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Why Your Business Needs a Corporate Video

Corporate videos are powerful business tools. Brands all over the world utilise this to reach clients, boost sales, engage employees etc. If corporate videos are not part of your organisation’s business strategy, you might just be losing out.

You might think this is a bold claim, but this article will prove otherwise.

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What is a Corporate Video?

Essentially, a corporate video is a video produced for an organisation or company. Although commonly associated with promotional business profile videos, they can actually serve multiple purposes.

Any form of content you release will reflect on your company; be it good or bad. To leave a better impression of your company on your audience, we recommend that you engage a professional corporate videographer to help produce your videos.

Building Branding Corporate Videography

How Is It Relevant To My Company?

According to global technology company Cisco, by 2020, 82% of all consumer web traffic will be video. Moreover, a corporate video is likely to work well with your audience. 72% of respondents indicated that they would rather learn about a product or service through video.

If you are trying to relay a lot of information, videos help you accomplish this in less time. It is much easier to capture your audience’s attention through corporate videography than text. Furthermore, if your video resonates with viewers, they would share it with others — garnering more traffic.

How Do Corporate Videos Help in Brand Building?

  • Standing out from the crowd. Competition for consumer attention is rising, which means it will be more difficult to reach out to your audience. If you put out content that you know will be well-received, it will be easier to make a breakthrough and connect.
  • Retention. Videos can help you build stronger relationships with consumers. Its high engagement will ultimately lead to more support and trust.
  • Opportunity for growth. With corporate videos, you are able to take creative risks that could result in big returns for your company.
  • Wider Reach. Videos are one of the most shared content on social media. This will boost your message, allowing it to engage more potential clients/customers.
Singapore Corporate Videography Video Services

Types of Corporate Videos

There are many different types of corporate videos out there, but here are 5 common ones:

Company Profile Video

This is typically a shorter video, introducing your company as a whole. It gives an overview of products or services offered to consumers or potential stakeholders. A company profile video helps viewers gain insight and helps them better understand your company.

Company profile video for our client Vision One. Video by Vivid Snaps

Promotional Video

A promotional video usually features a specific product or service. Promotional corporate videography help to promote brand familiarity and recognition. For example, featuring a new product/service can help to gain brand awareness.

Promotional video for potential AIA representatives. Video by Vivid Snaps.

Social Media Video

Social Media Videos are often short and succinct, which encourages viewers to share the video. What’s important for these types of videos is to highlight your brand, rather than a particular product or service.

Branding Video

Have you ever heard of the phrase “your brand is your identity”? That statement definitely holds water. For such videos, strong visual themes are normally present.

Internal Communication Video

Internal Communication Videos can be useful for sharing information within the company, and even to clients. They illustrate your brand policies and can help with employee induction as well. Additionally, such videos ensure that both your employees and clients stay informed about more important details.

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