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Product Launch Live Streams Singapore

Product launch live streams are on the rise, and for good reason. It is an amazing way to streamline sales and convert your viewers into buyers. If you are looking for an innovative way to reach out to your online customer base, consider live streaming your product launch.

Read on to find out about the best platforms to stream on and how you can use live streaming to drive revenue.

Why Use Live Streams for Product Launches?

  • Count downs and live streams create excitement. They get your audience all riled up for the actual release of the product.
  • Live stream video productions have a lower barrier to entry. A click of a button is all it takes to join a live stream, especially on social media platforms.
  • Live streaming on social media platforms allow you to reach a wider audience as it is easier for viewers to access.

Live streaming is a common marketing strategy for product launches. Thus, there’s no shortage of brands that include live streaming in their product launch campaigns.

Product Launch Video Production by Vivid Snaps

Many successful virtual product launches you will see are not completely live, but a juxtaposition of live and pre-recorded segments. This combination

Luxury Car Virtual Launch in Singapore

Reference of a luxury car launch, video production by Vivid Snaps

Online Launch of a Virtual Flagship Showroom

Reference of an online launch of virtual flagship store

Produced as a pre-recorded content for a virtual event. This virtual tour video features a virtual environment with a real-world presenter.

Promo Video for Financial Product

A product promo, video production by Vivid Snaps

A short explainer-style product video production, conceptualised, shot and edited by our team. This video production was shot entirely in a green screen studio.

Office Launch Video Production

Reference of an office launch video production

Examples of a Successful Product Launch Live Stream

Apple Product Launch Live Stream

Apple Live Stream Product Launch

Fenty Beauty Product Launch Live Stream

Fenty Beauty Live Stream Product Launch

Rihanna hosted a live stream on Facebook leading up to the final moments before the official launch of Fenty Beauty. Through the live stream, she unveiled products, shared details of the product line-up and answered the questions people had regarding them.

Here is how it worked:

  • Countdown built momentum before the live stream
  • Reaction & Hashtag Polls provided calls-to-action for viewer engagement
  • The live stream also served as a countdown for the official website launch

Live Streaming on Social Media Platforms

Facebook Live

Facebook Live lets you live-stream events, performances and gatherings on Facebook. Viewers can watch from a phone, computer or connected TV. Reactions, shares, comments and other interactive features enable you to engage with your audience.

Facebook Live Features

1. Live polls
2. Featured link
3. Go live with a guest
4. Video Trimming

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a feature that allows users to stream video to followers and engage with them in real time. When users broadcast live video streams on their accounts, a ring highlights their profile picture in Instagram Stories to alert followers that they can join the live stream.

Instagram Live Features

1. Stream video in real time
2. Save a replay of video to Instagram Stories
3. Engage with followers as they send likes or comments
4. Pin selected follower comments to top of the video

YouTube Live

YouTube started streaming handpicked live events nearly ten ago through a service called YouTube Live. And in April 2011, YouTube Live rolled out to certain YouTube partners with accounts in good standing. When you are visiting YouTube Live, you can see events that are currently playing, recently aired and set reminders for upcoming live streams. 

Youtube Live Features

1. Live automatic questions 
2. Location Tag
3. Live Chat Replay
4. Super Chats Update

Who Should You Invite to Host Your Product Launch Live Streams?

This depends on the type of product or service you are offering. For beauty products, it might make sense to invite the creator, a popular influencer or your brand ambassador to be a host in your stream. For tech products, viewers might be more interested in seeing a professional explain the products.

As much as live streams are great for creating hype around the product(s) and its release, your viewers would ultimately want to take away new knowledge from the stream as well.

Professional Live Stream Services

Live Streams are easily accessible, but they are also just as easy to quit. Your audience will be quick to decide on whether a stream is worth staying in, especially on when streaming on social media platforms. Viewers are more likely to stay in a well produced live stream than a mediocre one.

Furthermore, for product live streams, viewers may relate the quality and production scale of your live stream to the products being released.

Every piece of content you release will reflect on your organisation. When filming a live stream on your own, it can be very difficult to gauge and align all these factors (e.g. balance of sound, background noise etc.). 

On the flip side, pristine visuals, good audio quality and a more comfortable viewing experience are just a few of the things that working with a professional will give you. If upholding a positive impression among your viewers is important to you, we suggest you consider engaging a professional live stream service provider.

Product Launch Live Streams

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Here at Vivid Snaps, we offer live streaming services on multiple platforms. Apart from social media platforms, we also stream on Zoom, Cisco WebEx Live Stream and DaCast.

If you are interested in streaming on a platform not listed above, reach out to our project coordinators. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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