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Virtual Photo Booth Service in Singapore

Photo booths have always been a must-have for events, however these event photo printing services are only available to guests who are at the event physically. With more and more physical events being live streamed and recorded for online guest attendance, the virtual photo booth was innovated to enable online guests to have the full event experience.

Read on to find out how photo service companies have created virtual photo booth services for event guests to experience online.

What is a Virtual Photo Booth?

A virtual photo booth is a photo service which creates readymade filters and frames for online event guests to use when taking photos with their smart devices. Virtual photo booths are basically an online concept of an instant photo booth. These filters and frames are usually personally designed by the event hosts to be aligned with the theme of the event.

Photo extracted from Snapbar website

How do Virtual Photo Booths Work?

Virtual event guests can access these filters and frames through a photo service company which provides virtual photo booth services. All the event guests need to do is take a picture with their smart devices and add the frame and filter on.

Event guests are able to download the photos that they take with the virtual photo booth instantly and share them on their social media platforms. Event hosts are also able to access the photos that their guests have taken through a “cloud gallery”.

Why are Virtual Photo Booths the Next Big Thing?

With the advancement of technology in place, more and more physical events are being streamed online and recorded for online viewing purposes. This is especially following the new norm of Singapore, where event numbers must be cut down in order to obey the social distancing rules.

Virtual events enable guests to be part of events from any part of the world and at any time. This ultimately creates limitless guest attendance for events which are streamed and shared online. Many events such as weddings, parties, exhibitions, graduations and corporate events have introduced the use of live streaming.

Virtual photo booths are the perfect addition to events that use live streaming. Online event guests can have more involvement to the events by taking photos in the virtual photo booths.

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Why Virtual Photo Booths are Important to Online Events?

Live streams and virtual photo booths work hand-in-hand to create the most accurate event experience for online attendees. Here are some reasons why virtual photo booths are important to these online events:

  • Online Event Guests can Have More Involvement: Online event guests are often limited to just viewership of the event through livestream or at most part of a video call on a video communication service. With the addition of virtual photo booths, the guests can take their own photo booth pictures and be more involved in the event as a whole.
  • Photo Booth Pictures Publicise an Event: Online event guests who take pictures with the virtual photo booths are likely to upload those pictures on social media platforms and share them with their friends and family. This creates an avenue for publicity of the event.
  • Photo Booth Pictures are Event Mementos and Souvenirs: These pictures are often kept by event guests for memory’s sake. Virtual photo booths enable all guests, including those online to have this same experience.
  • Virtual Photo Booth Pictures can be Used for Marketing: The pictures taken by online guests can be used as marketing material for companies. These pictures can be used as part of event highlight videos or uploaded on a company’s social media platforms to showcase the event experience which the consumers had.
Virtual Photo Booth Service Provider Singapore

How to Incorporate a Virtual Photo Booth in Your Next Event

Now that you know more about Virtual Photo Booths, here are some ideas on how you can include it into your next event:

  • Create a Hashtag or Event Tag For Your Guests to Upload Their Photos To: Creating hashtags and event tags on social media can help with the publicity of your event. This also encourages online guests to upload their virtual photo booth pictures online to show their participation.
  • Create a Suitable Design for the Photo Booth Layout: Creating a layout design that is in-line with the theme of the event distinguishes your photo booth from other events. Including the hosts’ names, event title or the event date as part of the layout are some of that you can consider.
  • Publicise the Virtual Photo Booth to Your Online Guests: Encouraging your online guests to take photos with the virtual photo booth makes hiring a photo booth service worthwhile. Virtual photo booths are limitless in the number of photos taken, which is an advantage to event hosts.

Virtual Event Group Photo

Virtual Group Photo For Uni Graduation
Virtual group photo taken during a graduation event

When considering photography options for your virtual event, also consider a group photo. This can be customised with your event branding. And shared with your participants privately or posted on social media

Composite Group Photo

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Composite group photo of the Vivid Snaps team

With the pandemic still affecting the ability to gather in large groups. Our team provides alternate solution for Corporate Group Photo. This is commonly known as Composite Group Photo. Each of your team members will have their photo taken individually. The photos will then be composited into a high resolution group photo, just like the above.

Live Streaming Production in Singapore & Global

Singapore Live Streaming Expert
A stock photo of our live streaming crew at work

The core expertise of our team includes Live Streaming Production. To date, we have executed virtual events, hybrid events & live streaming of varying nature and scale. We have the flexibility to accommodate your production requirements, even if your team is based completely overseas.

Live Streaming & Virtual Event Studio

Green Screen Studio Singapore
Green screen studio for live streaming in Singapore

We innovate and evolve alongside our clients. And most recently, we have added a green screen live streaming studio to our office. This studio allows us to run small & mid scale live streaming production for you. This includes pre-event video filming & editing, or even virtual tour filming. We are interested to explore the live streaming possibilities with you, drop us a message to begin a partnership with us.

Virtual Event Platforms in Singapore

While considering a virtual photo booth for your event, you may also be looking for a platform for hosting your event. Your options for a reliable virtual event platform have expanded in the past year. And you shouldn’t be surprised to know that Singapore has a few homegrown virtual event platforms too! Read our blog article about virtual event platforms to explore the different options.

Engage Us For Your Live Streaming Production

We hope this article has been insightful for you on Virtual Photo Booths. We are a media production company and we constantly evolve alongside with our clients. We look forward to serving you in your upcoming photography & videography projects. Connect with us by dropping us a note through the contact form.

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