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9 Most Common Webinar Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to hosting a corporate webinar, there are many things to consider. If done right, webinars can even be your main source of traffic and engagement. Whether you intend to host one or simply want to learn more, here are 9 common mistakes to avoid.

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1) Not Engaging With Your Audience

This is one of the biggest mistakes you could possibly make. Webinars tend to last about an hour or more. If you want to keep your audience, you have to involve them and make them a part of the conversation. This makes things more interesting for both the speaker(s) and attendees.

2) Picking an Irrelevant Topic

When hosting webinars, you have to ensure the topic you are presenting is relevant. If your audience comes across a title they deem irrelevant, they are highly unlikely to participate. To work on this, you could look out for trending topics or current affairs.

3) Having Bad Audio and Visual Presentation

Having bad audio/visual presentation is arguably the worst thing on the list. If you have done everything else right but your audience cannot hear what you are saying or see what you are trying to show them, they are not going to stay. This would be a waste, especially if you are presenting valuable information.

4) Picking the Wrong Timing to Host Your Webinar

If you are hosting a webinar with global attendees, you have to take note of time zones. What is your target demographic, and how can you make your webinar more convenient for them to join?

Likewise, even if you are hosting a webinar within your own country, it is important to take note of timing. Between 6am on a Sunday morning and 8pm on a Tuesday evening, people are more likely to join the latter.

5) Not Promoting Your Webinar Enough

You might be wondering what is considered “enough”. This really depends on how long in advance you begin to promote your webinar. Over 25% of companies start sending emails 15 days before their event. This provides the necessary window of time needed to effectively build attendance numbers.

6) Forgetting to Practice

It is understandable to want to appear candid. However, you should still take some time to note the main points and general flow of your presentation. If you are confused on the planning or execution process, consult your webinar/live stream service provider.

7) Choosing the Wrong Speakers

This may not be obvious during the planning stage, but it will become very evident during the actual event. Selecting a speaker that can confidently and accurately convey your main message can promote audience retention and participation.

8) Making It A Sales Pitch

Don’t get us wrong, there’s generally nothing wrong with making a sales pitch. But perhaps you could use other more suitable platforms for that. It might be more beneficial to shift your focus on catering to the needs of your audience.

9) Incorporating Too Much Text

Having to read a lot of text while listening to a speaker might get tiring to keep up with. If your audience can just read about what you are going to share, they might not be as attentive or engaged in the session.

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