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WhatsApp Instant Print | Singapore Family Day Photo Booth Idea

WhatsApp instant print allows your event guests to take photos any where at your event and print them with your customised event branding. Being a universal app through all age groups of smartphone users, all your event guests can take advantage of this service.

Read on to find out more about this unique service!

When Does This Service Work Best?

WhatsApp Instant Print Singapore

When paired with a suitable event, WhatsApp Instant Print is a well-received service among your event guests. Our service is extremely popular at staff appreciation event, family day, carnivals and even weddings. These events have in common: friends & colleagues who just want to have fun together.

How Does It Work? (Hint: Extremely Simple)

Instant Print Workflow

Scan QR code –> Send photo –> Collect print. That’s it!

QR Code & Ease of Use

Almost all modern smartphone supports QR code reader in its standard camera app. Event guests can conveniently scan the QR code at our instant photo booth and send a photo to us via WhatsApp instantly.

Package Information & Tips For Engaging Our Service

All our packages will include unlimited photo prints, using commercial grade photo printer that produce 4R prints at 8 seconds each. Our printer holds 1000 pieces paper supply with each paper change, allowing minimal downtime at your event.

Instant Printing Service Singapore

Our standard package includes 1 high-speed photo printer, which is suitable for crowd size of approx. 200 guests. If you have more guests at your event, we can customise a package for you to include more printers and minimise waiting time for your guests.


If your event venue has a projector, you can request a projection slide containing instructions & QR code from us. This will announce the service to all your guests. Remember to discuss with us and cater sufficient printers to serve your guests adequately.

Pricing & package information are accurate as of the post published date, and may change without prior notice.

Concerns & Known Issues

WhatsApp instant print is a free-for-all service, and we understand why it may cause event organisers to feel uncomfortable. How can we control the crowd? During peak traffic, our team will accept limited images per guest, allowing other guests a fair chance to print. We may continue printing when the service is off-peak.

Unlike Instagram instant print, this service does not encourage guests to interact with a brand’s social media pages. Hence, without a strong marketing mechanic, this may not be suitable for roadshows or public events.

WhatsApp Instant Print | Singapore Family Day Photo Booth Idea

If you have any further enquiries regarding instant print photo booths, feel free to contact our project coordinators, who will be happy to assist you.

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