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Virtual Event Live Stream Ideas Singapore

Most events are going virtual to accommodate safe distancing measures. Although online events give a different experience, you would be surprised by the exciting and creative ways in which organisations are conducting their virtual events. In this article, we bring you 6 groundbreaking virtual event live stream ideas.

Read on to view examples of online events held by various organisations and learn how you can apply it to your own virtual or hybrid event.

Table of Contents:

Types of Virtual Event Live Stream Ideas:

Explore Online: Virtual Tours

Several attractions and even national heritage sites are opening up for virtual tours in Singapore, and all over the world.

This can be an effective way of reaching out to your audience if:

  • It is typically an exclusive location, such as the Istana.
  • Normally, visitors have to pay to visit (although not all virtual tours are free)
  • It is currently not open to public due to safe distancing measurements or other reasons.

Otherwise, virtual tours can also be useful for sharing interesting locations and what goes on behind the scenes.

NDP Special: Istana Open House Virtual Tour 2020

Virtual Event Tour Istana Singapore
Photo: @leon_colin_428

The National Day Istana Open House Tour will be conducted online this year. On 2 August 2020, you may join the hour long event via President Halimah Yacob‘s Instagram & Facebook platforms from 10am.

Apart from a virtual tour of the Istana, the open house will also include segments hosted by the National Museum of Singapore and Asian Civilisations Museum.

Studio Ghibli Museum: Virtual Tour 2020

Unlike the Istana Open House Tour, you may virtually explore Studio Ghibli’s Museum through their YouTube channel. Based on their current posting schedule, it seems a new video is uploaded each week.

There’s no way to tell when the Museum will be open to the public again. While viewing the museum virtually may not give you the same experience, it’s the closest any of us will get to actually visiting the museum for the next few months. If you have never visited the museum, you may now do so virtually.

Virtual Event

As for virtual events, the possibilities are limitless. From product launches to conferences and even hybrid events, it’s a game of who dares to push boundaries and try something new. Regardless of the type of event you host, there will definitely be an audience for it. How well the event goes depends on how you market it, and whether the live stream is produced well.

In this section, we also included a bonus hybrid event taking place in Japan. Despite it taking place outside of Singapore, by referring, you may adapt the strategies used and reinvent something new.

Star Wars Run

Star Wars Run Virtual Event Singapore Marathon
Photo: Star Wars Run Website

In the STAR WARS Virtual Run, you get to decide what and where your running track is, be it your city, neighbourhood or even on the treadmill. You may choose to go solo, or with a friend to complete your chosen distance all at once. To fit your schedule, you can even divide it up.

One plus point about a virtual marathon is that there is a larger range of dates and more flexibility for the participants in terms of location and time. This may encourage more participants to sign up as compared to a physical marathon.

Virtual Tech Show Event (ETS 2020)

ETS Virtual Tech Show Singapore 2020
Photo: ETS Website

In 2019, ETS pioneered The Living Lab Concept at the very first event technology exhibition in APAC. They went beyond the standard trade show setting at vast expo halls, by bringing the exhibition experience to Singapore’s well-loved night club – Zouk, pushing the boundaries of innovations.

This year, they are back to provide an even more engaging experience, connect and inspire even more like-minded event enthusiasts and showcase even more trends and happenings in the event industry.

ETS will be taking place on 2 and 3 September.

Drive-thru Haunted House in Japan

Virtual Haunted House Japan Event Ideas Singapore
Photo: Kowagarasetai

Kowagarasetai claims that this is Japan’s first ever ‘drive-through’ haunted house, but your car won’t actually be moving during the experience. Instead, guests drive in to a fixed spot before the scare actors come in. The 20-minute performance will feature classic Sadako-style figures covered in blood, who will jump up when you least expect it, while zombies crowd around your car.

Located in Minami-Azabu, the drive-in haunted house attraction costs ¥8,000 or $105 SGD per visit (¥9,000 or $118 SGD if you’re renting a car provided by Kowagarasetai) and was open for two days on July 4 and 5.

Singapore has started something similar — drive-in movie screenings taking place each month. This paves way for live streaming and video production opportunities so that corporations may share the experience and increase the virality of their events.

