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Fashion Video Production in Singapore

Fashion and clothing are a part of everyone’s lives, and it is how we decide what to wear and how we want to look. Fashion video production is one of the many ways brands affect and influence your decision on what clothes to wear. 

Everyone has seen fashion videos from trendy fashion brands worldwide. However, in this article, we will look at some local fashion brands in Singapore. 

We will discover the fashion videos they have produced and give our thoughts on the overall video production of these videos. 

Read on to find out more.

The Purpose of Fashion Video Production

Many fashion brands will make use of brand videos to attract more consumers. These can be in the form of a collection feature video, story-based video, or simply an aesthetic video.

Through all these methods, fashion brands can connect with people whose values or interests are in line with their brand’s identity. This is a form of e-commerce and also a way for brands to gain a positive brand impression.

Let us take a look at the list of fashion brand videos we have compiled.

List of Fashion Brand Videos in Singapore

Benjamin Barker – ‘B’

Video from Benjamin Barker YouTube

Benjamin Barker is a Singaporean brand that provides smart-casual wear that is heritage-inspired. They aim for their clothing to become a lifestyle destination for all the gentlemen.

This video is a feature video for their very first collection named ‘B’. Although produced nearly 5 years ago in 2016, this video still has a place to stand due to its creative production value.

The editing in this video makes it captivating, as it syncs every beat of the music with the movement of the actor, such as at 0:36. The video makes use of various camera angles and compositions as well, from close-ups to wide shots.

The composition at 0:46, where the actor’s hood blends in perfectly with the background gives the shot a moody vibe. At the same time, it showcases the clothing’s waterproof nature, which is a good blend of aesthetics and practicality.

Benjamin Barker – Reformat

Video from Benjamin Barker YouTube

In another video produced by Benjamin Barker, it brings a more energetic and confident vibe to the table. Released just less than a year ago, the concept of the video is not of today’s style.

From the way the video is produced and the clothing featured, one can tell that it wishes to bring a more retro vibe. The lighting and colour grading is on the warmer side, as there is a lot of orange and yellow hues.

The video seems to have been filmed on a lower framerate too, combined with a slight bit of slow-mo footage which gives the video a complete retro vibe.

Esse – Organic Cotton Capsule II

Screenshot from Esse Facebook

Esse is another local brand started by Singaporean Alicia Tsi. The name Esse is derived from medieval Latin meaning ‘existence’ or ‘to be’. The brand’s focus is on slow and sustainable fashion, with a traceable supply chain to uphold environmental and social responsibility.

In this video, Esse unveils its organic cotton range. The actor wears clothes in very earthly tones, as she walks around what seems to be a garden with a lot of vegetation. This calls back to the brand’s focus on environmental responsibility.

The video has a very relaxed feeling, with a lot of handheld footage making the video more personal, as the actor gets close to the plants and vegetation around her.

GINLEE – __/\/\/\ake

Video from GINLEE studio YouTube

GINLEE was created by a pair of designers, one from Singapore and the other from Israel. They believe that this cross-pollination of culture results in a style that is unique to their brand. Their passion is towards 3D elements and designs, creating pieces that flatter the female form while also being wearable works of art.

In this video, they showcased their clothing line stylised as ‘__/\/\/\ake’, which includes clothes and accessories that revolve around this 3D fold pattern.

The video shows the process of them designing and making these pieces, while at the same time we cut to dancers dancing passionately in sync to what seems to be the ticking of an oven.

The video is minimalistic and the use of sound effects is scarce but impactful, which was achieved with good editing and cuts. One interesting thing we’ve noticed about this video is at 0:03 seconds, where we see the shadow of the dancer instead of the dancer itself. This is a creative touch and brings a more abstract feel to the video.

iORA – Fall Winter 2020

Video from IORA SG YouTube

iORA first opened in Singapore in 1998 as a brick & mortar store focusing on women’s fashion and clothing. The brand focuses on quality basic wear that is at the same time modern and timeless.

In the video, we see 5 of the models wearing clothes of matching colours and designs, which constantly change as each scene changes. The music is light and cheerful, just like the carefree models who seem to be playing in the field.

The colour grading in this video seems to be on the cooler side and the sky is dark although the setting seems to be sunny. This brings out a cheerful but also moody feeling.

The video ends with the camera tilting up to the sky, which is in contrast to the beginning where the camera tilts down from the sky, which was a nice touch.

