-based Platform Tutorial Video

Training video reference, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

Getting your hands on a new application or software can be confusing for starters. With multiple functions and buttons, it is best to have a tutorial video which can help new users to find what they need to know in a short amount of time. Many software training video guides use screen captures to offer step-by-step instructions.


Tech and equipment training videos are informative and essential for every brand. With social media platforms for consumers and corporate video hosting platforms for organisations, a significant part of training processes can be done independently and effectively through videos. 

In consumer production, enthusiasts and consumers have the capability to review and learn new products before purchasing, giving them a heads up on what to expect. 

The scale of your training video production varies depending on your business needs. In the Cloud-Based Platform Tutorial video. We can see that the individual videos do not require a large scale production work. It consists primarily of screen recordings and voice over with motion graphics. (But we are not discrediting the strategy and planning involved for the entire video series!)

Whereas in the Drone Equipment Training Video example, it requires a larger-scale production. 

Vivid Snaps Video Production Team

Equipment Training Video Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps video production team

Having more than 10 years of experience in the industry, our video production team is ready to take on your projects. Our team consists of talented individuals in each specialisation. We strive to deliver consistent works to support your video productions from year to year. 

Our core expertise are in the following fields:

  • Corporate video production
  • Live streaming for virtual & hybrid events
  • Corporate photography
  • Event photography & videography

For a profile of our team, visit About us to learn more.

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