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Corporate Branding Photo Shoot in Singapore

In today’s visually-driven world, an impactful image is crucial to establish a strong brand image. A professionally shot image communicates confidence and a more favourable brand position to your customers.

General studies have shown that modern human attention span is only 8.25 seconds. Professional corporate branding photos are a strategic art that strengthens your organisation’s professional image to capture the attention of potential partners, fostering trust, gaining recognition, and loyalty in the current fast moving world.

Use corporate branding photos as a visual bridge between a company’s offerings and its audience. Through carefully planned images, companies can convey their ethos, culture, and aspirations, encapsulating the intangible aspects that define them. A well-executed corporate branding photoshoot has the power to evoke emotions, trigger memories, and etch a company’s identity into the minds of viewers.

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Your Photography Team in Singapore

Vivid Media Company Group Photo Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps media production team

Our team consists of media professionals spanning several disciplines from photography to video production. Our specialises aim to cover common scopes and requirements for our corporate and organisational clients.

Branding Photo Shoot and Corporate Photography is one of the many services we provide to corporate and organisational clients. We can also support you in Portrait & Headshot Photography, whether in your office or at our studio. Beyond that, our photographers cover corporate events of varying scale.

As an incumbent in the Event Photography scene, our photography team prides ourselves in customised media solutions for corporate events to meet the needs of our regular clients. One of the latest innovation is our Linkedin Photo Booth with Instant QR Download. This allows us to bring a corporate portrait studio to your event, completed with customised branding overlay on the digital photo and instant downloading of the portrait images.

Green Screen Studio for Brand Photography

Reference Photo of Green Screen Studio in Singapore
Green screen studio setup at Vivid Snaps office

Our office houses a small green screen studio, suitable for filming of up to 2 on-screen talents. This is exclusively reserved for our clients, so to provide high availability and convenience when engaging our branding photography service.

For more reference photos of our green screen studio, please visit our Green Screen Studio Singapore blog post.

Corporate Branding Photoshoot

Our team is dedicated to supporting companies in the creation of exceptional images customised for use in various promotional avenues such as marketing materials, websites, and social media platforms. 

Our goal is to use creative and professional visuals to convey their company’s goal, mission, values, and future vision. 

We constantly seek to employ top-tier equipment and skill, including professional cameras, lighting setups, detail in terms of angles and composition that align with the specific preferences and requirements of our clients. This ensures that we can craft images that embody both creativity and professionalism. 

We enjoy engaging with our clients in meaningful conversations to gain a deep understanding of their company’s operations, specific photographic needs, and the desired mood they aim to convey to their audience.

Through these discussions, we establish a strong understanding of the company that will convey into the image we produce thus ensuring that our creative work aligns seamlessly with their vision and objectives.

Sustainability Reporting Photoshoot

Branding Photo Shoot for Sustainability Reporting Singapore
Branding photo shoot for sustainability reporting & annual report

The client presented us with a mood board outlining the specific photos they desired for inclusion in their sustainability report. We then proceed to document the various sustainable practices that were practised in their company. Various discussions were made to understand the photo format they envisioned. 

With the understanding of client requirements, we proceed with a purposeful photography session ensuring each image resonates with the conveyed information. We carefully captured scenes and pay attention to ensure that the photos encapsulate their commitment to sustainability

Branding Photographer for FMCG

FMCG Corporate Branding Photo Shoot Singapore
Branding photography for FMCG

The client has recently undergone renovations in their warehouse and has added a new section adjacent to their existing area.

Prior to the photoshoot, we conducted a recce of the client’s warehouse to get a detailed understanding of the key focal points and new features to highlight in their new warehouse  showcase.

We assisted our client to prepare the warehouse visually for the upcoming photoshoot. Through this well-coordinated effort, the resulting images effectively served the purpose of showcasing the client’s recently established warehouse to their esteemed clientele.

Branding Photo Shoot for Schools & Students

Branding Photo Shoot and Branding Photographer for Schools
Branding photo shoot for educational institution, involving students and facilitator.

Our client was partnering with schools to enhance and rebrand their training materials, with the aim to create a stronger sense of connection with the new generation of students. They have chosen the talent within their own student body so that the photo resonates with fellow students. 

Our photography team has been brought on board in assisting to craft the photos required. We’ve received an in depth briefing that includes a mood board, to understand how the science experiment is done so that we can recreate realistic photos that serve the training material.

Eventually all the effort and concepts transform into captivating images reflecting the desired mood and aesthetic.

These images will not only be integrated into the new training materials but will also be showcased across the client and school’s website and social media platforms. This integrated approach ensures that the visual components harmonise seamlessly with the overall educational experience, both in print and in the digital realm.

Branding Photo Shoot for Logistics Business

Logistic Branding Photo Shoot Singapore
Branding photo shoot utilising scenes from actual moving process

The logistics business has recently rebranded their logo and is looking to revise their marketing materials

The photoshoot is scheduled to take place during an active workday, showcasing one of their internal employees house moving day. Our objective is to seamlessly conduct the shoot with minimal interference to their daily operations while showcasing the professional work of their company employees. 

The company’s preference is for the new logo to be subtly integrated into the images, without overwhelming prominence. 

While we deployed a streamlined set of equipment, We remain focused in creating professional images and fulfilling our clients visual appeal of the final photographs.

Confectionery Photo Shoot

Confectionary Food Branding Photo Shoot Singapore
Reference of a food & confectionery brand photo shoot for mid-autumn

Yellow Ribbon has a program that offers inmates the opportunity to learn baking skills but also provides them with on-the-job training, enhancing their employability in the food industry.

This year, we supported the team to produce the mooncake product images. For us, this assignment goes beyond photography, we appreciate the opportunity to play a part and contribute our support for the inmates. 

Once we received the mood board, our stylist went to Chinatown to seek suitable props, including ingredients used in crafting mooncakes. 

During the shoot, our photographer collaborated closely with the client, and the stylist. Together, we crafted professional product images aimed at conveying the hard work and  joy of the inmates to those savouring the mooncakes during festive occasions.

Vivid Media Production Team

Vivid Media Company Group Photo Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps media production team

We hope this article has provided quick insights in media production. Our team is ready to work with you. Leverage on our combined expertise for your media production.

Our core expertise are in the following fields:

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