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8 Car Launch Live Streams To Watch

With many car launches having to move online due to the Covid-19 outbreak, car launch live streams can provide viewers with an engaging and easy-to-digest way of understanding the key features of your new car. 

Read on to find out more about how these car brands made use of live streaming to launch their new cars.

Table of Contents:

8 Car Launch Live Stream Examples

Lexus Singapore – The New IS

Launched in Q4 this year, the New Lexus IS was revealed via their Facebook page and the Lexus Singapore website. On Facebook alone, this live stream garnered 10 thousand views during the live stream.

Highlights of The New IS live stream:

  1. This was a pre-recorded live stream that we filmed for Lexus Singapore. While pre-recorded live streams are not exactly “live”, audiences today are embracing pre-recorded live content as more brands and businesses opt for a pre-recorded filming method. We recently wrote about 5 things to note before you host a pre-recorded live stream.

In addition to this live stream, we also filmed 6 unique selling point videos for Lexus IS which were debuted on their Facebook page. We are proud to have been the esteemed video production company to have supported the new Lexus IS launch.

Porsche Singapore- Porsche Tycan

The launch of the Porsche Taycan on 22nd September on Facebook helped to drive their social media engagement. This live stream got up to 371 emoji reactions, 142 comments, 76 shares and 14 thousand views.

Want to learn how to step up your social media live stream game? We recently compared 3 social media platforms and their live streaming features to help you decide which social media platform is best suited for your live streaming needs.

Highlights of Porsche Taycan live stream:

  1. When Porsche flashed their waiting screen, they had the countdown timer and the car’s slogan on repeat. This generated buzz and excitement amongst Porsche fans who were eager for the live stream to start.
  2. The live stream introduction featured scenic shots of Marina Bay before transitioning smoothly into the Arts Science Museum where the live stream was being broadcasted from.
  3. During the interviews between the hosts and the Porsche experts, the live stream cut to animated infographics which explain the various features of the Taycan.

We liked the animated infographics used during this live stream as it helped to dissect the technical features of the new Taycan. Having animated infographics provides visuals for audiences to follow, making it easier to truly digest and appreciate the features of the new car.

Honda Singapore- Honda City

This long-awaited 4th generation Honda City launched on 28th of August. The car launch live stream combined on-site live streaming and a remote live streaming interview with their large project manager in Japan, Mr Satoru Azumi.

Highlights of All-New Honda City Virtual Launch live stream:

  1. Transition music was played when they had a new presenter up on stage to deliver their presentation. This served as a cue to for the team change to a close up shot of the new presenter on stage.
  2. Graphic overlays showing infographics about the Honda City were flashed on the screen when the presenters were giving their speech. This served as a visual cue for the audience to make the information easier to digest.
  3. Fans who stayed till the end of the live stream could like, share and comment “practically satisfying” on the Facebook live stream to stand a chance to win a mystery gift when they booked a test drive of the Honda City. We recommend having incentives to keep your audiences till the end of the live stream where they will be more receptive to your call-to-actions.

Audi Live Singapore- Audi A5

The Audi A5 range was just introduced to the market in 2007. Despite this, it has since grown to be most recognisable for its sporty yet elegant design.

This car launch live stream was most likely pre-recorded and then streamed on the launch day.

Unsure if you should film a pre-recorded live stream? We recently wrote about the pros and cons of a pre-recorded live stream, and whether this option is suitable for your live stream needs.

We also liked that the car launch live stream was within 30 minutes, which is the best timing for a live stream. This gave the live stream just enough time to showcase the unique selling points of the car without it being too long for the audiences.

Highlights of the New Audi A5 live stream:

  1. Lower-thirds, which are text overlays, were used to introduce the name and designation of the two presenters. Introducing your hosts establishes the credibility of the speaker and the content that they are presenting to the audience.

When required, our in-house graphic designer will design lower-thirds and other graphic overlays to meet the needs of your car launch live stream.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia- AMG Compact Cars

Held on 31st May after Malaysia announced the Conditional Movement Control Order, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia held their live stream to launch the new AMG Compact Cars. This live stream has 3,530 views as of October.

Highlights of The AMG Compact Cars live stream:

  1. The live stream began with an interview with the President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia. This interview addressed the recent Movement Control Order in Malaysia and how the brand had adapted its services to meet the new social distancing requirements set in place. Corporate interviews like these are a efficient PR strategy for key figures in the business to reassure your audiences that the brand is able to adapt and overcome these times of crisis.

