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Professional Product Videographer in Singapore

Product videos are a versatile marketing strategy for businesses to reach out and address the various pain points of their consumers. As a professional media production company, we highly recommend that you engage a professional product videographer who can bring out the best in your product during the video production process.

Read on to find out more about the various types of product marketing videos that you can incorporate into your marketing plan.

Product Video Production in Singapore

Types of Product Videos:

1. Product launch video

Product launch videos are commonly displayed as advertisements on Youtube, social media platforms and on TV. These videos are a powerful marketing tool to generate buzz around the new product that is being launched, either before the launch date, during the launch day itself or after the launch. 

Recently, product launches have been going online due to the Covid-19 situation. Product launch live streams have been in trend, and many brands have been showcasing their product launch video during the live stream session itself. If you have a product launch live stream, you can consider showcasing the launch video to kickstart the virtual event.

2. Product review video

Product review videos are very popular, especially on social media. From your friend’s simple Instagram videos to an influencer’s 20 minute long review, chances are that you might have watched a product review video of a product you were hesitant to purchase. 

In fact, research by suggests that there are 3 situations when people are most likely to consult reviews before making a purchase– when they are unfamiliar with the brand, when the product is new to the market and when they have to spend more out of their usual budget. If your product falls under these categories, producing a product review video might be the perfect opportunity for you to address the viewer’s pain points and engage them to purchase your product.

3. Product demonstration video

Sometimes, new customers might not be very familiar with how the product works. This is where a product demonstration video can help your business reach out to customers to guide them through how they can make the best use of your product. These videos are usually step-by-step guides that take consumers through the different ways of using your product.

4. Product highlight video

Similar to a demonstration video, product highlight videos also showcase how a new product works. However, the focus of a highlight video is on the unique selling points of the product that help it to stand out from past products or from any similar products in the market. 

5. Product branding video

Branding videos usually incorporate a storytelling element to change audience’s perception of the product they are promoting. These videos also work for products which have lost its popularity and require a new public image to appeal to a new audience demographic.

5. E-commerce product video

According to Media One Marketing, a whopping 73% of Singaporeans purchased a product or a service online in 2019. This number is expected to increase as the e-commerce market continues to grow exponentially. With so many potential customers that you can reach out to on the various e-commerce platforms, what better way to capture viewers attention than to have a video showcasing your product?

6. Social media product video

Social media has proven to be a versatile platform for businesses to publicise their products. 

When shooting product videos for social media, we recommend that you have different videos for the different social media platforms, For instance, you could have the full 1 minute video on Youtube and Facebook while posting a 30sec trailer on Instagram and Tiktok. 

Product Video Production Ideas

1. ProDesk 60 Electric

Reference of a product video, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

This is an example of a product highlight video, showcasing the key features of the ProDesk 60 Electric Standing Desk.

Highlights of this video:

  • Each key feature of the desk was emphasised with a text motion graphic which was shown on screen. Motion graphics like these serve as a summary of this particular segment, similar to a key point that people would see on a powerpoint slide. This makes it easier for the viewer to remember the main point of this segment, thus strengthening top-of-mind recall.
  • We also liked that this video was shot in a studio with an empty white background. This helped the desk standout as the main focus of the video, especially when the video showcased close-up shots of the desk’s features.

2. The New GLA

Above is a reference of a product video, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

The promotional video for The New GLA was released in August after Mercedes-Benz held a live stream event to launch the car.

Highlights of this video:

  • This video was less than 30 seconds long, which is a perfect strategy to ensure that viewers will be less likely to click away from the video before reaching the end.

Are you looking to produce a product launch video for your new car? We recently gave 4 tips on how you can shoot a professional car launch video in time for your next car launch.

3. Professional Paper Maxima

Reference of a product video, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

Targeted at professional photo labs and those in the fine art photography business, this product launch video of the professional Paper Maxima centred around the product’s strongest feature of being extremely black.

Highlights of this video:

  • We liked the strong and artistic concept that Fujifilm adopted in this product launch video. The use of close-up shots on the photographers and their subjects helped to emphasise on the depth of colours and shadows that the Paper Maxima could bring out.
  • This video also provided subtitles for viewers, which meant that this video is more accessible to those who are deaf or who would otherwise require subtitles to understand the voice narration. We highly recommend adding subtitles to your videos if there is someone speaking as it shows that your brand is willing to take steps to become more inclusive.

4. Rotimatic

Reference of a product video, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

Enjoy fresh rotis in minutes!

In response to their customer’s questions about how the machine works, the team at Rotimatic produced this product demonstration video to give a detailed step-by-step guide of the different functions of their roti machine.

Highlights of this video:

  • As mentioned, this video was extremely detailed. There was a thorough explanation of the different functions and accessories of the machine. The presenter also brought viewers through the demonstration at a easy-to-follow pace.

If you have a talent on screen who has to do a presentation or has to deliver long chunks of text, consider using a teleprompter which allows them to read off their cues or scripts while looking directly into the camera. We are able to provide our clients with a teleprompter if needed.

5. Hadakara

Reference of a product video, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

Shokubutsu’s product branding video for their new Hadakara body wash premiered as a TV commercial before being uploaded onto Youtube.

Highlights of this video:

  • Like the GLA video, this video was also short and concise, which is common for TV commercials.
  • In this video, Shokobustu showcased their model applying the body wash onto her body. This made the video feel more personable and relatable to the viewers who would be able to imagine themselves buying and using the body wash.

6. Muhly Romance Collection

For their new Muhly Romance Collection, Etude House shot a music video which was then posted onto their various social media platforms. A longer version of this music video was posted onto Youtube, which is more suited for long-form video content, while this shorter 30 second video was optimised for Instagram posting.

Highlights of this video:

  • We liked that this video gave off a very vintage 1990s aesthetic, which is a trend amongst many social media videos marketed at a younger audience.
  • We also liked the catchy song they composed for this music video, which is a great way to capture viewer’s attention to the new makeup collection they were selling. This helps to reinforce viewer’s top-of-mind recall of Etude House as a brand and this particular makeup collection.

7. Philips XXL Airfryer

Reference of a product video, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

Imagine having a cooking device that could cook a healthy meal for you!

In this product video, the Philips partnered with chef Angela May to cook umami infused chicken using the new Philips XXL airfryer. The new Philips airfryer comes with Smart Sensing technology which automatically adjusted the cooking time and temperature to produce a perfectly cooked chicken.

Highlights of the video:

  • We liked that Philips engaged a personable host like chef Angela who was able to introduce the airfryer in an engaging and personal manner. As a host, chef Angela is a relatable personality to the everyday home cook looking for the most convenient way to whip up a fuss-free meal.

If you would like to engage a host for your product video, consider getting a host of the same demographic as your target audience. This makes it easier for your host to reach out to your audiences on an engaging and personal level.

Engage A Professional Product Videographer to Shoot Your Product Video 

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We hope that this article has provided you more insight into the different types of product videos that you can use to strengthen your product promotion strategy. 

While you could shoot your product video on your own, we would highly recommend engaging a professional videographer to shoot your product video. This way, you can ensure that your video is enticing enough to drive actual conversions from potential customers who have watched the video. 

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