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Manufacturing Factories Video Production

Manufacturing companies and factories are no exception to the corporate world’s move towards videos to reach out to and engage potential clients. With in-person events almost at a halt in the past year due to the pandemic videos can be used to showcase your services and products, share your company’s story, or even reach out to potential employees.

Here are 5 types of corporate videos with various purposes that you can consider creating to reach your target audience:

  1. Services/Product Manufacturing
  2. Company Introduction
  3. Factory and Machinery Tours
  4. Staff Features

NOTE: The video samples featured on this blog post are not done by Vivid Snaps. The screenshots are taken from publicly available videos on their respective YouTube channel.

Services/Product Manufacturing Video

Video of Microchip manufacturing in factory
Screenshot taken from MicronTechnology YouTube page

Trade shows are few and far between amid the pandemic. Companies now need a new way to advertise their products and services to customers. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video but only 10% when reading it in text. There’s no doubt that videos are the way to grab consumers’ attention for your new products or services.

Apart from just how they’re made, you can also showcase the benefits of your product or service. Industrial products can be complicated, so such videos are great to help your customers understand them better. You can also reinforce the quality and safety of your production process to your clients, which they would definitely appreciate.

Just like how you have experts to create your products, Vivid Snaps has a team of experts to create the best quality videos.

Company Introduction Video

Video of manufacturing company introduction
Screenshot taken from Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association YouTube Page

Along with quality products and services, consumers and clients are also buying a company’s values. Introductory videos are a great way to help potential customers understand your company and what it stands for better. A video which visually highlights your company’s essence is great way to share your vision to consumers and give potential clients an idea of who they’re working with.

Sharing about your company’s origins and how far it has come is one way to go about this. You can feature your company directors speaking or even create an animated video to do this.

Since Company Introduction videos are often one the first things you’d potential clients to see, there’s no doubt that you would want a high quality video. Our professoinal video crew can assist with every step of the process. From ideating the best concepts to producing an impactful video, Vivid Snaps has what you need.

Factory and Machinery Tour Video

Video of manufacturing company virtual tour
Screenshot taken from Infineon Technologies YouTube Page

Virtual Tours are the new go-to when companies want to show clients their factory infrastructure and machinery since Covid-19 has restricted in-real-life interaction.

A video tour gives you the freedom to film and edit only the parts of your facility that you want clients to see. This ensures that you showcase the best aspects of your company.

There are many ways you can style your tour. You can choose to have a tour guide bring your viewers around your facilities, or just use a voice-over describing the visuals.

With a professional team’s help, you have the best chance to create an engaging tour that will give your viewers an authentic experience.

Factory Staff Feature Video

Video of manufacturing company staff feature
Screenshot taken from Takeda YouTube Page

Apart from the technical intricacies of your machinery, humanising your videos can appeal more to new clients. People love buying from people, so featuring your staff can add an emotional element to your videos.

On top of that, it’s also a good opportunity to spotlight the expertise of your staff, increasing your consumers’ trust in the quality of your goods and services. By showcasing your company’s culture and work environment, you just might catch the eye of potential employees!

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Video production is not easy. That’s why you should hire a professional production company with the right equipment and skills.

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