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Hybrid Webinar with Green Screen

Are you looking to hold a Webinar in Singapore for your organisation? Now that Singapore is in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), a hybrid webinar is a possible solution for you! Using a green screen for your webinar can help restrict your interaction outdoors, keeping you and your staff safer. Read on to find out more about webinars and how filming with a green screen works!

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an online seminar that allows for real-time interactivity between participants and presenters through Q&A or networking segments. Webinars are a great way to connect large groups of people from all around the world and conduct sharings. You can also share slides, vidoes, or any type of media content with attendees, even if they’re not in the same room as the presenters. Webinars are truly the best solution to your organisation’s need for any event that requires large groups of people to be in attendance amidst the pandemic since we all can’t gather in-real-life. 

Webinars can be used for a variety of events – presentations, workshops, seminars, training sessions, meetings and lectures are just a few of them. What makes webinars stand out as opposed to pre-recorded webcasts is that it allows for interactivity and discussion between attendees and presenters. 

Vivid Snaps’ professional video crew has worked with many clients for webinars and can provide solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Remote vs Hybrid Webinars

Remote Event Live Streaming Production Singapore
A remote webinar with speakers streaming in from their locations during a Q&A

A remote webinar is a webinar where all speakers are streaming in from their individual locations. All attendees are also watching the webinar online. Remote webinars are a great solution to connect presenters from around the world who can’t be together in one location. As we try to minimise our in-real-life interactions amid Covid-19, some organisations may choose to hold remote webinars even if their presenters are in the same city and are able to gather in a single location. 

Hybrid Event Live Streaming Production Singapore
A hyrbid webinar with 3 speakers on-site and one remote speaker streaming in for a panel discussion

A hybrid webinar is a webinar where some speakers are on-site while others may be remote. Attendees can also be on-site or watching online. Hybrid webinars are great when some speakers can gather together in-real-life while other speakers may be streaming in from other countries. Choosing to have a hybrid webinar is the closest simulation to what events were like pre-Covid, which some organisations are trying to achieve.

Pre-recorded Segments During Webinars 

Pre-recorded Virtual Webinar Live Streaming
A webinar live stream featuring local & remote presenter in a discussion

Some organisations may choose to pre-record segments of the webinar, such as long presentations or speeches. Allowing speakers to pre-record their presentations gives them the flexibility to have as many retakes as they need. This is something you can’t afford during a live webinar. However, it make take away from the authenticity of ‘live’ webinar. Even with pre-recorded segments, you can include live Q&A segments so that attendees can interact with presenters in real-time. 

If you choose to conduct the webinar entirely live, it’ll be good to have multiple rehearsal sessions to ensure that all presenters are familiar with their material, the flow of the webinar, and their cues. You can even consider using a teleprompter for your presenters on-site.

Filming Webinar Segments in a Green Screen Studio

A green screen employs the technique of Color Keying. This allows you to drop in any background image you want behind your presenters. It’s like filming with a Zoom virtual background, but with much better quality! With a green screen, you can make it seem like you are anywhere in the world, all from the comforts of an indoor studio.

You may choose to record a pre-recorded or film a live speech, presentation or discussion in a green screen studio. 

Vivid Snaps’ Green Screen Studio at Kallang Place

Green Screen Studio in Singapore for Webinars

We recently turned our storage area into a green screen studio  and offer complimentary studio usage for our clients who engage with our video filming or live streaming services.

Our studio has a 5m wide backdrop that can comfortably fit 3 people on screen with safe distancing measures in place, which is great for a small panel discussion. It’s also suitable for full-body green screen filming for 1 subject, useful for virtual tours filming.

If you would like to enquire about our complimentary green screen studio, do reach out to one of our friendly project coordinators!

Location: 30 Kallang Pl, #07-24, Singapore 339159

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