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Corporate Public Relations Video Production in Singapore

Public relations is important to every company and it comes in many different forms. There is no better way to constantly update and engage consumers than involving video production in public relations practices.

Read on to find out how you can include video production in corporate public relations campaigns and events.

Corporate Public Relations Video Production

What is Corporate Public Relations?

Public relations is different from Advertising. Public relations is more of a persuasion business instead of hard-selling and advertising. Businesses hire PR agencies and involve their own manpower to run events and campaigns involving the media.

Public relations is about building relationships and communicating with the community and society that the company is part of. It is part of a storytelling basis which seeks to educate and gain the understanding of the consumers through messages which are turned into stories.

Public relations is also a very hands-on practice, which requires companies to constantly work on events and campaigns internally and externally. Though public relations and advertising work hand-in-hand, they are not to be confused as the same practice.

Here are some examples of public relations that companies practice:

  • Media Relations: Everything that has got to do with dealing with the media and serving an online presence. Media relations practices include writing press releases, scheduling interviews and giving press conferences. The goal is to generate a positive image of a brand and company through carefully crafted media messages.
  • Community Relations: This umbrellas community service, supporting causes and giving back to the environment and community. Some examples of community relations include involving employees and partners in community service events, raising funds and donating to good causes, sponsoring events, forging meaningful partnerships and raising awareness for community related issues.
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility: Similar to Community Relations, corporate and social responsibility is about being responsible for the environment as an organisation and being aware about the resources that are used for production. This includes a company’s recycling policy, waste management and environmental awareness. Companies which prioritise corporate and social responsibility are known to have improve their reputation for ethics, environmental responsibility and community support.
  • Consumer Relations: Consumer relations is the practice of organising events and campaigns which involve the consumers. This includes charity and fundraising events, product launches, sponsorship of community events, partnerships with other companies and consumer-exclusive events. These events are costly, however it builds up a company’s reputation by giving a face to the organisation’s name and builds consumer relationships.
  • Social Media Relations: Social Media is a great tool for both advertising and public relations. Social media relations include creating social media platforms to engage online consumers, promoting PR events and campaigns online, creating stories through visuals like videos for consumers and public service announcements through social media platforms.
  • Employee Relations: Employee relations is an internal form of public relations in a company. The goal of employee relations is to keep a company’s employees satisfied, motivated and loyal to the company they work in. This is practiced through organising company events and dinners, promoting team bonding and helping managers build positive relationships with their teams.
  • Crisis Management: Crisis managements is a very important aspect of public relations. Being responsible and responsive in times of crisis or when a company’s reputation is at stake. How a company responds to the media and consumers is very important to its brand image and public reputation. Crisis management done right can salvage a company when times of crisis strike.

Types of Video Production in Corporate Public Relations?

Now that you know the different examples of public relations practices, let’s talk about how video production can be included in these aspects. As we all know, video is a powerful form of content. It can speak to audiences actively and convey messages objectively.

Videos that are produced with a professional videographer are advised for public relations videos. This is to create the most professional image a company can have in front of its consumers and audience.

Videos can be produced in many different ways and during many different public relations practices. Here are some of the ways video production can be introduced:

