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School Anniversary Videographer in Singapore

A school anniversary video is an exciting way for schools to share their achievements and milestones with the community that has always been supportive of them.

If you would like to produce an engaging corporate video for your school’s anniversary, we highly recommend working with a professional school anniversary videographer who can bring out the best in your school anniversary.

Read on to find out more about 7 different segments that you can consider adding to your next school anniversary video production.

Please Note: Some videos referenced in this blog article are not produced by Vivid Snaps. The following videos are sourced from publicly available websites, such as YouTube.

Why Engage a Professional Videographer for Your Anniversary Video?

Just like any corporate video, you would want your anniversary video to bring out the best in your school’s achievements over the years. We understand that planning a school achievement is an important and stressful event. Many event organisers have trusted our professional event videographers to deliver an exciting and engaging video highlights.

We recently worked on a school music video production for Hougang Primary School’s 20th-anniversary celebration.

Written and produced by Mr Yahya, vocals by alumni Gwendolyn Lee. Music video shot by Vivid Media.

If you would like to engage a professional corporate videographer for your school anniversary video, contact via the message box at the side of the page to get started on your corporate video production today!

7 Segments of A School Anniversary Video

Teacher Interview Videos

Teacher interviews are one of the most common video segments for a school anniversary video. Many schools feature their teachers to showcase the people who serve as the backbone of the school.

Video by SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business.

This corporate anniversary video by SMU’s Less Kong Chian School of Business (LKCSB) started off with interviews from the deans and lecturers who shared the personal significance of the school in their hearts.

We liked that SMU conducted a series of corporate video interviews with the staff and students of the LKCSB which was nicely pieced together to form a heartwarming story of the school’s growth over the past decade.

Student Interview Videos

Student interview segments are the school equivalent of a customer testimonial video. When parents hear reviews from the students who have a firsthand experience of attending the classes in school, they are more likely to trust the school’s reputation and ability to provide a proper education for their child.

When filming a student interview segment, we recommend having your students prepare their answers beforehand. This way, they will be less nervous when on camera and can smoothly deliver their interview segment. Consider working with the student to familiarise them with their script before the filming day. 

Video by Nan Hua Primary School.

This anniversary video was shot to celebrate Nan Hua Primary School’s 100th year. In this video, the school interviewed their students who shared their experiences preparing for their anniversary celebration.

In between the students’ interviews, we noticed that the video made use of B-rolls to provide a variety of shots for the viewers. B-rolls are additional footage that provide context to the interviewee’s speech. For this video, the B-rolls were shots of the anniversary event itself, showcasing the student dances and Wushu displays they had prepared.

School Alumni Interview Videos

Compared to students and teachers, alumni provide a different perspective of the school as former students who have since graduated and moved on to different stages of their lives. Alumni usually share how different the school is from when they were there as students. These changes highlight the growth and improvement of the school over the years.

Video by Dunman High School.

For this anniversary video, alumni of Dunman High School came back to share school life was like for them during their schooling days.

If required, our videography team can provide a teleprompter at an additional cost for your interviewees to read off their script while looking into the camera. 

School’s History & Milestone Video

Another common segment seen in anniversary videos is a highlight of the school’s history. these videos will narrate the school’s founding story in chronological order, spotlighting the key milestones that the school has experienced over the years like a change in principals or the relocation of the school campus. 

Video by Juying Secondary School.

Juying Secondary School’s 25th-anniversary video began with a short highlight of the school’s journey from its founding days. This was an apt opening as the video told the story of the school in chronological order, following the many changes of the school throughout its 25 years.

Celebration Highlight

Will you be having a celebration concert for your school’s anniversary? If so, consider filming an event highlight video to capture the best memories of the celebration. This way, you can preserve the celebration even after the event is over.

Event highlight videos can also be used for publicity and marketing purposes. This video can be used to create post-event publicity buzz, keeping the community talking about your school’s anniversary has ended. We recently wrote about how you can make use of your event highlight video for marketing purposes.

Video by Stamford American International School.

Stamford American International School celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019 with an in-school celebration event. This anniversary video that they filmed showcased the highlights of this exciting celebration they had hosted.

This video was less than 2 minutes long, which is short and succinct for an event highlight video. We would recommend that your event highlight videos be less than 3 minutes long to match viewers’ increasingly short attention span. Keeping your video short helps to ensure that viewers do not lose focus and click away from the video.

Hougang Primary School Anniversary Celebration Video Highlight, Camera & Editing by Vivid Media

In this Hougang Primary School Anniversary Highlight Video, our event videographer covers the key moments of the celebration. Juxtaposing the footage with speeches and background music.

Well Wishes

School anniversaries are meant to be a celebratory occasion for the school. A more light-hearted segment that you could consider adding to your school anniversary video is a compilation of the well wishes from your staff, students and other members of the school.

Video by Nanyang Polytechnic.

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Nanyang Polytechnic invited students, lectures and even Mediacorp celebrities to give their well-wishes to the school.

CCA and Special Programme Showcase

Aside from featuring the school’s main academic programmes, schools also feature their CCAs and special programmes to showcase the opportunities available for a holistic learning experience.

Video by Chung Cheng High School.

Like the Stamford American International School, this anniversary video by Chung Cheng High School (CCHS) was also an event highlight video of their 80th-anniversary concert held by the many performing arts CCAs in both CCHS Main and CCHS Yishun.

Anniversary Video Production Team in Singapore

Creative Video Production Team Singapore
Reference photo of Behind-the-scenes at a Creative Video Production shoot in Singapore

Throughout your video production journey, you will be working closely with our Producers and Directors to align the expectations of the final video. The scope of work that we provide includes conceptualisation, storyboarding, location & talent sourcing, directing, filming and post-production. In most projects, our in-house crew will be able to provide end-to-end production support for your video production.

Engage Vivid Media to Shoot Your Anniversary Video Production

Vivid Media Company Group Photo Singapore
Composite company group photo of the Vivid Media team

At Vivid Media, school anniversary videos are just one of the many corporate video production services that we can offer for your organisation.

If you are planning a physical events, our event photographers are some of the best in the industry. Striking an exceptional balance in image quality and customer service. Read more about our resident photographers and our photography partners.

At school performances, our stage videography service capture full length performances. While event video highlight is a 3 min video featuring snippets of your event activities.

If you would like to engage our professional videography service, drop our friendly project coordinators a message today and we will get back to you.

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