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Facebook Live Stream Singapore

Vivid Snaps is a professional Facebook live stream video team in Singapore. Our live stream equipment includes professional video camcorder, multi-cam setup, professional wireless mic, live audio & visual switching and HD streaming.

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Event Videography Solution During COVID-19

As the world is scrambling to tackle the COVID-19 situation and keeping the spread under control, the events industry is one of those that has been hit the hardest.

At the time of writing this article, all events in Singapore with 250 or more participants are to be suspended until Jun 2020. Many of our clients who used to engage our Singapore videographers have turned to video live streaming in light of the situation. 

Cancelled Events, Sales Go On

With the IT Show 2020 postponed, many technology vendors have found creative ways to reach their customers with attractive deals and offers. While this crisis has certainly impacted the overall sales of technology products, it also paves the way for innovative sales channels. 

Facebook Live Streaming

Live Stream onto Facebook

We have seen Gain City organising a small scale tech show within their own Megastore at Sungei Kadut, patronised by a very substantial crowd. To generate hype for the exclusive tech show, a Facebook Video Live Stream was aired at the start of their event. The live stream was hosted by multiple uprising influencers, showcasing several good deals offered at the event. Facebook followers who are watching the live stream can scan designated QR code to buy the items online. They also made multiple calls to invite guests to their event. 

Apart from the active call to action, Facebook followers who are watching the live stream can also interact with the video host to ask product questions. This has allowed businesses and brands to engage with their followers without face-to-face interaction. 

An Innovative Crowd Puller For Roadshows

When you are running a roadshow or shopping mall atrium event, take advantage of Facebook video live streaming to attract a crowd to your event. When you go live on your Facebook page, your followers will be notified to view your live stream. Take this opportunity to show them attractive promotions and activities. Your event emcee can make repeated call-to-action. 

Overwhelming Response? No Problem

No longer limited by the constraints of a physical venue, you can now increase your audience size without increasing the space area at your event venue. We have seen event organisers offering a chance to attend a sold-out event by selling tickets to their webinar. Live streaming has created a new & innovative sales channel for the creative event organisers.

Typical Lag Time For Facebook Live

In order to provide a smooth viewing experience for the users, Facebook Live buffers about 20 seconds of delay for their video live stream. This delay makes it less ideal for game shows that require instant participation.

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Pulling off a Facebook live stream may seem daunting at first, but you will quickly come to grips with it. Feel free to contact our project coordinator for discussions. 

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