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7 Ideas For Your Next Car Launch Video

Car launch videos are an essential part of automotive marketing in today’s increasing digitalised marketing landscape.

In fact, Google has been recommending videos as a marketing medium for car brands since 2018. With the onset of Covid-19 causing shoppers to have to go online to attend virtual launches and learn more about the new cars being launched, having a professionally produced car launch video is the number 1 most effective manner in drawing your potential customer’s attention.

Read on to find out more about 6 car launch videos ideas for your car launch video. 

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Car Launch Live Streams

As mentioned, car launch videos have been a key component of car launch live streams. Many car launch live streams have used their global videos as an introduction to the whole live stream session. 

If you are looking to host a car launch live stream, here are 7 car launch live streams that you must watch

7 Car Launch Video Ideas

#1: Porsche- The New Panamera

Launched in August this year, this car launch video highlights the key features of The New Panamera sports car by Porsche. This video was released after their launch of the car via their live stream event held on Youtube.

Highlights of The New Panamera video:

  • Each key feature of the car was introduced with a short text description that came on screen. Text like these are known as lower-thirds and are a form of motion graphics. If required, our in-house designer is able to design these motion graphics for your car launch video.
  • We also liked the aerial shots of the car as it was being driven on the open highway. These shots were most likely shot using a drone in order to achieve the birds-eye view of the car.

#2: Mercedes-Benz Singapore- The New GLA

Also launched in August this year, the New GLA video by Mercedes-Benz Singapore was uploaded onto Facebook and Youtube. Uploading your car launch video onto multiple social media platforms can help you to widen the reach of your video as you will have two different target viewers watching your video on both platforms.

Highlights of The New GLA video:

  • This video was short, concise and sweet. We liked that the video was less than 30 seconds long. Having a video this short ensures that viewers will be less likely to loose focus and click away from the video before the very end.
  • We also liked that most of the shots featured close-ups of the car’s interior. This gave viewers a closer glimpse into the fine details of the carefully crafted GLA that they could look forward to when purchasing the car for themselves.

#3: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia- GLB

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia released this video in September after their Facebook live stream launch of the GLB. Promoting your car launch videos on social media after the initial live stream helps to generate post-event buzz to keep the conversation about your new car going.

Highlights of the GLB video:

  • Just like the car launch video by Mercedes-Benz Singapore, this video was also shorter than 30 seconds. This made the video easy to follow and understand.
  • We liked that the brand messaging for the GLB was strong and straightforward in this video. This was achieved with the quick pacing and clear presentation of the various benefits that the GLB could provide to its new owners.

#4: Bugatti- Bugatti Bolide

Launched in October this year, the Bugatti Bolide is an extreme, track-focused only hyper sports car that was launched virtually via a global video released on Youtube.

Highlights of this video:

  • Viewers explored the features of this new car through the eyes of Andy Wallace, a professional Le Mans race car driver. Having a personable and credible host like Andy, helps to make the car launch video feel more relatable to the viewers. We recommend having a recognisable host who can help to relay the key highlights of the car in a manner that the audience can appreciate and connect with.

#5: Toyota Malaysia- Toyota Hilux

This video by Toyota Malaysia was broadcasted live during their recent live stream launch of the New Toyota Hilux in October. It served as a dramatic and impressive opening to the live stream event which was streamed onto Youtube.

Highlights of the Toyota Hilux video:

  • Like the New Panamera video, the Toyota Hilux video made use of drones to film aerial shots of the car on the road. This video showed the Hilux in 2 different road conditions– the rough, off-the-track mountainous roads in the open space, and the highways and regular city roads in KL. By using the drone, they were able to capture the Hilux seamlessly navigating through these two road conditions from a top down shot.

#6: Honda Singapore- All New Honda City

The All New Honda City was launched in August via a Facebook live stream event. This car launch video was launched after the live stream to drive social media buzz even after the live stream event had ended.

Highlights of the All New Honda City video:

  • The look and feel of the video was very similar to that of the live stream event itself. We liked that this video was shot in a similar studio to where Honda held the live stream launch, thus making the video complement the live stream event. Using similar themes for your post-event video helps to drive post-event awareness amongst the event participants who would be more likely to remember how your event went.

#7: EasyMile (EZ10)

While the NUSmart Shuttle may not exactly be a car, this was still an interesting video featuring the launch of the autonomous bus project by NUS and its partners.

Highlights of the EasyMile video:

  • This video had subtitles for their viewers. We highly recommend adding subtitles to your videos if there is a voiceover or a person talking. This helps to boost your video’s SEO ranking and makes your video more accessible to viewers who are hard of hearing or would otherwise require subtitles to understand the video.
  • There were interview segments with the various representatives from NUS, ComfortDelgro, EasyMile and Inchcape Singapore. During these segments, the representatives spoke about how their institution took part in this project and how they hoped to see the project grow in the future.

If you have an on-screen talent who is required to deliver a long speech, we can provide a teleprompter for them to read-off while they look into the camera. This makes them look more professional and eases the speech delivery segment.

Tips on Perfecting Your Car Launch Video

  1. Use a gimbal or a stabilizer. While you could stabilize your shots in editing, having a gimbal or a stabilizer when shooting your video makes it look much more natural. This is especially crucial for shots following the car on the road.
  1. Take extreme close up shots of the minute details. Every car that comes out of your factory has been made with months of sweat and tears from your engineers. Show off these minute details that differentiate your new car model from previous models, or even from your competitors’ models.
  2. Showcase a test drive. The best way to sell the car is to let it speak for itself. Deliver the smooth driving experience to your audiences from the comfort of their own home. You can also consider shooting the test drive using a drone to capture aerial shots as seen in The New Panamera car launch video. We recently wrote an article about shooting aerial videos with the new drone regulations in Singapore.
  3. Sell a story with your video. Videos are the best medium to evoke emotions in your audience. Draw out emotions from your audiences by selling them a story that they can connect with. You could even address social issues that resonate with your audience. 

Engage a Professional Videographer to Shoot Your Car Launch Video

Car launch videos are a crucial element to the publicity of the new car. With a professionally produced video, you can generate the right buzz that can drive car sales for this new launch. This is why it is highly recommended that you engage a professional videographer to produce the video for you. 

Drop our project coordinators a message today and they will help get started on your car launch video. Our team is ready to help bring out the best of your new car. 

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