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Types of Green Energy Video Production

With climate change being a hot topic, companies are starting to reach out into the world of Green Energy. What is “Green Energy”, and what are some ways to convey a green message?

This article will show you some examples of Green Energy through video samples.

What is Green Energy?

As mentioned in an article by TWI:

Green energy is a source of energy that often comes from renewable energy technologies such as solar energy, wind power, geothermal energy, biomass and hydroelectric power.

Source: TWI

To sum up, “Green Energy” is a type of natural energy generated from renewable sources namely, the sun, wind, waves and heat.

Green Energy Videos from Singapore

Below are some green energy video references produced by businesses in Singapore. We share these video to provide you with an overview of the different types of videos used by companies to deliver their organisation’s messages.

NOTE: For clarification, the below video references are not produced by our team. They are sourced from public web pages.

CEO Speech Video for Green Energy Industry

Video taken from SolarShare’s YouTube channel.

One of the videos you will often see, is CEO Speech or Interview Videos. These videos are great for increasing brand awareness and allowing potential customers to understand the organisation’s goals & values.

A typical speech video like this involves the video production team at your office location. This could be the CEO’s office or a conference room. To make your video more interesting, this can also be shot outdoors or with walking movement.

When filming a talking head video like this, it is important to use a teleprompter. This helps the subject to maintain his eye contact with the lens.

Music Video for Sustainability Efforts

Video taken from Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment’s YouTube channel.

Using a walkthrough format, this engaging music video gives viewers a quick insight into the Green Plan for 2030. With short, yet precise text labels, viewers can easily get a grasp on the key messages of the green plan and a glimpse of upcoming green infrastructure in Singapore in the next few years to come.

CSR Interview Video Production

Video taken from Right People Renewable Energy’s YouTube channel.

Sometimes, an interview-style video helps in conveying messages in a more informal setting which makes the video look and feel more genuine. With the use of a teleprompter with key points, the interviewee will be able to project themselves more naturally in comparison to reading off a script. Subsequently, the questions being addressed in the video can be derived from frequently asked questions from the public, making the video more engaging and informative.

Green Energy Time-lapse Video Production

Video taken from South China Morning Post’s YouTube channel.

A time-lapse video is normally used to show the progress or the process of how buildings are being constructed. This particular video shows the process of how solar panels are being installed from different angles. What may seem like a short video that lasts for a few seconds is possibly a video that had been taken throughout the span of several hours or days and months.

Green Energy Equipment Walkthrough Video

Video taken from IKEA Singapore’s YouTube channel.

This walkthrough video showcases green energy & sustainability equipment used by the large furniture brand, IKEA.

In this video, IKEA features solar panels, illustrating their green efforts. Moreover, while showing off their equipment, their viewers are also able to gain a better understanding of the products with short key notes.

Green Energy Product Feature Video

Video taken from Rezeca Renewables’ YouTube channel.

With the usage of drone shots and close up shots, the video above allows viewers to take a look at operations behind the scenes of how certain companies maintain the condition of their products and better understand the workflow of the company.

Moreover, to introduce the new employees to the workplace and working culture of the company, this video may serve as an onboarding video.

Green Energy Virtual Event and Live Streaming

Video taken from Singapore Exchange’s YouTube channel.

Small to medium scale events are still able to be carried on despite the pandemic thanks to online platforms that allow for virtual event productions. With this one-stop solution, a virtual event production can be curated with several elements, such as pre-recorded assets and live segments similar to the one in the video. To further engage the viewers and customize the live stream, overlays can be generated from software vision mixers.

Green Energy Event Highlight Video

Video taken from WWF Singapore’s YouTube channel.

Highlight videos, with the help of a roving videography team, will be able to give viewers a quick insight into a company or their event in a short amount of time.

The video will mainly consist of condensed information or snippets of any events that will serve as a summary of the whole event. In fact, this video is also fitting for marketing content for the general public.

Green Energy Hybrid Interview Video

Video taken from Channel News Asia’s YouTube channel.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, online platforms are a common hosting stage for events. However, due to the lack of physical interactions, content shared may tend to be boring.

Despite the limitations, overseas speakers can now connect with anyone from the comfort of their own homes or offices to interact at any time, anywhere. In addition to the accessibility of shared information, viewers will be even more engaged.

Green Energy Event Video Live Feed

Video taken from Public Hygiene Council’s YouTube channel.

An event video live feed is mainly used for large scale events. The event videographers will record and project the live feed onto a big digital screen. This type of live feed is often used to magnify the view of those on stage. 

Lately, event video live feeds are mainly used at hybrid events for the on-site audience and online audience to see.

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