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How 4 Brands Used Live Streams to Engage with Their Audience

As live streaming is gaining popularity, many brands are using live broadcasting to interact with their audiences and increase their reach

Read on to find out how these brands have engaged with their audiences virtually via live streaming.

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Facebook as a live streaming platform

With brands having an established a following on their page, Facebook has made it extremely easy to go live for their audience. Facebook also highlights live videos and prioritises them on the feed of users, increasing the likelihood of people watching your live show. 

Aside from Facebook, you can also consider live streaming to other social media platforms that can best reach out to your audience.

Gain City Live Tech Show

Gain City's live stream event of their technology show on Facebook
Gain City’s technology show streamed live on Facebook.

In view of the COVID-19 outbreak, Singapore has suspended all social gatherings involving 250 or more participants. While Singaporeans stayed home to socially distance themselves, they did not miss Gain City’s Tech Show. Gain City took to their Facebook page to conduct a live broadcast of the Tech show where over 14,000 Singaporeans were watching. The hosts of the broadcast interacted with a variety of products to showcase discounted deals to the audience. After the live stream, purchases could be made through the company’s website.

Sephora Ask Me Anything

They have been enriching their audience with makeup tutorials. Sephora also conducts Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions where viewers can ask questions which will be reflected in the chat box immediately. These questions can be picked by the host to be answered and viewers would stay on the live to witness the chance of their questions being chosen. They conducted product demonstrations during the live stream video to educate their audience about the products.

Martha Stewart Cooking Live Stream

Martha Stewart and Jennifer Garner preparing a recipe on Facebook live
Martha Stewart cooking live on Facebook with Jennifer Garner.

Ranging from how-tos to recipes, Martha Stewart’s broadcasts are highly informative. She often uses items that can be found around the house which allows viewers to participate in the live stream with her. As she prepares everything in real time, Viewers are also kept in suspense of how the end product will turn out. The views on her live streams range from 40,000 to 1.2 million.

Maybelline Lipstick Platform

The brand launched their new lipstick platform via a live broadcast on Taobao. When watching the live show, fans felt like an essential part of the launch. Furthermore, influencers joined the launch by live streaming how they felt about the product. 6 million people viewed the live event and the brand’s sales record was 10 times the daily average.

When should you conduct a live stream?

These brands have successfully leveraged on live broadcasts to communicate with their audience. While some brands preferred to have regular scheduled broadcasts, others preferred to reserve these broadcasts for special announcements. It varies depending on the habits of your audience.

Why go live?

  • The exclusivity; initiating a date and time for your broadcast will let your audience feel as though they are part of a club
  • Your video will still be available for your audience to replay even after the live stream has ended
  • Regardless of location, the live stream is accessible to all with a mobile device
  • The live comment section allows the you to instantly view comments and feedback and reply to them
  • Live analytics show you your video performance (your views, 10 second views, unique visitors etc..) 
  • Live streams can boost organic reach 
  • Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook highlight and promote live videos on the audience’s feed

How you can engage your audience so they don’t click away:

Ensure your audio and visuals are of good quality

  • Engage a professional video live stream crew so that your audience are able to catch your message

Make them feel part of the broadcast

  • Reply to comments written by your viewers

Know your concept

  • Have a rough script of what will be discussed during the broadcast
  • Reiterate your purpose as viewers can join the live at any time

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