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5 Corporate Live Streams To Watch

Corporate live streams in Singapore have been trending as more businesses try to make use of live streaming to host internal and external events.

Live streaming has helped businesses reach out to a much wider audience who would otherwise be unable to physically attend the event due to location or social distancing restrictions. 

Read on to find out how these 5 companies have hosted their corporate live streams in 2020.

Table of Contents:

Benefits of Hosting a Corporate Live Stream

Here are some benefits of hosting a corporate live stream:

  1. You can reach out to a wider audience base. Current social distancing restrictions limit your corporate events to 50 pax (or 250pax if you are hosting a MICE event). Hosting a corporate live stream means that more people can watch the live stream and attend the event.
  2. You can engage your previously dormant customers. Dormant customers might not have been able to attend your physical event in the past. Having a corporate live stream might give them an incentive to join this virtual event and engage with your business from the comfort of their own home.
  3. It is a value-added service for your audiences. Hosting corporate live streams show your audiences that you are making your corporate event more accessible for them to join.
  4. It helps you save costs. Your speakers and panelists can join the live stream remotely even if they are from another venue or overseas. This saves the potential transport costs of having to fly them out to your venue. You could consider live streaming your speakers and panelists to the physical event in the future when travel restrictions have been removed.
  5. It helps you save time. Compared to producing a 2-minute video and promoting it on your social media channels, a corporate live stream requires a shorter preparation time. It also guarantees instant engagement with your audience. You can even interact with them during the live stream. 

Different Types of Corporate Live Streams

  • Press Conference Live Stream. Press conferences are a key PR event to help your audience reach out to the media and gain publicity. We recently wrote about how to hold a press conference live stream.
  • Online Trade Show Live Stream. Trade shows are a to-go event for anyone in the industry to learn more about the latest products and services offered. You should live stream your online trade show to provide an equally fruitful session for your participants.
  • Product Launch Live Stream. Live streaming your product launch is a creative way to reach out to your audience without having to worry about finding a suitable venue to match the mood of your launch.
  • E-commerce Live Stream. E-commerce live streams are definitely not new; they have just been trending as more people prefer to shop online. Here are some creative e-commerce live streams that have been held lately.
  • AGM Live Stream. Annual general meetings have always been a crucial event for many companies. Here is how you can hold an AGM live stream smoothly.
  • Webinars. Webinars are a great tool for marketing as they can help your brand establish itself as a knowledgable industry leader.

5 Corporate Live Streams in 2020


Screenshot taken from the launch of the virtual Lancome Advanced Genifique Flagship Store.

Lancome held a press conference to give the media exclusive insights into their new anti aging serum.

Schneider Electric

Screenshot taken from Schneider Electric.

This webinar, held by Schneider Electric, brought together a panel of experts to share how the buildings of tomorrow can be resilient and sustainable.


Screenshot taken from Lazada’s Linkedin page.

Lazada held this interview live stream on Linkedin. They spoke to a new Lazada staff member who shared her experience of working in the e-commerce industry without any prior experience.


Screenshot taken from Simens.

This webinar was for Siemens to share the pros and cons of adopting ebuses and commercial heavy-duty vehicles as a cleaner alternative to the current diesel buses used.


Screenshot taken from Tiktok’s Linkedin page.

Just like Lazada, TikTok did a sharing session on Linkedin where they spoke to an intern about her experience working for the company.

FTA Day 2020

Screenshots taken from FTA Day 2020.

Held for the first time as an online event, Free Trade Agreement Day 2020 made use of a on-site live streaming set up to stream their event to audiences via their own conference platform.

In this live stream, participants and speakers at the event were present at the physical venue, seated 1 metre apart. Each segment of the event was then streamed for their viewers to watch live and on demand after the segment had ended.

Linkedin As a Live Stream Platform

For most of these corporate live streams, Linkedin was used as the live stream platform. This is useful for many live streams, especially meant to target potential new company hires.

However, there are other live streaming platforms out there, like Instagram and Zoom. You should use the live stream platform that best suites your brand and corporate live stream.

Unsure of what the various live stream platforms can offer? Our project coordinators are able to help you find the live stream platform that matches the needs of your live stream.

Need a Studio or a Live Stream Service Provider?

At Vivid Snaps, our team is experienced with helping clients shoot professional live stream sessions catered to their needs. Here is a comprehensive list of our live stream services. We also have an in-house graphic designer who is able to do up graphic overlays and transition screens for our customers. 

We also recently reorganised our storage into a green screen studio.

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