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5 Tips for Hiring a Corporate Photographer

Professional corporate photographs are an essential marketing tool to build your business’ brand. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. We highly recommend hiring a corporate photographer who can capture the corporate photographs which suite your business’ needs.

Here are 5 areas to consider before you engage a professional corporate photography service provider for your next corporate photoshoot.

Table of Contents:

Tips for Engaging A Corporate Photographer

#1: What type of photography service are you engaging?

Here are a few types of corporate photography services that we offer our clients:

  1. Corporate Portrait
  2. Corporate Headshots
  3. Corporate Individual Group Photography
  4. Corporate Stock Photography
  5. Interior Photography
  6. Real Estate Photography
  7. Exterior Photography
  8. Food Photography
  9. Product Photography

These types of corporate photographs will require vastly different equipment set ups. For instance, photos involving human subjects will be lighted and framed different from photos focusing on your products. Being clear about the type of photos that you require allows the photographer to plan for the shoot setup before the shoot day.

Interior Photography Shot by Vivid Snaps

#2: What is the purpose of your photos?

Aside from understanding the types of corporate photos that you require, it would also be best if the photographer had a clear understanding of how you will be using these photos. This serves as a guide for the photographer to set the artistic direction of the photos that they will be taking on the shoot day.

Any samples that you would like to reference would also be appreciated as the photographer would be able to style your photos accordingly to achieve the look and feel that you require.

Corporate Portrait Singapore
Corporate Headshot by Vivid Snaps

#3: Will there be human subjects involved?

Using professional photos of your management and employees for marketing purposes are a great way to humanise your company branding. Showcasing the people behind the brand gives a glimpse into your company culture while establishing your credibility as an industry leader who has the best professionals on your team.

Corporate employee shots can either be full body shots or half body shots. Both types of shots have its own style and require a different set up.

Full body shots, for example, allow for strong and powerful poses which draw viewers eyes to the main subject. Half body shots, on the other hand, allow for more a intimate connection between the subject and the viewer. We recommend being clear about the type of shots that you require so that the photographer can guide the subjects and frame them properly.

Higher Level Management

Do you have any higher level management who will be photographed during the shoot? If so, do inform us beforehand so that our photographers can cater in more time when working with them during the shoot.

Corporate Individual Group Photos

Under the current safe management measures, corporate group photos will require a safe distance of 1 metre between each employee in the photo. Employees are not allowed to have physical contact between each other.

You can also consider engaging in our corporate individual group photography service. Your employees will be photographed individually and then pieced together during the editing process to make it look like a cohesive and professional group photo.

Digital Corporate Group Photo Singapore
Corporate Individual Group Photography by Vivid Snaps

#4: Where will we be shooting?

The shoot location is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the photography shoot itself, especially if the shoot is outdoors.

If you are considering shooting outdoors, do take the sun direction into consideration. We recommend never shooting under the harsh sun in Singapore as your photos will be too overexposed and turn out unprofessional. Do also cater an alternative timing or shoot day in case of wet weather.

For indoor areas, do ensure that there will be enough space for the photographer to set up their equipment. Full body corporate shots will require at least 6-8 metres of space between the camera and the human subject to achieve the best results possible.

If the shoot area is in a private property, we would advise you to seek permission from the management before engaging the photographer. This avoids any possible disputes or legal issues which may hinder the photographer’s workflow on the day of the shoot.

Product Photography by Vivid Snaps

#5: Would you require us to do a site recce?

For most corporate shoots, no site recces are required. Clients will send us a photo of the location and our photographers will be there earlier to set up their equipment accordingly.

If needed, we can source for a shoot location or a studio for you. Alternatively, we can provide a studio set up at the convenience of your own office space.

Corporate Photographer Warehouse
Corporate Stock Photography by Vivid Snaps

Using Drones for Corporate Photography

Aerial photography has been increasingly in trend for corporate photography shoots. At Vivid Snaps, we can offer aerial photography services to clients who are looking for birds-eye view shots of their office exterior.

With the new drone regulations in place, you will be required to obtain filming permits from the Civil Aviation Authorities prior to your shoot day. We advise applying for the required permits at least 2 weeks before the filming day. We recently wrote an article about the drone regulations in Singapore.

Drone Photography Shot by Vivid Snaps

Event Photography Service Singapore

Aside from corporate photography, we also provide event photography services for our clients. Here are 6 tips for your consideration when engaging a professional event photographer.

Hiring a Corporate Photographer In Singapore

We hope that this article has given you an insight on engaging a professional corporate photographer in Singapore.

If you would like to engage a professional corporate photographer, drop our project coordinators a message today and we will get back to you.

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