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How Corporate Videos Impact Your Company Branding

With the “new normal” in place, it is undoubtedly the best time to improve your company branding both offline and online. Corporate video production is an essential tool for companies and businesses to acquire during this period to improve their company branding and convey their messages in an effective way.

Read on to find out how corporate videos can improve your company’s branding and how the corporate video production workflow is like.

What is a Corporate Video?

A corporate video is a video that serves an agenda for companies to convey messages and reach out to their target audiences. Corporate videos can deliver information to your target audience in a more eye-catching and informative way, compared to a long-winded speech or presentation.

Corporate videos are a form of video communication used for internal and external corporate messaging. Corporate videos could be directed to a potential client, an investor or even to your own employees. Corporate video production is often used as a marketing tool for companies to work on its content to attract consumers and spread awareness about its brand’s identity.

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Why it is the Best Time to Improve Your Company Branding

When it comes to the “new normal” which directly and indirectly affects all businesses, companies are finding ways to redirect their resources and manpower to focus on digital marketing and creating an online presence for themselves. In recent months, the online marketing of goods and services have gone up drastically and many companies and businesses are adopting hybrid business modules in response to the pandemic.

This is why it is undoubtedly the best time to improve your company branding through corporate content such as corporate video production. Corporate videos can increase your company’s brand awareness and convey effective messages to potential consumers online. There are many types of corporate videos that can be produced with a corporate videographer.

5 Essential Types of Corporate Videos Every Company Must Have

1) Brand Story Video

brand story video

A brand story video is a form of storytelling which companies use as a form of content marketing. Brand stories are shared in the form of a video, usually not longer than 8 minutes. In these few minutes, the brand story’s mission is to tell a story that encompasses the facts and feelings of the brand, as well as a clear representation of the values and identity of the brand. A brand story video should be considered as one of the essential types of creative videos a company must have.

2) Customer Testimonial Video

customer testimonial video for company branding

A customer testimonial video is an existing user of a brand’s product or service sharing their journey and experience with the brand through a video. Capturing a customer’s experience with your brand could be the best marketing tool in terms of gaining the trust of your potential consumers. A customer testimonial video helps to showcase the successes of a brand and its loyal supporters. This video will definitely improve a company’s branding as it builds up its reputation.

3) Social Media Video

social media video

A corporate social media video is any video content that is created to be shared on social networks. These videos can be uploaded as regular posts, ads, stories, cover videos and profile videos. The sole purpose of a corporate social media video is to encourage your followers and consumers to engage with your brand and remember it. Online users are often more inclined to follow a social media page if they like what they see, or if they can relate to the content that is displayed. Social media videos are easy to make and have a possibility of going viral on the internet. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have the ability for brands to promote their content as ads. This marketing tool is widely used by many brands to improve their branding online.

4) CEO Announcement Video

A CEO announcement video are a type of corporate video usually filmed in a formal setting. This video is an integral part of communication for many companies. It consists of the filming and producing of a video of the CEO of a company making an announcement. A CEO announcement video can be used as a communication tool internally and externally. Brands which introduce new products and services using a CEO announcement video tend to get a better response from their online audience.

5) Corporate Public Relations Video

corporate public relations video

A public relations video is designed to showcase what your company is doing to give back to the community. It could also be a demonstration of how your products and services are impacting the environment positively. Showing your consumers that your company is socially responsible is crucial to your brand image. Consumers respect and support brands which do their part to conserve the environment. Companies which focus on public relations build a positive image to their company’s branding.

Corporate Video Production Workflow

Corporate video production is a process that can be planned ahead of time before getting down to the actual shoot. Here at VividSnaps, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that they can achieve the best results possible for their corporate videos.

Here is an insight to the workflow of corporate video production:

  • Create a plan or a script: This is an important step as companies should plan out their agenda of the video and which type of corporate video they intend to produce. Well crafted videos usually follow a script or a direction that was planned beforehand.
  • Filming the video with the right talents: Picking out the right talents and people to be included in the video is important as it shows your audience an insight to the company. Choosing employees with high morale or employees who have positive stories to share are great for corporate videos.
  • Be authentic to your viewers: Filming and editing videos that are authentic to your branding and company will ensure that consumers understand what your brand stands for. This way, your company can garner the support of authentic supporters as well.
  • Engage a professional to film and edit your videos: As stated earlier, engaging a professional is crucial to a company’s brand image. This ensures that the company sheds a positive impression to its consumers and audience.
  • Editing is key: Editing is important. Creating concise and bite-size videos enable messages and content to be absorbed by consumers more effectively.
  • Be consistent and update regularly: Creating corporate videos and uploading them on platforms regularly enables a brand’s audience to be well informed about the company’s latest news. This will also help to build up the brand’s audience.

Engage a Professional to Produce Your Corporate Videos

We hope this article has been insightful for you. If you would like to hire a professional videographer and editor to produce your corporate videos, you can get in touch with our project coordinators who will be happy to help.

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