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Live Streaming, Vivid Snaps

Hopin Live Streaming Singapore

Are you looking for a Hopin live streaming partner in Singapore? Our live streaming production team has helped client delivered hybrid event on Hopin platform.

Hopin Live Streaming Singapore
Screenshot from Hopin website

Live Streaming Platform For Corporate Customers

Many corporate clients have chosen Hopin as their virtual event platform for a good reason. Hopin offers a range of features at a reasonable fee. It is not too complex to use compared to some other offerings as well.

Hotel Hopin Live Streaming Production

Behind the scenes of our live streaming crew at hotel ballroom

For all your live streaming needs in Singapore, our crew can provide professional solutions for you. We have delivered our live streaming production at green screen studios, client offices and hotel ballrooms.

We can provide venue recommendations to you, or secure your event venues on your behalf.

Engage Our Team For Your Hopin Live Streaming in Singapore

Visit our live streaming service page to view our previous events and send us a message to discuss your event with us.

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