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Air New Zealand Instant Roving Photography

Got an event coming up, but a photo booth doesn’t seem to fit your theme? Well, don’t worry we got you covered, with our Instant Roving Photography service!

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What’s Instant Roving Photography?

Instant Roving Photography shouldn’t be confused with Instant Photo Booths. Our Instant Roving Photography involves an on-site photographer, editor, and assistant. Our experienced photographer will roam around the venue of your event, encouraging guests to pose for a photograph. Once the photograph is snap-ed, it will be passed on to the on-site editor who will do the necessary adjustments to enhance the photograph. The editor will also apply your customized photo border design before it is sent to the printer for printing. 

This service is perfect for formal or business events, where guests are not necessarily there to celebrate but rather for networking purposes. This helps to better cater and match the atmosphere of the networking event you’re hosting. It’s great because your guests will also be able to get a physical copy of the photography with your personalized photo border. This customizable photo border is perfect for marketing or brand recall purposes. You can include your company logo, the name of the event or even your company or product tagline. 

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Here’s How We work

  • Our staff will set up our print station on-site prior to your event
  • Upon commencement, our photographer will engage your guests for photos
  • Photos taken are wirelessly transmitted to our print station
  • Our photo-editing artist will edit every photo before printing
  • Photos will then be handed to your guests by our friendly photo assistant
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Air New Zealand Event with Instant Roving Photography

A good example would be the event we’ve done for Air New Zealand. They had a company networking event, a place where instant photo booths wouldn’t necessarily match the mood or atmosphere of the location. Instant Roving Photography allows guests more time to be able to network while being able to still capture the moment at the same time. With an on-site photographer encouraging your guests to take pictures, it allows guests to feel more at ease and more willing to take photos together. Air New Zealand made use of our customizable photo border design, that included their company logo, tagline, and even their mascot. This will help in building your company’s brand recall and at the same time, it’s a good momento for your guests to keep to remember the event. Congratulations on another successful networking event Air New Zealand! Cheers to more successes in the future!

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