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Live Streaming For MICE Events

With the recent announcement that MICE events of up to 250 pax can resume in the future, many companies are looking forward to submitting their event proposals to Singapore Tourism Board (STB) on 1st October. 

These MICE events will have to follow safe-distancing measures, amongst other restrictions put in place to protect the safety of the participants. 

This is where live streaming your MICE event can help you reach out to a wider audience who would be unable to be there in person.

Read on to find out other benefits of live streaming your MICE event, and how you can use live streaming to improve your MICE event.

Safe Management Measures

Aside from limiting capacity to 250 participants, MICE events also need to comply with the Safe Management Measure (SMM) to ensure the safety of event attendees.

Do check out the Singapore Tourism Board to understand the many other regulations set in place. 

Zones, Cohorts and Groups

Event organisers need to set up various sections within the venue to ensure that there is enough space for social distancing and that attendees do not intermingle freely. 

All participants need to be assigned a zone to stay in. A zone refers to an event space (eg, one function room) and can only have a maximum of 50 people. During the event, participants are not allowed to enter another zone. 

Within the zone, participants will have to be further divided into cohorts. Cohorts should not have more than 20 people. Participants cannot interact with others in their cohorts. 

When your participants are allowed to take off their mask (eg, during meal times), you will have to further divide them into groups of 5 people. Participants are to stay closely within their group of 5 during the entire time that their masks are off and are not allowed to mix with other groups of 5.

Photo taken from Singapore Tourism Board.

1 Metre Distancing

Even within your groups, participants need to maintain a safe distance of 1 metre. Close contact should be avoided, especially when participants have their masks off.

Photo taken from Singapore Tourism Board.

Making Use of Live Streaming For Your MICE Events

Thinking of having all 250 participants take part in a particular segment at the same time? Consider live streaming the segment across the various zones in your MICE event. This would be suitable for segments like keynote speeches and QnA sessions where all participants can benefit from.

You can also broadcast your segments on to Zoom or your event website where other external participants can tune-in live. This helps to widen the reach of your event so that you will not be hindered by the 250 participant limit. 

Live streaming your event will also give you video footage that you can use for your marketing purposes. A post-event showreel video can be put up on your social media channels to engage with your audiences even after the event is over.

Our team at Vivid Snaps is experienced with broadcasting on-site live streams events like these. We can help you live stream your event to other zones within the site or to other live streaming platforms. 

If you want to broadcast your MICE event onto your website, our live stream can match the responsiveness of your website. Audiences will be able to experience the live stream comfortably regardless of their device specification.

Our Live Streaming Capabilities

We began offering live streaming services to our clients in 2018. Today, our team is experienced enough to handle various live streaming needs required to help many events stand out from the crowd.

Some of our capabilities include:

  1. Long Distance Live Streaming. We have done multi-location live streaming which required us to have our cameras at different locations.
  1. Multi-Camera Live Streaming. Having 2 cameras for the live stream allows us to capture different shot sizes. For example, 1 camera will capture a front view of your host while another camera will capture a top-down-view of the item your host is showcasing.
  2. Wireless Video Live Streaming. We have a low latency professional wireless video transmitter which we use to capture roving angles. This transmitter is also useful at event venues where we are unable to lay SDI cables.
  3. Green Screen Live Streaming. When required, we can also set up a green screen studio for our clients to use in their live stream. This helps them to drop in the desired background in their live stream.

Here is a comprehensive list of our live streaming capabilities.

Let Us Live Stream Your MICE Event

Live stream your MICE event to stand out from the many events that will be held in the upcoming months. Our team is ready to help you get started on adding a live stream segment to your MICE event. Drop us a message and our project coordinators will get in touch with you. 

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