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Minister Video Filming & Production Singapore

Our video production team have covered minister video filming for multitude of occasions. Interviews and speeches at formal events and award ceremonies. We also film pre-event videos and social media announcement videos.

Our professional video production includes pre-shoot preparation, such as site recce and loading of teleprompter script. We then arrive early at your filming location for setup and preparations. After filming is completed, the video will be edited by our post-production team.

Multiple Camera Angles for Minister Video Filming

We usually use 2 or more camera angles, usually a wider shot and a close-up shot. This is so we can switch between 2 angles to produce a more engaging and professional video output.

Wireless Clip-on Lapel Lavelier Mic

Our video team use high-end microphone system from Sennheiser for recording of speeches. The lapel mic will be clip onto the collar or hidden behind clothing.

Teleprompter For Minister Video Filming

Video Filming Recording with Teleprompter Singapore
A Typical Teleprompter Setup For On-Location Filming

A teleprompter will be necessary for most minister speech video filming. This allow the minister to be looking straight into the camera when delivering his/her speech. Especially useful for longer scripts.

To use a teleprompter effectively, you can prepare the script in .TXT format. With segments demarcated with extra spacing or using UPPER CASE letters. The teleprompter software is usually very basic, and will not take advanced formatting or images.

Green Screen & Virtual Background For Minister Video Filming

Green Screen Minister Video Filming Singapore
A Still of Pre-edit Green Screen Video Footage
Green Screen Virtual Background Replacement Video Filming For Minister Singapore
A Still of Edited Green Screen Video Footage

Filming with a green screen allows the background to be changed during the post-production process. This is a popular option for virtual event live streaming and also pre-recorded live stream.

Our team can provide half-body or full-body green screen backdrop for your minister video filming. Our backdrop system is portable and we can setup at your office or meeting room.

Filming with green screen requires a larger space, we recommend having approx 6m length between the green screen and our camera.

Minister Video Filming For Awards Ceremony

Formal Minister Video Filming & Recording
Pre-recorded Minister Speech Video For Awards Ceremony

In 2020, virtual awards ceremony became a common place due to safe distancing measures that were put in place. As such, our team have worked on multiple video filming for award ceremonies. These minister speech videos are usually part of the pre-recorded segments of an awards ceremony live stream.

Minister Video Filming with Infographics

Infographic For Minister Video Filming
Minister Video Filming with Infographic & Multi-language Subtitles

For minister video production detailing more information, we can create customised motion infographics to bring across the message more effectively.

Minister Video Filming with Subtitles

When required, subtitles for the video can be added during the video post-production. The subtitles are usually added during the final stage when all video changes have been completed. We can also add in subtitles of multiple languages.

Reference Work For Minister Video Filming

SINDA Video Produced By Vivid Snaps

GeBiz Registered Video Filming & Production Vendor

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Vivid Snaps LLP is a GeBiz registered video production vendor. We can process payment through Vendors@Gov.

  • GeBiz Vendor Name: Vivid Snaps LLP
  • GeBiz Registration No: T12LL0042K

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