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Mass Communication Internship at Vivid Snaps Singapore 2020

When you join us for your mass communication internship, you go through an intense but fruitful experience. Our team members coach and push you to reach your fullest potential.

As each batch of mass communication interns join and leave our company, we hope to impart a valuable set of skills and experience to them during their stint with us

To give you a better idea of what an internship is like at Vivid Snaps, we sat down with Ryan Sim, Jia Wei Ling and Ferdeos to talk about their internship experience.

What We Do

Vivid Snaps is a media company in Singapore that specialises in photography and videography services. Some of the services we provide include event photography, event videography, corporate video production as well as live streaming services. With over 8 years of experience in the industry, we deliver solutions that will satisfy our clients’ expectations. And in the meantime we help our team members to realise their career expectations.

Roles in Our Company

In our company, we work together as a team to meet our clients’ expectations and also to learn from each other. 

Some of the full time roles in our company include:

  • Project Coordinator 
  • Video Producer
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Video Editor
  • Graphic Designer

As each batch of interns join and leave our company, we hope to impart a valuable set of skills and experience to them. 

To let you get a better idea of what an internship is like at Vivid Snaps, we sat down with Ryan Sim, Jia Wei Ling and Ferdeos to talk about their internship experience.

Q&A With Our Mass Communication Interns

Mass Communication Internship Experience in Singapore

What is your school and which course are you from? What is your internship role?

Ryan: I’m studying mass communication in Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film & Media Studies. I joined Vivid Snaps as a photographer / marketing intern.

Jia Wei: I am studying Mass Communication in Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film & Media Studies. I joined Vivid Snaps as a content assistant.

Ferdeos: I’m studying mass communication in Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film & Media Studies. I joined Vivid Snaps as a content assistant.

Which skill or knowledge you’ve learnt in school was the most relevant in your mass communication internship?

Ryan: I would say that the most relevant skills I’ve learnt in school are from modules like designing and coding. In my time as a marketing intern, I’ve practiced a lot of what I’ve learnt from these modules in real life, corporate situations.

Jia Wei: Modules in school such as news writing and feature writing have prepared me for copywriting and writing articles throughout my internship at Vivid Snaps. However, there were also things that were not covered in school that I managed to learn here instead; Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) management as well as social media marketing

Ferdeos: Throughout the internship period, I focused on writing articles for the blog. For this, I had to know what were the trending topics in Singapore. My module in news writing was especially useful as it helped me identify trending topics to write about. Additionally, as I worked on some designs, I found that the skills I had learnt in my digital media (design) module were critical in producing a logo.

How is the working experience different from your perception before internship?

Ryan: Prior to the internship, I joined as a photographer intern and was expected to shoot for events and corporate clients. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, my role was shifted to marketing due to the delays and cancelations of photography projects. Majority of my internship experience was work from home and it was a very unique experience that everyone is slowly adjusting to

Jia Wei: Before starting my internship at Vivid Snaps, I was concerned that the learning curve would be very steep, and that it would be difficult to transition from a school setting to a workplace environment. However, we had a good balance of guided learning as well as independent research and self development of skills during the internship, so it was not as difficult to adapt and cope.

Ferdeos: Prior to the internship, I had expected to be working in the office and writing articles. I had also expected to be able to liaise with businesses to feature them in articles and videos for Lifeguide. However, due to the pandemic, we had to work from home. As a resort we resorted to making live stream videos instead. 

Tarot Reading Livestream in Singapore
Ferdeos, Jia Wei & Ryan hosting a Tarot reading live stream

What was the most memorable project you’ve undertaken during your mass communication internship?

Ryan: In my time as an intern, the most memorable project I undertook was the tarot reading live stream with Ferdeos and Jia Wei. From the planning to the actual live stream itself on Lifeguide, it was a very memorable and eye-opening experience for me. Watching the set-up and tear down of a green screen live stream gave me an insight to what goes behind a live stream service. Though my time at Vivid Snaps was limited, I have definitely learnt a lot from the team.

Jia Wei: Out of all the projects I have taken on throughout the course of my internship experience, the most memorable project was a hybrid live stream series featuring local media personalities such as Noah Yap, Jack Neo and Wang Lei. I got to first-hand witness and help out in both setting up for the live stream production and assisting in back-end audio control. 

Ferdeos: I think the most memorable project would be a webinar live stream that I was involved in. It was the first live stream that I was involved in for a client. Luckily for me, I had the opportunity to be involved in several livestreams for Lifeguide and got a gist of what had to be done . As I was also relatively new to the webinar platform, I was naturally nervous about it and had to practice quite a bit. The Vivid Snaps team was also very kind and helped me familiarise myself with the setup for the webinar.

What was a particularly challenging situation and how did you overcome it?

Ryan: In my last week of intern, I was given my first Instagram filter project to work on. Prior to the last few weeks, I have been working together with Alice to come up with sample designs as part of our new service, to provide a virtual photo booth service through Instagram filters on Spark AR. We were met with a project that had many challenges, however it was important to us that we tried our best to find a solution for the client. It was a good learning curve for me about demands of the event industry and the corporate world.

Jia Wei: Circuit breaker was announced two weeks into our internship. Working from home made it difficult to communicate effectively as everything had to be done online, and we were relatively new to the company. Thus, I was initially very conscious during my interactions with my colleagues. Over time, I realised that it was better to clarify my doubts immediately, as certain mistakes could have been avoided if I had just spoken up.

Ferdeos: As design is not my forte, I found it challenging to produce graphics that were aesthetically pleasing. As I had to post on social media, I also did my best to pair the posts with graphics that were enticing. Luckily, I was able to use stock images and graphics that were really helpful. When designing the logo for the Lifeguide Show as well, I used certain stock graphics. Throughout this process, I also realised the importance of communicating with the team as they would also be able to give me feedback on how the design can be improved. 

What advice would you give to a mass communication intern who will be joining Vivid Snaps?

Ryan: I would say being flexible and adaptable is important. In the event and photo service industry, there are many clients and projects that will throw you curveballs. I feel that as long as we prepare ourselves to meet the expectations of our clients, we will be able to go far in this industry.

Jia Wei: To all future Vivid Snaps interns, you don’t have to be afraid to voice out concerns or brainstorm for new ideas. Despite being an intern, you still have the power to make a difference. Every success and failure presents an opportunity to learn and grow

Ferdeos: Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone. As Jia Wei mentioned, this opportunity is meant for you to grow and work on your weaknesses. As an introverted person, I had trouble speaking up and I eventually realised how important communication is. This is one of the factors that ensure that everyone (the team and the client) is able to progress and be satisfied with the results.

Mass Communication Internship in Singapore

We would like to end of this article with a big thank you to our colleagues in the Vivid Snaps team who have generously imparted their knowledge to us during our 22 week internship at Vivid Snaps. It has definitely been a memorable internship experience for us and it has truly been a pleasure to work with such an amazing team of talented people. We wish Vivid Snaps the very best as we move on to our last chapter of poly.

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Joining Us For Your Mass Communication Internship

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps team

Vivid Snaps offers a range of positions for Mass Communication Internship, specialising in different job roles. Our internship positions include:

  • Project Coordinator Intern
  • Event Coordinator Intern
  • Content Manager Intern
  • Videographer & Camera Operator Intern
  • Video Producer Intern
  • Video Editor Intern
  • Photographer Intern
  • Motion Graphic Intern
  • Graphic Designer Intern

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