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App Demo Video Production

The purpose of an app demo video is to showcase the app’s user interface, key features, and benefits, in order to attract potential users and customers.

It is important that these videos deliver information in an easy to understand way, while also having a sleek and smooth visual to it. Having clean animations is necessary as the app demo video will be a representation of your app. You would not want potential users and customers to see your app demo video that looks as though it had been stitched together regardless of continuity. A good app demo video will improve customer confidence in your app and hence your service.

Without further ado, let’s carry on with this article and find out more about what we can do to make a good app demo video!

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The Vivid Snaps Team

Company Group Photo of Video Production Team in Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps video production team

Our team consists of media professional with expertise in video production from pre to post. Consisting of videographers, video editors, director, project coordinators and graphic designer. Our portfolio is focused on corporate clients. And our works ranges from internal communication videos, brand story videos, virtual & hybrid events and corporate photography.

App Demo Video Production from Around Singapore

PLEASE NOTE: Some videos referenced in this blog article are not produced by Vivid Snaps. The following videos are sourced from publicly available websites, such as YouTube.

Singapore Air Mobile App Demo Video Production

Singapore Airlines App Demo Video Reference, Not Produced by Vivid Snaps

Using animation, text and upbeat techno music, this video elaborates on the idea of an app and how it can better improve the standard of service for passengers. Showcasing many features on how it can serve passengers, such as being able to preview movie selections on the flight, updates on the flight, listen to music and many others.

This video ticks every box on the checklist in promoting the product to customers, while also maintaining a slick animation and keeping to the brand guidelines of Singapore Airlines.

Zoo App Demo Video Production

Singapore Zoo iPhone App Demo Video Reference, Not Produced by Vivid Snaps

This video demonstrates the usefulness of the app and how it can bolster the positive experience visitors can get at the zoo.

The video features the scheduling of events, such as the feeding time of animals, show times, and also has a map and an indicator of how the animal enclosure is.

Why is this video important? This video tells visitors that all their queries can possibly be answered within a gadget in their pockets and bags. Keeping visitors happier and giving them more enjoyable experiences allows them to keep coming back, increasing the revenue of the zoo in the long run.

App Walkthrough Video Production

OneMap App Demo Video Reference, Not Produced by Vivid Snaps

This video caters to those who operate drones in Singapore. Due to strict regulations in regards to air space in Singapore, sometimes drone operators need to be wary of where they fly.

This app is a nifty tool to indicate where the no-fly zones are located in Singapore, and it is all explained in a very well-planned video. The pointers are straight and clear cut, while the representation of the app interface is smooth, such that there would not be any confusion when trying to navigate.

Private Hire Drivers App Demo Video Production

RYDE Technologies App Demo Video Reference, Not Produced by Vivid Snaps

This video acts as an instructional video on how new drivers can register to work for the company using the mobile app.

Using a slow pace, a clear voice-over and no background music that might distract viewers, this video is easy-to follow and walks through the process to be able to apply for work. This is one way that app demos can be done, as app demos need to be catered to people of all ages, especially those that may not be tech-savvy, particularly the elderly.

App Demo Video Production from Around The World

PLEASE NOTE: Some videos referenced in this blog article are not produced by Vivid Snaps. The following videos are sourced from publicly available websites, such as YouTube.

Music Streaming App Demo Video Production

DI FM Android App Demo Video Reference, Not Produced by Vivid Snaps

This video acts as an introduction to viewers, specifically targeted to those who like to listen to specific genres of music. More so, while a voice-over narrates the video, an interface of the app is shown at the side and functions according to what the narration says. This gives the video a realistic touch, as sometimes the app may not exact with what the video shows.

Travel App Demo Video Production

Oiyster Travel Messaging App Demo Video Reference, Not Produced by Vivid Snaps

Targeted towards travellers and backpacking enthusiasts, this video demonstrates an app that can help them with their travels.

The overall video has a stop-motion animation vibe to it, mixed in with some motion graphics and chirpy design elements. Combined with the upbeat and cheerful background music, this gives the video a very welcoming presentation, as well as giving it a celebratory feel. What comes to mind is something along the lines of, “Yay! Travelling in a foreign land has never felt so much easier!”

Mobile App Demo Video Production

Cubeit App Demo Video Reference, Not Produced by Vivid Snaps

This video is an example of simple product demonstration, being straight to the point about what your app can do and how it benefits the consumers. 

Using bright solid colours that contrast from scene to scene that not only prolongs audience attention, but also helps to categorise the different features of the app, as to not keep the video monotonous and wearisome. This way, viewer retention can be kept until the call to action at the end, encouraging viewers to get the app.

Smart Workplace App Demo Video Production

Spaceti App Demo Video Reference, Not Produced by Vivid Snaps

This video takes a more conversational approach and makes the point that the app can improve the workplace. Along with the colour scheme and the design elements, this video gives off a welcoming and friendly vibe, which entices viewers to stay till the end.

The overall vibe the video emits is akin to that of a friend teaching you something you do not know, which some app demo videos today lack. Just like marketing, it is key that your video is able to retain the viewers to the end, so that they can learn more information about the app and/or service, or they can take the next step and purchase your app.

Desktop App Video Production Demo Video Reference, Not Produced by Vivid Snaps

Related in terms of purpose to the previous example, this video is another example of apps and softwares that can help to improve the workplace in a digitising environment.

Keeping to the branding and colour guidelines of the app, the video also makes use of a recreated screen, which means that the animation is done from scratch and not recorded from the actual software. This method is good as it allows for explanations that require greater emphasis and for pacing purposes.

Overall, videos that relate to work need to be kept lively, as most office workers will likely experience Monday blues, overtime, stress (you get the idea), so it is important that when designing apps and hence videos for these target audiences, the idea of work needs to be kept vibrant and joyful.


App demo videos are created to showcase the features and functionalities of an app in a visual and engaging manner. They aim to demonstrate how the app works and what benefits it can offer to the users. The purpose of these videos is to provide a clear and concise overview of the app, allowing potential users to quickly understand its capabilities and make informed decisions on whether to download and use it. By demonstrating the app’s value proposition and usability, app demo videos can help increase user engagement and drive app downloads.

Vivid Snaps Video Production Team

Group Photo of Video Production Crew in Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps video production team

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