  • Community Service Summary Video: A video to summarise a company-organised community service event. This video can be filmed by professionals while the community service events take place and edited into a summary video for the company to share online.
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility Video: This video is a message from the company to consumers and the community about how the company is doing its part to be socially responsible. This video can include a spokesperson explaining a company’s recycling policy, waste management and environmental awareness to the audience.
  • Brand Story Video: A brand story which is commonly used for advertising and marketing can be used as a public relations tool as well. Creating a brand story with a message that impacts the community or a person is more suited as a public relations practice. These brand stories can impact a company’s brand image and reputation positively.
  • Event Highlight Video: An event highlight video is a summary video of an event which was organised by a company. Filming and producing a highlight reel of events that happened can encourage consumers and viewers gain interest in signing up for the upcoming events of a company. These highlight videos also serve as a great form of content for a company’s social media pages and website.
  • Social Media Video: Social media videos are usually created to engage a company’s online audiences and consumers. Social media can be a form of public relations when these videos are created with a message and a story for the online users’ consumption. These social media videos can help a company to build consumer relationships and affirm the consumers that the company is still active.
  • Q&A Livestream or Video: A Q&A livestream or video is usually organised on social media platforms. Q&As are a good practice as it allows companies to engage their online audiences and put a face to the organisation’s name. These Q&A sessions can also be used to spread messages, and address any issues or questions that consumers may have.
  • Announcement Video: An announcement video is a form of a public relations practice when the announcement video has got to do with company and community relations. Creating a professional announcement video enables the company to portray the most formal image possible. Announcement videos ensure that your consumers hear directly from your company about on-going matters and possible issues.
  • Public Service Announcement Video: A public service announcement video is a video that is created by companies and organisations to educate their audience and consumers about important issues. These videos can change public opinion and raise awareness while spreading information quickly and efficiently.

Why are Corporate Public Relations Videos Important to a Company?

Corporate public relations videos are crucial to a company’s public image and reputation. Companies that have the right resources and make the right actions on public relations practices tend to have a better reputation and a larger support basis from their consumers.

Public relations videos are important to companies as these content can actively spread messages and information accurately and effectively. Videos that are crafted and edited by a professional videographer are recommended as they create a formal and professional image for an organisation or company.

How Does Corporate Public Relations Video Production Work?

Corporate public relations video are usually produced in many different settings. As stated above, there are many types of corporate public relations videos and practices that a company can adpot.

Here are some tips for Public Relations Video Production:

  • Create a plan or a script: This is an important step as companies should plan out how they intend to capture these moments for their public relations videos. Well crafted videos usually follow a script or a direction that was planned beforehand.
  • Filming the community and the people: During events and community service that a company organises, it is important to film the community in the process. This captures raw emotions and people, which brings much more emotion to a public relations video.
  • Be authentic to your viewers: Filming and editing videos that are authentic and tell the truth are important when it comes to building trust within consumers and the community. This comes hand in hand with public relations as the ultimate goal is to build relationships between company and community.
  • Engage a professional to film and edit your videos: As stated earlier, engaging a professional is crucial to a company’s brand image. This gives the company to present themselves in an appropriate and professional way to the consumers and audience.
  • Editing is key: Editing is important. Creating concise and bite-size videos enable messages and content to be absorbed by consumers more effectively.
  • Be consistent and update regularly: Creating public relations videos and uploading them on platforms regularly enables a brand’s audience to be informed about on-going matters.

Good Examples of Corporate Public Relations Videos in Singapore

1) Prudential Relationship Reconnect in Singapore

Video by Prudential Singapore

This video by prudential was a heartwarming way to send message to their audience about their brand core values and mission. The video did not contain any hard-selling or advertising messages, but in turn had a more persuasive and educational value to it. This is a good example of public relations.

2) Fairprice Group Family Ties

Video by Fairprice

This public relations video by Fairprice included a good storyline and message that was inline with their brand core values and mission. This created a positive image towards their brand and created a positive impact on their viewers. This is a good example of a brand story that has good public relations practices.

3) Shopee Singapore Open House 2019

Video by Shopee Singapore

This is a good example a event highlight video that is well crafted and summarises an event effectively. Sharing videos like these can encourage viewers and potential consumers to learn more about the brand and company.

Engage a Professional to Produce Your Corporate Public Relations Videos

Last week we discussed about food recipe videos, and how professional video production is indispensable to modern marketing strategy. There are many ways you can involve professional videography in your marketing strategy to ensure a you leave good impression with your viewers.

We hope this article has been insightful to you on corporate public relations video production. If you would like to engage a professional to produce your videos, you can get in touch with our project coordinators who will be happy to help.

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