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GeBiz Photography, Videography & Photo Booth

Vivid Media Pte. Ltd. is a registered photography & videography vendor in GeBiz and we can process e-invoice payments via Vendors@Gov. We have worked with many public organisations such as Peoples’ Association, Ministry of Communication and Information, MINDEF and more. 

GeBiz Photo/Video Vendor Information:

Vendor ID: 202245315C
Company Name: Vivid Media Pte. Ltd. (Formerly Vivid Snaps LLP)

Our Specialisation

Photography | Videography | Live Streaming | Photo Booth

Our primary clientele and portfolio consist of corporate and public sector client. Hence our team of photographers, videographers, video editors and project coordinators regularly work on events such as awards ceremonies, minister visits, conferences, regional meetings, appreciation dinners, public events, roadshows, carnivals and campaign activations. 

GeBiz Video Production Vendor

We have worked with clients from the public sector to create videos for different purposes. From short stories to corporate videos.

Minister Speech Video Production with Mrs Josephine Teo

Minister Josephine Teo giving a speech in front of a virtual background

Minister Speech Video Production with Ms Sim Ann

Minister Sim Ann looking into the camera while giving her speech.

 Minister Speech Video Production with Ms Indranee Rajah

Minister Indranee Rajah looking into the camera while delivering her speech.

GeBiz Video Live Stream & Webcast

Professional Video Live Stream Singapore

We provide professional video live streaming and webcasting to broadcast your event online. Our live production team can broadcast to mainstream platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Zoom, or we can stream to your existing platforms.

We are specialised in live streaming for small to mid-scale events. Providing you with cost effective webcasting solution to extend your physical events into the digital world.

Apart from physical live stream production, our live streaming crew also assist agency clients with managing Zoom webinars.

Corporate Zoom Webinar for Centre of Liveable Cities

A welcome screen for one of the CLC webinars

In-House Resident Photo & Video Team

Our team consists of full-time professional photographers, videographers and video editors. Having an in-house team allows us to build strong rapport and deliver consistent results for our clients. At times, we work with associate photographers & videographers who share the same values as our team, as well as alumni members of our company. Our team is committed to providing the best service to our clients.

GeBiz Event Photographer

Singapore GeBiz Event Photography

Our event photographers have completed countless events with major agencies and ministries. Our experience includes high profile events graced by Ministers, Prime Minister & President.

Vivid Snaps event photographers carry a full set of equipment as required for events. And this means our photographers are equipped with 2 camera bodies. We have at least 3 lenses, namely wide-angle, standard zoom lens and tele zoom lens. These allow our photographer to capture photos at both tight spots and longer distances. The lenses used by our event photographer are also professional-grade, not entry-level. This helps with focusing speed, sharpness and in some cases low light performance.

Our event photographers will also always bring 2 sets of Speedlight flashes, as lighting conditions at events can be unpredictable. Our event photographers strive to deliver good and consistent event photos for our client every time.

GeBiz Event Videographer & Video Editing

Our event videographers are well versed with both public and closed door events with major agencies and ministries. Our event videography team is also familiar with high profile events.

In the equipment aspect, our event videographers carry 2 camera bodies coupled with professional-grade video lenses. And to achieve smooth cinematic footage for your video, we use an electronic gimbal to stabilize the footage. The gimbal also allows us to film creative motion shots when the situation allows. 

When a video interview at an event is required, you may wish to inform our project coordinators during the quotation stage. Our event videographers will prepare professional grade wireless microphone for either formal interview or vox-pop interview. Additional video lighting will also be required to adequately light your subject for the professional final look. 

Event videography can be straight forward or complex, it depends on your requirements. If you have no prior experience in engaging a videographer, we encourage you to speak with our project coordinators for more clarity. 

Linkedin Photo Booth & QR Photo Booth

Corporate Professional Portrait Photo Booth in Singapore
Reference images of a Corporate Portrait Photo Booth

As a leading Photo Booth providing in Singapore, we constantly evolve with the needs of our clients to create innovative services to elevate your event Photo Booth experience. The latest addition to our portfolio is QR Photo Booth and Linkedin Portrait Photo Booth.

Our QR Photo Booth has been designed with Corporate Sustainability in mind. We replaced printing an instant download feature with a simple scanning of a QR code.

And for Linkedin Photo Booth, our team brings a professional photo shoot setup to your event venue, taking half-body corporate portraiture which your guests can download immediately. The images can also be customised with your branding.

GeBiz Photo Booth & Instant Print

Singapore Gebiz Photobooth Vendor

Vivid Snaps have more than 8 years of experience in delivering professional instant print service for a wide range of events spanning from awards ceremony to department luncheon. Our competent team has completed countless events with highly positive feedback from our clients. 

At awards ceremony, we provide fast and efficient instant photo printing for awards recipients, and our staff deliver good customer service. At appreciation luncheon, we provide instant photo booths to entertain your guests and create bonding amongst participants. At high profile events, we provide instant roving photography to engage your guests.

All our instant print services include fully customisable photo border design, this can include your organisation logo, event title, date or special messages. 

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Our company provides professional services for events:

  • Event Photography
  • Event Videography & Video Highlight Production
  • Instant Photo Booth & Event Instant Print
  • Awards Ceremony Instant Print
  • Video Live Stream, Webcasting
  • Managing Zoom Webinars
  • Group Photo & 8R Photo Printing

Vivid Snaps LLP is a GeBiz registered photography, videography & photo booth vendor. We have extensive experience in serving clients from government organisations, we strive to provide a seamless working experience with you.

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