Virtual Event: eGSS 2020

The Great Singapore Sale is something that many Singaporeans look forward to each year. Although it normally takes place in stores, it is virtual this year due to safe distancing measures. This might be part of the reason why e-commerce live streams are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore.

Organised by the Singapore Retailers Association (SRA), the sale makes its digital debut as the eGSS: Shop.Win.Experience. The annual sale will take place from 9 September to 10 October, and features 800 brands. The good news is, GSS is taking place on one consolidated platform to make things easier for customers.

Online Fundraiser Event

Fundraising events are a great way to reach out to a wider audience and encourage the public to come forth and donate to non-profit organisations. While they are mostly virtual, organisations in Singapore such as the National Arthritis Foundation (NAF) have found a way to make the event exciting for all participants.

Virtual Event Live Stream Ideas Fundraiser
Photo: National Arthritis Foundation

A Night with Kumar and Friends is a Zoom dining event and Facebook livestream with live performances by top artistes and guest starring international sporting celebrities.

Kumar, being the main host will welcome the nation from NAF’s studio before entering into the various virtual dining rooms to watch the chefs in action as they banter and introduce their creations to the diners. You can also expect top notch entertainment from songbird Joanna Dong and the ever-popular duo Jack and Rai as they croon their way into your hearts.

Viewers can also make a donation to NAF at any point before, during or after the show to support the organisation.

Music Performances/Concerts

Virtual and physical concerts are very different experiences. Despite this, there are many pros that come with online concerts and performances. For example, viewers get to watch their idols in the comfort of their own home. It is common for virtual concerts to have multi-cam views which will enable viewers to look at the concert from different POVs.

Tickets are also generally cheaper, and there is no squabbling for the best seats because everyone will get an optimal view.

Bang Bang The Con Live 2020

Virtual Event Live Stream Ideas Concert Bang Bang Con
Photo: Jasmine Ong, Nylon

Bang Bang The Con Live was an online concert by the popular Korean boyband, BTS to celebrate their 7th anniversary. According to their management company Big Hit entertainment, the stream managed to draw a peak of 756, 000 concurrent viewers.

Fans could still purchase merchandise and wave lights sticks at home to show their support. Furthermore, the multi-cam view allowed their audience to look at different scenes simultaneously.

This can be applied in a local context, even for smaller scale performances. As ticket prices are likely to be cheaper, it might encourage even more Singaporeans to join and #supportlocal.

Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremonies celebrate and highlight individuals or groups that have performed exceptionally well. These events are important as they recognise past efforts and motivate others to push their boundaries and reach higher. Although it is likely not possible to hold a physical one in the immediate future due to safe distancing measures, awards ceremonies can still be held virtually.

Star Awards Stream on National TV

One famous awards ceremony that most locals would at least have heard of is the Star Awards (红星大奖). The 2020 Star Awards was initially slated to be held on 26 April 2020. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the event has been pushed back to the second half of the year. While a new date has not been announced, Mediacorp said that further details will be revealed in due time.

Albeit a speculation, it is highly likely that the 2020 Star Search will also be held virtually via live streaming.

Virtual Conferences

Photo: SIRC 2020

Since the Covid-19 period, major conferences like the Singapore International Reinsurance Conference SIRC) have had to move online. Conferences like these tend to have their own virtual platform where they host pre-recorded or live speeches for their audiences to experience virtually.

If you are hosting a conference, consider engaging in an onsite live stream service where your speakers and presenters are being live streamed from a physical location. This way, the conference will still resemble a physical conference setting and might be more interesting for viewers to watch instead of having the speakers record their talks via a zoom call.

Professional Live Stream Services for Virtual Events

Take advantage of the uprising video live streaming trend and broadcast to an audience larger than you can imagine. Whether you are live streaming an internal webinar, panel discussion or a public event, our team can help you achieve professional results

Our professional video live streaming services can work on a multitude of platforms such as:

  • Zoom
  • Dacast
  • Cisco WebEx Live Stream
  • Instagram Live
  • Facebook Live
  • Youtube Live

If your preferred platform is not listed, check in with our project coordinators. Our team can integrate our live streaming solution to your preferred platform, ranging from website to mobile apps.

Virtual Event Live Stream Ideas

We hope that you have drawn inspiration for future virtual events after reading this article. If you require professional live stream services, get in touch with our project coordinators who will try their best to accommodate your needs.

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