Mercedes-Benz Singapore- GLA Sport

Screenshot taken from Mercedes Singapore Facebook page.

Mercedes garnered over 13 thousand views with its GLA Sport launch via Facebook live stream on 20th August.

Highlights of The New GLA live stream:

  1. Glenn Ong hosted the live stream. By having Glenn Ong, a familiar radio DJ to be the host of the event, Mercedes was able to build up excitement and publicity around their event. He was also able to sell the car in a more relatable and lively manner.
  2. The live stream also featured Glenn taking the car for a test drive. This allowed viewers to experience the smooth ride that the GLA Sport can offer, almost as if the audience was taking a test drive themselves.
  3. Lastly, the live stream ended off with a live QnA session. Viewers could type questions into the Facebook chat section to be picked and answered by Mercedes product manager. This allowed for real-time audience engagement during the live stream. Even though audiences may be viewing the launch virtually, you should also engage them through such interactive segments as it provides that form of human connection between your brand and the audience.

Toyota Malaysia – Hilux

Enough Said.

This live stream launch on 8th October, which has since garnered over 170 thousand views on Youtube, really encapsulated the motto of this car model.

Highlights of the New Hilux live stream:

  1. The greater part of the live stream session focused on satisfied customers who had already driven a Hilux. Customer testimonials like these are an effective soft-sell approach to sell your new car. Audiences are more likely to trust these unbiased reviews of your car and brand. We recommend featuring customer testimonials from your more personable clients to boost the credibility of your brand.
  2. The customers featured came from diverse backgrounds, matching the demographics of their target audience for the New Hilux. The testimonial came across as authentic and relatable to the audience, who could even imagine themselves driving car. When using customer testimonials, the testimonials should create an emotional connect with the audience to drive sales conversions after the audience watches the live stream.

Hyundai India- The Next Dimension

On top of launching their new Tucson, Hyundai India’s The Next Dimension virtual event also publicised the new Creta and Verna models which had launched just before India announced its nation-wide lockdown.

This live stream held on the 13th of July has seen 7 million views on Youtube.

Highlights of The Next Dimension live stream:

  1. The live stream started with a branding video showcasing how Hyundai cars could help to bring people together during the Covid-19 lockdown. This was a smart and effective way for them to reach out and establish customer loyalty during this pandemic as it told customers that Hyundai cared about the Hyundai India family.
  2. The opening speech by Mr Seon Seob Kim, MD & CEO Hyundai Motor India, involved a 3D green screen virtual set. This allowed for the live streaming crew to drop in their 3D background as Mr Seon gave his speech.

For more information on how a 3D green screen works, click on this video by Zero Denisty.

We also noticed that there were many fashion models who came on stage to give a warm welcome to the new Verna. While we might not be able to have so many unmasked talents on set even as we move to Phase 3, you could consider hosting a hybrid launch event with some physical audience to liven up the atmosphere on set.

Things You Must Include In Your Car Launch Live Stream

Here are 3 things that you need to include in your car launch live stream to generate the hype around the new car:

  1. A professional filming/ live streaming crew. If you want a well-executed live stream with minimal disruptions, it is best to engage a professional filming crew who can help smoothen out the technical aspects of the event.
  2. A filming studio. Car launch live streams are best held in a studio setting to ensure professional live stream quality. With an indoor filming studio, there are more opportunities for you to be creative with your live streams. You can even use a green screen backdrop to add in your own graphics during the live stream.
  3. A personable host. A host like Glenn Ong can help liven up the live stream and make the car launch more welcoming to your audiences. They can also explain the various features of the car in a more personable and relatable manner which could connect better with the audiences.

Car Launch Global Videos

Most of us are familiar with the usual global videos shown at a car launch event.

You can also feature global videos like these during your livestream to give your viewers a better understanding of the specifications and key features of your car.

Engaging a Professional Live Stream Service Provider 

For guaranteed best results for your car launch live streams, it is best that you engage with a professional live stream service provider who is capable of bringing your concept to life.

At Vivid Snaps, car launch live streams are just one of the many corporate live streams that we are familiar with

Drop our project coordinators a message today and they will help get started on your car launch live stream. Our team is ready to help bring out the best of your new car. 

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