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6 Tips for Hiring an Event Photographer

Since more events being allowed to resume in Phase 2, we highly recommend hiring an event photographer to capture the main highlights of your event. With these professional event highlight photos, you can remarket your event to an even wider audience on your social media platforms.

Here are 6 areas that you should consider before working with a professional event photography service provider for your next event.

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Tips for Engaging an Event Photographer:

#1: Where will your event be?

For indoor events, be specific about the exact location of your event so that the photographer can find you easily.

If your event is held outdoors or requires people to move from point A to point B, the photographer will have to travel light. The photographer will require a proper storage area to place their other equipment as they move around to take photos. 

We recommend that you cater for multiple (2-3) photographers for outdoor events or events held in a large area. This ensures that each photographer can cover a different area of the venue. This is more effective than relying on 1 photographer to move around and take photos.

Photo by Vivid Snaps

#2: How long will you engage the photographer? 

Event photographers will charge by the number of hours that you engage them. Our photographers will arrive at the venue around 5-15 minutes prior to the event start time to set up. Do preempt the photographer if they have to go through security clearance prior to entering the event venue so that they can factor this into their setting up time.

If required, the photographers can come down earlier to capture the event registration as well. 

Do you have a large venue that you will be building from ground up? Consider shooting an event set up time lapse to complement the event highlight photos shot on the day itself. 

#3: Are you worried about the lighting?

A common concern that our clients have is that the venue might be too dark for the photographer to take photos. However, most event venues are lit enough for the photographer to still produce quality photos. 

Additionally, the photographers will carry a flash which they can use to illuminate the photo in the event the venue is too dark for regular photos to be taken.

#4: Which are the most important segments that have to be photographed?

Do you have a VIP making a grand entrance at the event? Or perhaps the CEO will be delivering a speech right before the dinner. If there are key highlights of the event that need to be captured on camera, do brief the photographer so that they can be on standby for these segments.

For high profile events, let the photographer know if the media will be present. This way they can plan their shots in advance and avoid clashing with the media personnel who are also trying to photograph or video the event.

Should there be restricted zones for your guests, our photographers will require a media pass if you would like them to photograph your VIPs.

SCWO 2018 Induction Ceremony; photo by Vivid Snaps

#5: Would you require a group photo?

Group photos are a popular choice during events as it can showcase the vast amount of participants who turned up. 

To ensure the best quality group photos, we recommend sending the photographer a photo of the venue prior to the event. This, along with the estimated number of participants, helps the photographer to plan out the best shot possible. While the photographer will have a wide angle lens with them, planning and preparing for the shot before the event guarantees a better group photo for you. 

Photo by Vivid Snaps

With participants being limited to groups of 5 pax for events in Phase 2, you could consider taking group photos in the small groups of 5 and piecing them together in a photo collage. 

#6: When will you require the final edited photos?

Our team is able to provide the final edited photos in 7 working days. Should you require the photos earlier, rush editing can be arranged at an additional cost. 

Unlike some photographers out there, our photographers do not do batch editing. This means that they will go through every single photo individually instead of editing similar photos in a few batches as it ensures that every photo has been tuned properly. Batch editing might save time in the editing process, but it might cause some small differences in colours and similar photos might have different looks.

Hybrid Event Photography 

As events slowly resume in Phase 3, you might be hosting a hybrid event. Our team is able to provide various photography, videography and live streaming services to support your hybrid event needs.

We will ensure that we adhere to the strict Safe Management Measures when we are at your event venue.

Corporate Photography Service Singapore

Aside from event photography, we also provide corporate photography services for our clients. From corporate portrait shots to interior photography, we offer a wide range of corporate photography solutions to meet our clients’ business needs. 

Here are 5 tips for you to consider if you are thinking of engaging a professional corporate photographer in Singapore.

Hiring an Event Photographer In Singapore

We hope that this article has given you an insight on engaging a professional event photographer in Singapore.

If you would like to engage a professional event photographer, drop our project coordinators a message today and we will get back to you.

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