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Branding Video Production Singapore

Organisations and businesses leverage on Branding Videos to strengthen their brand position. In this article, we will share several reference of branding videos that we have created for different industries, and share with you the thought processes that go behind them.

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Our Video Production Team

Branding Video Production Crew in Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps video production team

Our team consists of media professional with expertise in video production from pre to post. Consisting of videographers, video editors, director, project coordinators and graphic designer. Our portfolio is focused on corporate clients. And our works ranges from internal communication videos, brand story videos, virtual & hybrid events and corporate photography.

Green Screen Studio for Corporate Filming

Reference Photo of Green Screen Studio in Singapore
Green screen studio setup at Vivid Snaps office

Our office houses a small green screen studio, suitable for filming of up to 2 on-screen talents. This is exclusively reserved for our clients, so to provide high availability and convenience when engaging our video production services.

For more reference photos of our green screen studio, please visit our Green Screen Studio Singapore blog post.

Branding Video for Insurance Business

Reference of a short film produced for Insurance business

When considering a short film for your business’s branding strategy, we consider several factors during the pre-production.

We begin by crafting a narrative that encapsulates real-life scenarios where the significance of insurance becomes evident. Seamlessly weaving your brand within the narrative, then emphasise the pragmatic benefits presented by your range of insurance products.

We use emotional storytelling techniques to establish a connection with your viewers, culminating a compelling call to action.

Branding Video for University

Reference of a corporate video for university

A corporate and branding video serves to connect your organisation with your audience in a profound and relatable manner.

Through the strategic use of visuals, messaging, and emotions, we work together with you to creative videos that forge a genuine connection that goes beyond information-sharing. Storytelling is our tool of choice. By weaving a suitable narrative, we aim to transport your audience into the heart of your university’s journey, and fostering a sense of shared experience.

Narratives that spotlight your institution’s core values and the human stories behind its success will leave a lasting imprint. This emotional approach, combined with a well-crafted narrative, captures attention and engages the hearts and minds, resulting in a meaningful bond between your university and its audience.

Branding & Case Study Video for Hearing Aid

Reference of a case study video for hearing aid

A branding and case study video offers you a powerful means to connect intimately with your audience while showcasing real-life success stories.

By featuring a school and students who have directly benefited from their hearing aid products, the video not only establishes the brand’s identity and values but also provides authentic proof of its impact. Through relatable storytelling and practical references, the video humanises the brand, educates viewers about products’ benefits, and evokes empathy. Ultimately, this video serves as a compelling tool to build trust, credibility, and emotional resonance, portraying the brand as a genuine and transformative solution for those with hearing challenges.

Food Retail Branding Video

Reference of a branding video for food retail

A National Day branding video offers a golden opportunity for local food retail brand to intertwine its narrative with the cultural tapestry of the celebration. Through evocative storytelling, the video can trace the brand’s heritage, culinary artistry, and community engagement while highlighting the diverse and authentic flavours of your dishes.

By showcasing patrons’ personal connections and participation in National Day festivities, the video can strengthen the brand’s identity as a unifying force within the community. With engaging visuals and a resonant soundtrack, the video can seamlessly blend its values with the spirit of the occasion, encouraging viewers to join the celebration, creating a powerful and lasting connection between the brand and its customers.

Activewear Branding Video Production

Reference social media video for sportswear brand

Working together with the creative agency, we executed this social media and branding video for the sportswear brand. This video encapsulates the spirit of the brand through the active demonstration of how prominent athletes interact with the brand’s product.

Branding Video for Hair Care

Reference social media video for hair care product

A captivating branding video that unveils the entire Hair Spa process, right from the moment your clients step into your salon to the exquisite pampering of their hair. This video illustrate the hair spa process and highlighting the benefits that come with it.

As the viewers watch their hair being treated with care, they’ll resonate with the benefits of your products and services. This immersive approach is visually appealing and serves as a promotional tool.

By showcasing the entire Hair Spa journey, the brand gives salon professionals a tangible demonstration of the quality and efficacy of the products, making it easier for them to champion it.

Shopping Mall Branding Video Singapore

Reference of a lifestyle video for shopping mall & retail

This lifestyle-centric approach infuses authenticity into every frame, capturing experiences that resonate with viewers. The result is an anniversary video that not only commemorates a milestone but also engenders a sense of excitement and belonging, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the rich experiences the shopping mall has to offer.

Reference of a showcase video for commercial real estate

A portfolio video takes mere specifications and infuse them into a visual storytelling medium to create more impactful communication with stakeholders.

In this video, the artistry of renovation meets the ingenuity of solutions provided by our esteemed real estate management client for their valued client. The narrative that unveils the transformation work, where spaces evolve into modern sanctuaries of innovation and functionality.

Our video showcases the seamless orchestration of design, construction, and implementation. Crafting bespoke solutions that optimise functionality while embodying a blend of aesthetics and practicality.

Branding Video for Aesthetics

Reference of a corporate video

This corporate & brand video is guided by an insightful interview with a distinguished doctor. The video captures the doctor’s expertise and passion, allowing viewers to gain an understanding of the transformative processes that define your brand.

Through the doctor’s words and skilled demonstrations, the video educates, inspires, and affirm your brand’s position as a trusted partner in the journey to radiant self-assurance.

Branding & Testimonial Video

Reference of a testimonial and case study video for automotive industry

A testimonial video featuring a satisfied local customer is a powerful tool for your tire brand, infusing authenticity and bolstering credibility. Through genuine expressions of confidence and firsthand experiences, the video weaves a narrative around the quality and performance of your tires.

As viewers accompany the customer’s journey, from tire selection to experiencing enhanced driving comfort, superior traction, and durability, the video transcends traditional marketing to become a trusted endorsement. This localized perspective not only fosters relatability but also empowers potential customers to make informed decisions, solidifying your tire brand’s reputation as a reliable choice for top-tier performance and reliability.

Branding Video for University Graduation

Reference of a music video created for university graduation

In this music video, collaboratively produced with the university and its alumnus, serves as a dynamic catalyst in solidifying the university’s brand position.

Through the fusion of visuals and music, this video embodies the shared values, achievements, and vibrant spirit of the university community. The university showcased alumnus who have gone on to make meaningful contributions in diverse fields, the video underscores the university’s commitment to nurturing future leaders and visionaries.

The rhythmic journey through campus landmarks and impactful moments are a visual testament to the transformative impact of education. This music video doesn’t merely capture nostalgia; it encapsulates the enduring connections between the university, its alumni, and their shared pursuit of excellence.

As the video resonates with current and prospective students, partners, and stakeholders, it reinforces the university’s brand as an incubator of innovation, unity, and boundless potential, standing as a testament to the enduring legacy of its impactful education.

Vivid Snaps Video Production Team

Branding Video Production Crew in Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps video production team

We hope this article has provided quick insights in media production. Our team is ready to work with you. Leverage on our combined expertise for your media production. Our core expertise are in the following fields:

  • Corporate video production
  • Creative video production / short film / marketing videos
  • Live streaming for virtual & hybrid events
  • Corporate branding photography
  • Event photography & videography

For a profile of our team, visit About us to learn more.

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