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Medical Video Production Singapore

A hospital uses medical videos to support its medical practices. A medical education organization creates videos to improve the delivery of medical lessons. Why do companies that offer medical products and services ignore medical video production as a powerful marketing tool?

Approximately 30% of people regularly watch online medical videos and many patients make a booking, call their physician, or look up information about a product after watching a medical video.

The following article explores top medical videos from Singapore to help you better understand how medical video production is opening up new eras of expertise and patient engagement.

The Vivid Snaps Team

Company Group Photo of Video Production Team in Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps video production team

Our team consists of media professional with expertise in video production from pre to post. Consisting of videographers, video editors, director, project coordinators and graphic designer. Our portfolio is focused on corporate clients. And our works ranges from internal communication videos, brand story videos, virtual & hybrid events and corporate photography.

Green Screen Studio for Corporate Filming

Reference Photo of Green Screen Studio in Singapore
Green screen studio setup at Vivid Snaps office

Our office houses a small green screen studio, suitable for filming of up to 2 on-screen talents. This is exclusively reserved for our clients, so to provide high availability and convenience when engaging our video production services.

For more reference photos of our green screen studio, please visit our Green Screen Studio Singapore blog post.

What is a Medical Video for?

What do you think of first when you see a medical video? This could include video procedures, operations, and lectures primarily targeted at medical students, doctors, and experts. Medical video, however, is increasingly allowing medical providers to connect patients, physicians, and clinicians and extend the reach of healthcare.

In this way, medical videos not only improve medical education, training, and compliance but also enhance patients’ quality of care, thereby growing competitive advantage.

Medical Video Production References from around Singapore

In this section, we share some references and analyses on medical videos produced by brands, companies, and organizations in Singapore.

PLEASE NOTE: The videos referenced in this blog article are not produced by Vivid Snaps. The following videos are sourced from publicly available websites, such as YouTube.

Medical Video by Biologics Manufacturing Industry

Video from YouTube, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

The video highlights an innovative and promising outlook for the medical industry with its message of reimagining medicine in less than 2 minutes.

As a result of the combination of strong statements, high-quality visuals, and deeply-felt attitudes of each character, the video is more effective at “sharing” the benefits that potential customers will enjoy than it is at “promoting” the company’s products. A great medical video starts with ideas that no one could imagine, such as the footage of “together” at the end, which represents the brand’s single-minded commitment to providing true value to its customers and partners. That is not what viewers expect from a medical video.

Medical Video by a Cancer Centre

Video from YouTube, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

Within the first 15 seconds of the video, there is a capturing voiceover and a beautiful message that engages viewers and intrigues them to discover more. This strategy not only catches viewers’ attention but also allows their imagination to play out the stories.

The footage shows a variety of individuals each with their own stories and messages, but they are linked together by the calm background music to illustrate the sincerity and enthusiasm they have for the people they serve. Rather than providing words or messages, this medical video told an engaging story for viewers to memorize, trust, and decide.

Medical Video by a Hospital

Video from YouTube, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

As the video tells the story of a woman in a family, it eliminates stereotypes about women’s role and sacrifice in families and effectively delivers a message of “making yourself your priority”.

It isn’t just an advertisement video about a hospital, it actives an emotional response through the use of a warm and well-paced narrative voiceover accompanied by different nuances of the woman, simultaneously drawing the eyes and ears of the viewer in.

A wonderful medical video will not only make you understand the message but also create empathy, which comes with a greater impression and galvanizes them to take action.

Medical Video for Education

Video from YouTube, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

Standing out from other “about us” videos of medical schools, this video takes inspiration from the message of “Hope for the Future”. In order to deliver the message, the school’s leaders share the school’s vision, the development of the medical industry, as well as what the school has been doing. The video ends with the hopes and objectives of a student in the school as evidence for the previous information.

Whether you are a student, a teacher or a parent who is considering this school, the video with a clear and meaningful message explained by the leaders and the student of the school can totally leave you feeling as though you can trust these people and their sharing.

Medical Video by Medical Device Industry

Video from YouTube, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

This video succeeds in holding the attention and engagement of viewers from the first seconds not just because the “moment” term is very close to daily lives, but because it illustrates a memorable time that almost all people can think about. With such a great start, the video cleverly highlights the company’s mission, vision, and objectives to care for these moments.

You might not get everything from the video, but its approach is near to your heart which leverages you to find out more about the brand.

Medical Video by Logistics Industry

Video from YouTube, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

Taking the advantage of inspirational background music, amazing text transitions, and a clever mix of top-down shots and close-ups, the video creates a ‘satisfactory watch’ vibe, which is effective to convey a powerful message. The company has a story to tell and the viewers are all ready to hear it.

In this era of information booming, an influential video should not only focus on facts and information but it should drive viewers to feel something. That’s why the video is different.  Combing stunning visuals and engaging voiceover, it ends with a warm and committal call to action “…life delivered”, which resonates with viewers and leaves them with a lasting impression.

Medical Video by Medical Technology Industry

Video from YouTube, not produced by Vivid Snaps.

From the first seconds, the video does a good job of emphasizing their innovative solution and automation for medical units to improve their patient’s experience.

By showing the journey of a patient and the operating process of the automation system at the same time on the screen, viewers can understand and measure the efficiency of this solution.

The explanation is shown for each footage of the video and is logically structured, which is clear and easy for viewers to follow.

There are a lot of details presented in the video, but it does not overload viewers to enhance their ability to absorb new information.

Vivid Snaps Video Production Team

Group Photo of Video Production Crew in Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps video production team

For many organizations and brands, Medical Video Production is an ideal way to get tangible results. Get your own medical videos from us to boost brand awareness, enhance your position in the current market and contribute to making society better and better.

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