Klarra – The New Wave

Screenshot from Klarra Facebook

Klarra identifies themselves as a clothing label of contemporary classics. All of their designs are meant to be modern and sophisticated, forming the essentials of women’s wardrobe.

The New Wave was Klarra’s first collection of 2019. In the video, we see a model wandering around while wearing various clothing from the collection. The mood for the video is more solemn, as there is a low humming for the background music throughout.

The colour grading is slightly on the duller side, but it matches the energy of the model’s expressions. The lighting in the video, as seen in the first two shots of the video, uses what seems to be natural sunlight and nothing else. This managed to amplify the melancholic feeling of the video.

Kydra Athletics – Every Day, Every Wear

Screenshot from Kydra Athletics Facebook

Kydra is a homegrown athletics clothing brand that believes sportswear can be made perfect and worn for any occasion, at any time.

In this video, they demonstrate that by bringing you on a journey from morning till night. You watch as the people in the video are going about their daily lives in their sportswear, from going to work in the morning to late-night sports sessions.

As the title of the video plays with the pun of everywhere spelt as ‘every wear’, they promote their clothes as suitable for every occasion.

There is a good use of time-lapse and slow-mo shots incorporated into the video. The editing is very smooth as well, with a lot of use of masking techniques cleanly done. The choice of music also blends in perfectly with the editing and syncs up, giving the overall video a good flow.

LOVE & BRAVERY – Let’s Take It Slow

Screenshot from LOVE AND BRAVERY Facebook

Love and Bravery is a brand designed in Singapore, aiming to bring affordable fashion to women since 2005.

In this short half-minute video by Love and Bravery, we see a woman go about her day, getting her morning coffee and going on a picnic. It is all edited to look slightly slower, which goes perfectly with the classical music playing in the background.

The colour palette of the video is on the warmer side, with a lot of browns and nature. Edited in a vertical format, possibly 4 by 3, it gives the video a nice dated look while at the same time is perfect for viewing on smartphones.

Love, Bonito – Studio

Video from Love, Bonito YouTube

Love, Bonito is a well-known Singaporean clothing brand for women, aiming to bring confidence to the women that wear their clothing with pride.

This video by Love, Bonito features a model in various sets, wearing their apparel. It is a more abstract concept, combined with minimalism. The backdrop is either plain white or void black, with the model always being around plants and flowers.

There seems to be a comparison between the woman in her clothing to the flowers, as her clothes often match the colour of the flowers in the same shot.

Although we may not understand the deeper meaning of this video, we do know that the production is very well done. The music brings an emotional touch to the video, and with every note, there is a cut to another shot. The camera movements are slow and steady, while the model moves elegantly.

Love, Bonito – LYLAS Bridesmaid Collection

Video from Love, Bonito YouTube

In another video by Love, Bonito, we see a more cheerful take on showing off their clothing line.

The video is more upbeat, matching the energetic smiles of the actors in the video. Most of the footage is slowed down to show off the clothes as the models turn and spin.

The footage is mostly handheld, giving it a more personal feeling as if the viewer is running and playing together with the models in the video. There are also several times where you see lens flare as an effect, such as at 0:28 and 0:43. This seems to bring the effect of the models shining brightly in the clothes that they are wearing.

Overall, the idea of confidence is evident in this video.

Our Second Nature – Mom Would Approve

Screenshot from oursecondnature Instagram TV

Our Second Nature is a Singaporean clothing brand with a focus on comfortable, everyday wear. Believing that all clothes are personal, their inspiration revolves around all things people like and all other things that are intangible.

This video produced by Our Second Nature has quite a unique style of production. Firstly, the video is edited and colour graded to look underexposed with a film-like effect to it. However, the raw footage seems to have been shot slightly overexposed as you can see the background being blinded by the sunlight.

This already brings a huge contrast to the video and manages to bring out a dated look. The music and the scenes in the video feel extremely comfortable and homely, as the actor enjoys her alone time. This relates to the brand’s concept of all clothes being comfortable and personal.

The shots are interesting and intricate as well, such as the one where they capture the actor from the reflection of the mirror. There’s also one scene where they managed to capture the bird flying across the screen perfectly, which is purely amazing.

Pink Salt Swim – First Light Behind The Scenes

Video from Pink Salt Swim YouTube

Pink Salt identifies themselves as a modern swimwear and resort wear label established in Singapore.

