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Building Light Up Photography & Video Production in Singapore

Building light up photography is a niche form of photography which captures a building’s nighttime facade during a building light up event. To capture truly outstanding building light up photographs which can capture the best of the special light up event, you will need to engage an experienced photographer who has mastered the art of nighttime architecture photography.

In this article, we share more reasons why you require a professional corporate photographer to capture the best memories of your building light up event.

What is Nighttime Architecture Photography?

As mentioned, nighttime architecture photography is an especially important skill that photographers need to possess in order to be able to capture the best parts of your building light up event. 

With the photographers having to take photographs at night in completely different lighting, this form of photography is an artistic craft that many experienced photographs spend years mastering.

At night, the lack of natural lighting hinders the photography process as the sky is dark and the building lights are extremely bright. This makes it difficult for the camera to capture every detail of the building’s exterior without the darker portions of the building to turn out noisy and out of focus. 

The camera could also overcompensate for the bright lights and make the whole image darker than it actually is, resulting in an unflattering photograph that fails to capture the fine details of the building and the meticulously planned exterior lights.

To counter these issues, photographers may be tempted to use the in-camera night mode setting found in many DSLR cameras. However, a professional photographer would shoot their photographs using the manual mode on their camera which gives them full control of the ISO, aperture and shutter speed. A professional would have the experience and the keen eye for detail to manipulate the camera settings to achieve the desired results. 

With a seasoned photographer, your building night time photographs will highlight your building’s shape and features in a completely different perspective than in the day time. 

Building Light Up Photography Singapore

An overview of the Marina Bay area lit up in green and white in support for the anti-drug campaign 2019. Photo by Vivid Snaps.

In June 2019, iconic buildings and structures along Marina Bay and Sentosa lit up to commemorate the start of the Central Narcotics Bureau’s annual anti-drug campaign. The building light up was a sign of Singapore’s support for establishing a drug-free society in the island nation. This event was also held on the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

Photo of Cavenagh bridge by Vivid Snaps.

For this building light up event, our photographers had to capture 17 different buildings which participated in the light up event from 7:30 pm to 12 midnight. We had a team of 3 photographers for this event who went around capturing the majestic light up in the area. 

If your building light up event requires our photographers to capture a few buildings across different locations, we highly recommend that you engage multiple photographers to capture the light up. This makes the photography process more efficient as each photographer will have ample time to focus on capturing the most flattering shots of the building light up.

Photo of Millenia Towers by Vivid Snaps.

Our photographers were also able to capture light trails from passing vehicles when capturing the light up event, which added an extra flare to the photographs. Light trails are long exposure shots taken around a moving source of light, like the headlights of moving vehicles. 

Photo of Marina Bay Sands and the Marina Bay by Vivid Snaps.
Photo of the Marina Bay financial centre by Vivid Snaps.

On top of the building light up, we also provided our event photography services to capture the youth volunteer distribution drive where campaign collaterals and pins were given to the public to spread the anti-drug cause.

We are proud to have been chosen as the esteemed photography vendor for this building light up event.

Orchard Road Christmas Light Up Video Production

Professional Architecture and Building Light Up Photographer in Singapore

Vivid Snaps is a professional media production company that has worked with a diverse range of clients across different industries. From event set up time-lapse shots to interior photography, our multifaceted photography team is capable of offering professional corporate photography services to support your business needs.

Aside from nighttime architecture photography, our photographers can also capture aerial shots of your building light up event using a drone (subject to drone laws in Singapore) for a different perspective of the light up. We recently wrote more about filming aerial videography with a drone in our previous article.

If you would like to engage our photography services, drop our project coordinators a message today and we will get back to you.

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