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6 Powerful Poses for Your Corporate Headshot

Finding a powerful pose for your corporate photography headshot can be difficult. A common issue people seem to have is appearing too “stiff” in pictures, which may translate into nervousness or lack of confidence. Apart from looking neat, body language is also a factor that can affect the overall look of your photo.

There are many elements that go into attaining a great corporate headshot, but there are few you can actually control. Thankfully, body language is one of them. What types of poses are too casual, and what actually makes you look more confident and professional? Read on to find out.

Corporate Headshot Photo

What Are Power Poses For Portrait Photos?

You might have heard of “power posing” from Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk — this concept is similar. How we position our bodies can affect how we feel and think of ourselves. Simply put, you can feel more confident when in a powerful pose.

Instead of just choosing one of the following power poses, we recommend that you test a combination of a few you like.

6 Examples of Powerful Poses

Seated Power Poses

Headshot Professional Photography Singapore
Left photo: Liza Sue Productions, Right photo: Trident Photography

Sitting down is not exactly a pose, but you’ll find that many corporate headshots are taken while the subject is seated. Being seated with your arms clasped in front of you can give the impression that you are serious, and ever ready for your job.

Hands in Pocket

Hands In Pocket Pose Businessman
Left photo:, Right photo: Lari Felten, Pinterest

Tuck four fingers into your pocket, leaving your thumb out. This gives off a sense of style and confidence; you can’t really go wrong with this one.

Holding an Object

Corporate Headshot Pose
Left photo:, Right photo: Pressfoto

If you find yourself not knowing what to do with your hands, perhaps it would be helpful to hold on to an object that best represents your work. Holding an object could help you ease into the photo taking process and appear more natural.

Holding onto Jacket

Corporate Headshot Singapore Professional
Photo: Retratos Barcelona

Holding onto your jacket will give off the impression that you are confident and put together as a person. We suggest that you pair this pose with a welcoming smile, as a straight face can make you seem more stern.

Hands on Waist

Poses Corporate Headshot
Left photo: Scott R. Kline Photography, Right photo: Retratos Barcelona

Having your hands on your waist creates space between your arms and torso. This is an excellent pose for those looking to appear more narrow in pictures.

Clasping Hands Below Waist

Professional Corporate Headshot
Left photo: Pro Headshots, Right photo:

The last pose is to have your hands clasped in front of you, below your waist. Try this pose, and you would be surprised how much more comfortable and relaxed you feel while posing.

6 Powerful Poses for Your Next Corporate Headshot

You may have noticed that most of these poses work just as well, if not even better when they are combined. It would be to your benefit if you spent some time practicing these power poses before your next corporate headshot and see which you feel suits you best.

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