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Best Video Production Crew in Singapore

Video production crew in Singapore typically provides service that covers pre-production, filming and post-production. In pre-production, our video production team works with you to conceptualise your video. In the production phase, our video production team execute the filming. Thereafter, our post-production team does video editing based on the storyboard.

Our Video Production Crew

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Team photo of the Vivid Snaps video production crew
Rachel OngVideo Team Lead
Melvin MakAsst. Video Team Lead
Jackson HoDirector
Adam LimVideographer
Huang QiminVideographer
Steven WongAsst. Camera Op.
Clinton LeeAsst. Camera Op.
Gwendolyn KohSenior Video Editor
KhalidahVideo Editor
Jerrine NgAudio Recordist
Shine LeeProject Manager
Ledon LimProject Coordinator
Lim Zhi WenProject Director
Charli ChanProject Coordinator

Expertise: Corporate Video Production

There are many different specialisation in video production, and our video production team are specialised in corporate video production. What this means is, we work with corporate and organisational clients, creating videos that deliver on your business and operational objectives.

To give a series of examples for the works we do, here is a list:

  • Corporate interview video
  • Corporate milestone documentary video
  • Minister, CEO & management speech video
  • Product introduction & product detail video
  • Product & service testimonial video
  • Corporate communication video
  • Corporate green screen video
  • Corporate interview video
  • Conference video filming
  • Corporate meeting video
  • Panel discussion video
  • Pre-recorded webinar
  • Product launch video
  • Remote video filming
  • Presentation video
  • Retail video
  • Event video

Expertise: Live Streaming Production

Our team of media professionals also deliver live streaming production for our corporate clients and organisations. Most of the live streaming productions that we have supported are for virtual & hybrid events. And within virtual & hybrid events, there are many categories of work that we deliver.

We have provided our live streaming expertise for:

  • Fully remote virtual event, with local & foreign speakers.
  • Meetings involving ministers & foreign delegates
  • Corporate meetings, international & regional
  • Branding & e-commerce live stream
  • Internal webinar
  • Invite-only virtual events

Our live streaming team uses industry standard equipment and technologies. Which means, if you are a seasoned virtual event organiser, you will be familiar with the tools we use. While if you are running a virtual event for the first time, you experience will help you in your future events regardless of the live streaming vendor that you engage.

Portfolio of Our Video Production Works

To understand our works better, we share some of the works we have delivered for our clients. For more variety of works, visit our article here: Different Types of Corporate Video Production in Singapore

Speech Video Filming & Editing

Guest of Honour Speech Filming Production
Reference screenshot of a corporate speech video filming

Corporate speech videos are very effective communication tool. For instance, in recent years, our video production crew has filmed and edited many speech videos that were intended for virtual events and live streaming. Where the speech video by a guest-of-honour is pre-recorded prior to an event date. Then played during the virtual event, such as for an opening speech or for a presentation.

For your speech video filming, our video production team can support in the filming with multiple camera angles, professional lighting, professional audio and camera mounted teleprompter with operator.

The video production setup can be done within your office or at our green screen studio. A green screen backdrop can also be setup at your office location.

In post-production, our video editor can insert templated motion graphics, lower-third, virtual background and subtitles. Where customised graphics are required, our in-house designer can create artwork based on your requirements.

Corporate Interview Video (Non-profit Organisation)

Reference of a multi-camera interview video filming

In this Q&A style interview video, our client has planned an additional feature to make the video more interesting and effective at delivering the messages. Instead of being asked a question by a behind-the-scenes interviewer, the interviewees themselves pick a question on their own.

In this interview video production, our video team setup multiple camera angles, appropriate lighting and wireless lapel mic for audio. The video production was conducted at the client’s office, with a warm background and nice furnishings.

Subtitles are added in post-production, and addition of subtitles are usually not inclusive in a standard video edit. Hence, they are an optional and additional cost item. Subtitling are usually charged based on per-min, with the cost slightly higher if transcription service or multi-language is required.

Product Launch Video Production (Car Launch)

Reference of a product launch video production

In this product video reference, our video team worked closely with the creative agency from planning to execution. While our crew provided the execution, the creative agency worked tirelessly to coordinate the various aspects of the production, securing the talent, wardrobe and participating in the location sourcing.

This product video filming took multiple days, across multiple locations and involving day- and night-time filming. Scenes were filmed in both interior and exterior of the car, many scenes also require a secondary vehicle to follow.

You may have also observed that the opening, closing & interview scenes featured green screen filming, which was done in a green screen studio with multiple camera angles and teleprompter.

Corporate Awards Ceremony Video Production

Employee Appreciation Event Singapore
Reference of a pre-recorded Awards Ceremony Live Streaming

With the pandemic still on-going, many of the video productions we have delivered for our client have a live streaming segment. Which means, instead of uploading the final video to social media platforms, they are live streamed on a specific day. Thereafter, the video will be available for on-demand viewing.

In this staff appreciation virtual event, our video production crew traveled with the client and management team to many locations around Singapore. Cameras, equipment and professional crew went along to make sure that every scene are captured professionally.

What Are The Cost of Corporate Video Production?

A straight-forward video filming may start at about $900, and editing can range from $800 to $2400. An end-to-end video production will range from $4500 to upwards of $10,000.

Most video production companies will quote you based on your requirements. And a complex shoot can increase the production cost significantly. Examples of these costs are, location sourcing & studio rental, talents & extras, intensive pre-production work, customised graphics and logistics.

Get a Video Production Price Quotation

The Vivid Snaps live streaming crew setting up their professional equipment for a live streaming session
Reference setup of a studio filming

To get an exact price quotation for your video production, connect with our Project Coordinators to discuss your requirements. We are looking forward to support you.

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