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Host a Zoom Webinar in Singapore

With so many webinar platforms available, it can get confusing deciding which would be best for you to use. Be it for conferences, classes or training purposes, it is important that you select one that support the facilities you require.

For a more well-rounded viewing experience, it is also recommended that you engage a professional webinar service provider for corporate videography services.

Webinar Singapore Services

What is a Webinar?

The term is a combination of the two words “web” and “seminar”. Similar to live streaming, it is an online event which connects people all around the world. Webinars are great for hosting meetings with many participants.

Instead of searching for a meeting room with the capacity to hold a large number of people, presenters may simply use webinars. This is also convenient for attendees, as they can join the webinar at any time.

Why You Need a Professional Webinar Service Provider

It was stated earlier that webinars are easy to join, but remember — they are equally easy to leave. Your audience will be quick to pick up on things like poor audio and video quality, bad angles etc. These are details that will affect the overall experience of the call; in turn, leaving a negative impression.

With industry-grade equipment and technical expertise, you will be guided from planning to execution. Professionals will take care of the technical aspect of your webinar, so all you need to do is to focus on delivering the content!

Zoom Webinar Platform Service

Zoom’s Functions and Services

Zoom is a cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars for multiple devices. Its main functions include:

  • HD Audio & Video
  • Recordings and Transcripts
  • Built-in Collaboration Tools
  • Streamlined Calendaring
  • Secure
  • Team Chat

When hosting a meeting, you may also choose to share your screen, making it easier to display content. Alternatively, you may choose to host audio-only meetings as well.

Zoom’s Pricing

General Price List

Pricelist Zoom Singapore Webinar

Zoom has multiple payment plans and available add-ons on top of the general list above. If you do not see a suitable plan from this list, try browsing Zoom’s website for more options.

Zoom’s Covid-19 Support

Training Resources

If you would like to learn more about how to use the platform, Zoom allows you to watch tutorial videos and read informative articles on their site. Additionally, you may choose to join their daily live streams and upcoming webinars.

One of the main topics they cover is “Hosting Virtual Events”. This might be useful to those who have had cancelled events due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Customising Your Zoom Invitation Email

Zoom Attendee Customisation Email

In summary, here is what can be customised in your zoom invitation and confirmation email:

  • Email subject
  • Banner graphic
  • Addressee name is automated
  • Event title
  • Admin email
  • Footer text

Host a Zoom Webinar in Singapore

Webinars are an amazing way to host online events while making genuine connections. If you are looking to host a webinar in Singapore, you may consult professional webinar service providers and enquire about the different platforms they support. 

A few of the platforms that we support here at Vivid Snaps are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Demio, Cisco WebEx and Zoom. For corporate webinar or live streaming enquiries, feel free to get in touch with our project coordinators for more information.

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