This video is behind the scenes of their First Light collection photoshoot. Although labeled ‘behind the scenes’ video can often show the viewers more than photos can.

There is a good choice of music, and the video is edited with simple graphics that sync to the beat of the music. The camera movements are smooth and steady as well.

Most of the footage is shot against the sunlight, but through the use of reflectors, they managed to bring out the contrast on the model’s face and her clothes.

Reckless Ericka – Making Kaya Toast

Video from Reckless Erika YouTube

Reckless Erika is a Singaporean fashion brand that is made for women, men, and children alike, who are unafraid to express themselves through fashion.

As part of their Singapore Food Series, they have made Kaya Toast into a set of clothing that represents the food.

The video is upbeat, with a cheerful choice of background music. The footage is also sped up, to match the pace and vibe of the music. Through this video, we can see how the photo shoot was carried out and gives a ‘behind the scenes’ of the make-up and dressing of the model.

The last shot of the video shows the clothes on the model from a top to down angle as she lay on the set. This shot manages to capture the detail of the dress nicely. It was a nice touch to end the video as the model confidently looks into the camera as well.

SABRINAGOH – Star Wars X Elohim Synthesis Collection

Video from elohimbysabrinagoh YouTube

Sabrina Goh is a homegrown designer, who graduated LASALLE SIA College of the Arts in 2009 and started the brand Elohim by Sabrinagoh, which is known today simply as SABRINAGOH.

In 2017, they released a collection in collaboration with Walt Disney’s Star Wars franchise. Through this video, they showcased 2 models wearing the clothes from that same collection, posing for the camera.

It is a very basic video, with a custom set made with a simple red cloth. The solemn music compliments the actors’ expressions, together with the slow-mo footage in this video. With simple camera movement, possibly shot with just a mirrorless camera on a gimbal, the video is simple and cleanly produced.

The Editor’s Market

Screenshot from The Editor’s Market Facebook

The Editor’s Market is another brand having humble beginnings in Singapore and now has over 11 global outlets. They offer modern-day clothing with a minimalist aesthetic made from low-impact fabrics.

In this video, we see a model wearing a Homewear pajama set from The Editor’s Market while brewing a cup of tea at home. The music is calming, and the footage is mostly in slow-mo to match the vibe of the video.

The colour grading of the video is on the warmer side, with a less saturated colour grade overall. This matches the theme of minimalism for the brand, and gives a sense of warmth and comfort to the viewer.

Uniqlo – Uniqlo X Mame Kurogouchi

Video from UNIQLO Singapore YouTube

We believe that Uniqlo is no stranger to Singaporeans. It may not be a local brand, but it is a brand that has a strong presence in Singapore.

In this video posted just a few days ago, it features clothes from their recent collaboration. There are many things to comment on about this video, so let us begin.

In this video, the models are put side by side with footage of various things such as the ocean, wood, and sand. This seems to all relate to nature and how the collection is linked to it. The music is calming, with the chirping of birds and sounds of nature.

The footage is shot in slow motion, and the models move elegantly as well, matching the vibe of the video. The sets are minimalistic, and the bright colours seem to bring out the feeling of hope and joy.

The video involves a simple production, but the concept and editing bring out the video’s deeper meanings.

Ying The Label – Tunes From My Heart

Screenshot from Ying The Label Facebook

Ying The Label was created by Ying, out of her immense passion for painting. She wishes to tell her stories through art and has chosen to use fabrics as her canvas.

In this video for the collection Tunes From My Heart, we see various paintings that reflect the clothes the model is wearing. The video has a very simple concept, alternating between shots of artworks and the model.

The choice of music is however interesting as well. The vocals in the music seem to be the actual voice of the model. The overall editing is creative as well, through the use of effects and collages. The compositions of the b-roll shots are interesting as well, making use of various angles and props to give the footage more depth.

Commercial Video Production in Singapore

Through these video references, we hope that you now have a better understanding of fashion video production, as well as how they are used by fashion companies worldwide.

Video is a powerful tool, and can help to explain your brand’s story or simply showcase new product launches. A well-produced video can help a brand attract more customers and gain more impressions on social media.

On the topic of social media, we recently wrote an article on corporate social media videos in Singapore.

We also have an article on e-commerce live streams in Singapore, where we talk about how companies can utilise live streaming services to sell their products online. Hence, it is a must-read if you’re looking to boost your brand’s sales and reach via live streaming.

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