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Light Painting Photo Booth at Yangon, Myanmar

First, a little bit about our client: NOVU Aesthetic In Yangon, Myanmar…

NOVU is a concept born in Singapore, where its business model is inspired by AirAsia, providing low-cost carrier to people and making travelling accessible to all of us. It should come at no surprise, NOVU is a big hit with the working population – Preparing for an evening event becomes fuss free as each laser treatment or rejuvenating the epidermis to provide a healthy glow for the skin, takes no longer than 5 minutes. NOVU has acquired its own R&D and manufacturing facilities in Korea, to provide better and more convenient laser treatments, and skincare procedures to patients in Singapore and around the globe.

Myanmar Light Painting Photo Booth

One of the highlight of the grand opening event was the Light Painting Photo Booth by Vivid Snaps. The immersive Light Painting Photo Booth experience is a new and fascinating experience for our esteemed event guests. We are humbled by the opportunity to be the first ever team to introduce Light Painting Photo Booth in Myanmar.

Event guests dressed in gorgeous outfits were dazzled by our photo booth that was set up inside a darkroom. Guests express their creativity and create stunning works of art with the light drawing props provided for them. They could wield the light painting props and draw anything in the air; we watched as they drew beyond their imagination. The final images were stunning and captivating, inspiring the guests with more enthusiasm.

It was a party with non-stop quirky images, and high level of excitement as celebrities, supermodels, and influencers got together to capture precious moments of the dazzling night. On top of the instant photo prints that were delivered to our event guests, animated GIFs were also immediately sent to their email inbox. These animated GIFs are then posted to social media immediately. Our Light Painting Photo Booth was well-loved in Singapore and Myanmar is no exception. This unique photo booth is a perfect fit for your themed event, and we cannot wait to bring the excitement to your event.

Special Thanks To Our Client

We are only as strong as our clients, we are grateful for the trust and support of our clients. A special thanks to HD FX! HD FX Pte Ltd is a Singapore based events agency that specialise in making your events high definition! HD FX is the expert on marketing communication and events management for roadshows and retail mall campaigns. Vivid Snaps is honoured to work with HD FX for the grand opening ceremony of NOVU Aesthetics in Yangon, Myanmar.

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