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5 Things to Know Before Producing A Pre-Recorded Live Stream

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pre-recorded live streaming has increasingly gained popularity amongst companies. In this article, we highlight 5 things you should know before opting for a pre-recorded live stream.

What is A Pre-recorded Live Stream?

A pre-recorded live stream is when video content for your live stream is recorded in advance and then streamed to your chosen live streaming platform. We explain more about pre-recorded live streams in our previous article.

Using Multiple Camera Angles Makes Your Live Stream Look Professional 

When producing a live stream, using multiple cameras makes your recording look more dynamic and interesting with higher quality production value. It also creates a big difference from a viewer’s point of view. 

Having at least two camera angles would allow for these different shots:

  • Wide Shot: Serves as an establishing shot to show the context and setting of the scene
  • Close-Up Shot: To show a different angle of the speaker

Using more than one angle in your live stream allows for emphasis at certain points of your speech. The different angle perspectives allows you to switch to the shots best suited for that particular scene. 

If you are looking to produce a cooking live stream, you can consider having a top-down shot for an overview of your ingredients and the cooking process.

In this live stream by Shiseido Singapore, both wide shots and close-up shots were used to feature different angles of the hairstyling process. The wide shots were used when the hairstylist was explaining the hair cutting and colouring process, while the close-up shots were used to give a clearer view of the hair treatment. Screenshots taken from Shiseido Makeup Academy’s Facebook page.

Opt for a Venue With Good LAN or Wi-Fi Connection 

If you have segments that require an external speaker to join via video conferencing platforms like Zoom, ensure you have good Wi-Fi or LAN connection to avoid a choppy video. 

In this live stream by the US Dairy Export Council, Dr Satoshi was a guest who connected into the live stream remotely. Screenshots taken from the USDEC webinar.

We would normally look for a direct LAN port at the venue of your live stream. Not only does it work faster than a wireless connection, it also provides a stable connection.  

Wi-Fi is susceptible to interference and there may be instances where you may experience connectivity issues.

Pre-recorded Live Streams Are Different From “Live” Live Streams

“Live” live streaming is a one-go. There is a possibility of not having a smooth live stream due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Pre-recorded live streams give you greater control. You have the flexibility to map out your content before you record. To feature a seamless delivery in your presentation, you have the option to re-film segments or even opt for a redo. 

Ensure You Use A Good Quality Camera To Record Your Presentations

In the event you may need to include pre-recorded presentation segments within your pre-recorded video, settling for a high quality camera to record your presentation will help with your overall production quality.

Your video quality is largely dictated by your camera quality. You will need a camera with at least 1080p resolution to achieve a good quality video. 

Set Aside At Least Two Hours To Set-up For Your Live Stream

It is crucial to have sufficient time for the technical crew to set-up their equipment and conduct technical runs before your actual live stream.

Although your live stream is pre-recorded, it is important to conduct trial runs ahead of time.

This should be done to avoid any mishaps during the actual live stream. 

If you are not familiar with running live streams, we recommend running a rehearsal at least one day earlier.

Engage a Professional Live Streaming Service Provider Today 

There are benefits in choosing pre-recorded live streaming, but essentially it depends on your company’s streaming needs.

We commonly see pre-recorded live streams in the following event types:

  • Awards Ceremony
  • Press Conference
  • Staff Appreciation 
  • Webinar

Instead of shunning out the idea of pre-recorded live streams, we encourage you to consider pre-recorded live streaming as an alternative solution to your business needs. 

At Vivid Snaps, we provide professional live streaming services. Our dedicated and friendly live streaming crew is always on standby to cater to your needs. If you would like to explore this option of live streaming, do not hesitate to drop us a message.

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