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Webinar Etiquette For Both Presenters and Attendees

Webinar Etiquette is similar to the rules of conduct for meetings and conferences, but it has a twist to accommodate online media. Here are 10 important rules of webinar etiquette for both presenters and attendees.

What is a Webinar?

The term is a combination of the two words “web” and “seminar”. In fact, it is rather similar to live streaming. Webinars are online events which connect people all around the world. Webinars are great for hosting meetings with many participants. 

Instead of searching for a meeting room with the capacity to hold a large number of people, presenters may simply use webinars. This is also convenient for attendees, as they can join the webinar at any time.

Types of Webinars

At this point, you might be thinking: why do people host webinars, and what are they for? Organisations conduct webinars for multiple reasons. Product demonstration, branding management and employee training are just a few of the possible reasons.

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If You Are Attending a Webinar

Webinars are not a one-way conversation. Attendees, too play an important role.

1) Be punctual. By arriving late, you might miss out on information or disrupt the session. When you are punctual, you might not have as many questions to ask at the end.

2) Only turn your web cam on when necessary. Chances are, you most likely will not be sitting still during the entire session. If you are constantly moving around, it might serve as a distraction to others.

3) Wait for your turn to ask questions. Since not everyone will have their web cams on, it might be difficult to find the right moment to ask a question without clashing with others. To counter this, you may consider making use of hand-raising icons or the other communication tools available.

4) Be respectful, and have an open mind. Everyone is there to learn. There might be points that the presenter or other attendees have made that you do not agree with. Instead of cutting them off, listen to what they have to say first. You might just gain new perspective! Furthermore, if you have any questions, you may wait for an appropriate time to ask.

5) Do not use the platform to socialise. While the side chat feature can be useful in asking questions or presenting feedback, it can easily turn into a distraction. Refrain from using the chat box for unnecessary conversation.

If You Are Presenting

1) Test the software in advance. There is no such thing as being too prepared. Conducting a few test rounds and familiarising yourself with the platform can do wonders for your webinar. The worst thing that could happen is wasting time during the actual session fiddling around with tools. Doing this may result in losing viewer attention.

2) Use graphics to illustrate your point. Using pictures to accompany your presentation can help viewers better understand your main message.

3) Slow down when speaking. Watching a webinar is not the same as holding a conversation. Remember that on top of listening to you speak, viewers are also trying to read the slides.

4) Do not read off the slides. Generally, slides should be simple and easy on the eye. Slides that are very wordy might put viewers off.

5) Ensure you are using appropriate equipment. To host a successful webinar, consider hiring a professional webinar or live stream service provider. With industry-grade equipment and technical expertise, this will certainly provide better user experience, ultimately reflecting well on your brand. Imagine how great it would be to attend a webinar with crisp audio and clear visuals!

Webinar Etiquette

Whether you are a presenter or an attendee, everyone plays a part in providing a conducive environment for learning and engagement. We hope this article has helped in learning about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to webinars.

If you have any corporate live stream or webinar related enquiries, feel free to get in touch with our project coordinators, who will be happy to help.

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