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Host a Demio Webinar in Singapore

Live Streaming and Webinars are currently on the rise as many turn to online solutions for their cancelled/disrupted events. Demio is an example of a high-ranking webinar platform that businesses tend to opt for.

While using a reliable platform is important, it is equally, if not more important that you go through a professional webinar service provider to give your guests the ultimate viewing experience.

If you are already familiar with Demio and require a professional webinar service provider for your next event, drop us a message via the contact box at the side of the page and we will get back to you.

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What is a Webinar?

The term “webinar” is a combination of the two words “web” and “seminar”. Simply put, it is an online event which connects people all around the globe. Its main features are high interactivity and swift communication both taking place in real time.

Not all webinars have to be live. For example, Demio allows you to host automated events by pre-recording your presentation with other simulated elements. You will not have to worry about decreased engagement as you will be able to join the live chat at any time while the pre-recorded event is running.

Advantages of Hosting a Webinar

Webinars are extremely convenient for both the presenter(s) and the attendees. Anyone will be able to join your webinar without having to leave home or work, which makes it easier for guests to participate.

Hosting a webinar helps you build long-term connections with your guests. When you explain your services and follow up with questions that they ask, it shows that you care. This makes your organisation appear more personable and authentic.

Demio Live Streaming Webinar Services Singapore

What You Need to Host a Webinar

Attempting to host a webinar for the first time on your own can be difficult. You may run into problems such as lack of control in sound and video quality, lack of professional equipment, knowledge and experience etc.

This is where professional webinar service providers come into play. They ease the process of planning, finding suitable angles, enhance sound and video quality, and boost overall readiness. When you engage a professional, you can worry less about all the technical aspects and can just focus on putting up a good show.

Demio as a Webinar Platform

Demio Live Stream Services Singapore

Demio is an accredited webinar platform offering multiple services to accommodate to all your needs. It has a clean and simple preface, making it easier to find what you need promptly.

Though unlikely, if you run into any difficulties, many customers have given feedback that Demio is quick to respond and offer solutions.

Demio’s Pricing

Annual Payment

Pricing Plan Demio Singapore

Do note that the prices listed above are in USD and may be subject to change. It is best to check their website before making a decision.

If you require a platform that supports even more attendees, Demio has a 1000 Attendee plan for $367 USD a month.

The price list above applies to payments made annually.

For monthly* payments, refer instead to this chart:

Monthly Payment

Demio Monthly Package Pricing

If you do not require a full year of Demio usage, perhaps the monthly package would be a better choice.

Host a Demio Webinar in Singapore

Webinars are a great way to host online events with a large audience while making meaningful connections at the same time. If you are looking to host a webinar in Singapore, you may consult professional webinar service providers and enquire about the different platforms they support.

A few of the platforms that we support here at Vivid Snaps are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Demio, Cisco WebEx and Zoom.

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