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Why Fisheye Photo Booth?

Are you looking for a photo booth that requires a small space yet able to capture memories of your special event? Are you looking for a photo booth that can capture a happening event as your background? We got you covered!

Read further to check out what’s so amazing about our fisheye instant photo booth.

If fisheye photo booths are not your area of interest, check out our list for all the types of photo booths that you can consider having for your event.

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Fish Eye Photo Booth Singapore

Small Area Required

Yes, there are times you still can do more with less! Event venues are often limited by space, there’s just too many things and so many people!

When the venue gets tight, the guest experience can be compromised. Thanks to the 180-degree characteristics fisheye lens we provide, you do not need to spare a lot of space as this wide-angle lens can capture everything 180 degrees in front of it – from right to left, up to down.

With our minimum space required, 0.4×4.0 sq metres, our fisheye photo booth can fit up to 8 people horizontally already! Imagine having more space, it will be able to capture so much in just one shot!

Perfect for Small to Big Groups

Take the perfect photo without limitations on the number of people in the photo! Fisheye is the answer to your large team photos – take one shot together without the fear of anyone getting blocked or partially cut-off! Believe it or not, this fisheye instant photo booth of ours can fit up to 30 people or even more if you are able to squeeze!

Fun & Dynamic Angles to Play Around With

Photos are memories – dynamic memories of fun, crazy, exciting, times we share with friends at events. Double the joy with this Fisheye lens! Play around with the angles and distortion and let’s see how creative you and your friends can get, because somewhere down the road – you will treasure these photos as vivid reminders of really crazy, good times!

Unique Concept as the Whole Event Can Be Captured

If you don’t know yet, fisheye lenses are wide angle lenses thus with it, our photobooth can capture a happening event as your background or even a beautiful landscape! It’s the perfect solution to capture the ambience and energy surrounding an event. Imagine carnivals or landscape scenes such as MBS as the background of your photos!

Everyone wants to take a photo that will remind them someday, not only of who they enjoyed the event with but where they did! Won’t it be amazing to be able to capture all of it in one shot?

Great Ice Breaker for New Groups

Gathering with a new team, new colleagues, new classmates or networking in general, can be a daunting experience. Having to take a photo together can make the experience even more awkward. But let’s face it… we all want to leap over the awkward phase to the bonding phase.

With its cheeky distortion, new groups can work together and in doing so, bond together. Fisheye gives big groups an opportunity to play around and experiment with their own creativity; trying out different poses to make their shots look interesting and funny!

Professional Fisheye Photo Booth Service Provider Singapore

Are you convinced to try out our fisheye photo booth yet? If you have any enquiries regarding events or photo booths, feel free to contact our project coordinators, who will be happy to help.

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