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GeBiz ORD Parade Live Streaming Singapore

ORD Parade is one of the most important milestone parade for any military servicemen in Singapore. While you cannot host the family members of the servicemen at this time, you can use live streaming to bring the parade proceedings to the family members. Our team at Vivid Snaps are experienced live streaming crew who can support you in your Military Ceremony & Parade Live Streaming in Singapore.

GeBiz Registered Live Streaming Vendor

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  • GeBiz Vendor Name: Vivid Snaps LLP
  • GeBiz Registration No: T12LL0042K

Vivid Snaps LLP is a GeBiz registered live streaming vendor, we have supported military units in ORD parade live streaming. We also provide video filming and video production for many ministries and government agencies. Including Minister Speech and green screen minister filming.

Multiple Camera Angles for ORD Parade

Stock photo of a multi camera production

For your ORD parade live streaming, you will need multiple camera angles to cover a wide shot of your parade. And a close-up angle gives the family members a good view of their children at the parade. We use the close-up angle to feature every servicemen and giving each servicemen sufficient air time.

Wireless Roving Camera Angle

We use Full HD video transmission equipment to allow roving camera angle at your ORD parade live stream. Allowing our camera operator to provide close-up angles of your parade participants and commander.

Live Streaming Rehearsal

Stock photo of a live streaming production hardware

When you need a live streaming rehearsal for your ORD parade, our team will be able to assist. Being familiar with the parade proceeding is essential for a smooth live streaming process on the actual day.

ORD Parade Live Streaming to Facebook

Live streaming of ORD parade is typically live on Facebook page. Our live streaming production crew will upstream to the RTMP Stream Key provided by you. Your Facebook page can be made private, and allow only intended audience to view.

4G Mobile Internet Connection

Preparing an Internet connection via LAN cable may prove to be tricky depending on your location. As such, our live streaming crew can provide 4G Internet connection for your live streaming.

Waiting Screen & Background Music

Using customised slides provided by you, we will stream a waiting screen prior to the start of your ORD parade. The waiting screen provides your audience with details about the live stream. This can feature the individual name of the servicemen, their parade formation and your unit’s logo.

Shelter For Equipment, and Logistics Required

Vivid Snaps live streaming production crew setting up professional equipment for a live stream
Live streaming equipment stock photo

Most live streaming equipment are not waterproof or weather-proof. Our live streaming crew must be stationed in a sheltered area with minimal wet weather risk. This is to ensure the production can be carried out smoothly. In the case where there is no shelter near the live streaming location, a tent should be set up for our live streaming crew.

Professional ORD Parade Live Streaming Crew

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Group photo of the Vivid Snaps team

Get in touch with our project coordinator to start working on your ORD parade live streaming. Use the contact form on this page to quickly send us a request.

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