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Why You Need a Corporate Announcement Video

A corporate announcement video serves many purposes; be it releasing important information to employees or promoting new services to the public.

You might think these videos are simple and can be filmed by just anyone, but there are compelling reasons as to why it is important that your organisation engages a professional video team to produce your announcement video.

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Why Video Announcement, Not Text?

Videos utilise both audio and visual techniques to engage viewers, whereas text is purely visual. A video is like an automated vehicle, it drives itself. Your viewers don’t have to continuously click or scroll to view the displayed content, they can simply click once and watch the story unfold.

Audio paired with visuals save your viewers the hassle of having to decipher a large chunk of text. It also makes your content more digestible and engaging.

Difference Between Professional and Amateur Announcement Videos

The most noticeable difference would be in quality. It takes more than just a camera and an editing software to produce a professional video. There is a lot more that goes into planning and producing a corporate video than what meets the eye.

The most important question you must ask yourself is: is it necessary for you to project a professional image to your target market? If your answer was no, perhaps you could consider producing your own. However, if you answered yes, your best bet would be to engage professionals.

Every piece of content you release, good or bad — reflects on your company and will be associated with your brand for a long time.

An Unprofessional Announcement Video Could Negatively Impact Your Company

Singapore Professional Announcement Video

It is human nature to associate higher quality with higher value. An unprofessional or poorly shot communication video can actually lead to lower perceived brand value. On the flip side, a professionally produced video may boost your company image and increase trust levels in viewers.

Professional Announcement Videos in Singapore

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