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Why You Need To Live Stream Your Online Trade Shows

We support event organisers in live streaming production for online trade shows. Many clients engage our crew on a turn-key basis to elevate the live streaming technical capabilities of their team. Our crew integrates with your team to deliver a seamless experience for your clients.

Trade shows have long been a must-attend event for many industry leaders who want to showcase their latest products and services. With the Covid-19 situation, many trade shows have been forced to move online. Many shows have added a live streaming segment to help buyers and sellers connect with each other on a more personal, engaging level. 

Live streaming trade shows have helped trade shows reach out to a much wider audience who can tune in from anywhere in the world to experience this virtual event. 

Read on to find out how else the live streaming segment has benefitted these trade shows, and why you should live stream your trade show with us.

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Online Trade Shows 2020

Since the beginning of the year, trade shows have slowly made their way online. Here are some of the most outstanding trade shows which have used live streaming in their online trade shows:

Event & Tech Show 2020

Screenshot taken from the Event & Tech Show 2020.

The long-awaited Event & Tech Show brought the event industry together to spark new conversations about how the industry can adapt to the current pandemic situation. They explored opportunities for collaboration and deals for 2021.

Making use of Zoom to live stream the entire show, they had many industry leaders give fresh perspectives on how event planners can tap into their creativity to reimagine the events of the future.

Ukrainian Food Expo

Screenshot taken from the Ukrainian Food Expo.

The Ukrainian Food Expo was a platform for experienced suppliers, food distributors and participants interested in the global food scene to network and share exciting new food products across various countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Participants could then engage in rapid fire meetings with the Expo attendees and vendors that they wished to meet. 

Senior Living Executive Conference

Photo taken from Argentum.

Argentum, the trade association serving companies in the senior living industry in the United States, also held their trade show using Zoom. The focus of their show was to discuss strategies for businesses to help seniors and their caregivers cope with life during this pandemic. 

Using Live Stream to Stand Out From Your Competitors

Here are a few reasons why you should live stream your trade shows.

Wider Audience Outreach

The main benefit of live streaming your trade show is that you can reach out to a wider audience. Participants can join this trade show from anywhere in the world. You can reach out to audiences who would otherwise not be able to attend the show. This means having a bigger pool of audience for exhibitors to reach out to and engage with. 

In fact, Digitell Inc says that 30% of participants who attend a live stream are likely to attend the physical event the following year. If you attract these participants now, they will be more than willing to attend your physical events in the future.

You will be also able to re-market your future events to your trade show participants using the email address they provide to sign up the live stream.

Live streaming also helps your show to reach out to a niche target audience segment. If there is a more niche audience that you would like to target (eg, GMO vegetable suppliers), you can market your show to them. Live streaming makes it easier for these audiences to join the trade show, giving them an incentive to take part in your event.

Addition of Participants From External Venues

Your trade show guest speakers can also call in from overseas and join the live stream segment to deliver their speeches live. 

At Vivid Snaps, our team is experienced with managing live streams that requires a third party to call in from an external location. We can help you ensure that your guest speakers can smoothly deliver their presentations during their segment of the trade show.

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Lastly, live streaming opens up options for advertising. You can make use of a green screen background to input graphic overlays on your live stream. This is an opportunity for you to charge your partners for advertising space, just like how you would charge for advertising in physical events.

Taking Your Trade Show to The Next Level

The quality of virtual trade shows are increasing as more businesses begin to live stream their trade shows

If you want your trade show to stand out from the crowd, consider engaging a professional live stream provider to help you manage the streaming of your trade show. Our dedicated and experienced team of live-streaming professionals are ready to support your next virtual trade show.

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