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Construction Time-Lapse Video Production

A construction time-lapse video is a corporate video that captures the construction process of your building, venue or installation piece. This video allows you to present the construction process as an engaging story that can be incorporated into your marketing strategy.

Read on to find out more about the types of construction time-lapses that you can consider filming.

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How Do Time-lapses Work?

Time-lapse cinematography is a photography technique where a period is captured on camera and played back as a video at a much faster rate. This is achieved by adjusting the frame rate of the video. 

When filming a time-lapse, the camera captures many shots at a fixed interval (often a few minutes apart). These photos are then stitched together at the regular 25 frame rate per second (fps) to form the final sped-up video. 

Time-lapse Intervals

Before the videographer can begin filming, there are a few key elements that they will have to take note of:

  • Duration of the final clip length.
  • The required filming duration.
  • The required frame rate or frames per second (fps).
  • The shooting interval between each shot.
  • The number of shots required for the final video.

Usually, the final clip length for the time-lapse is set by the client. The frame rate would be set at 25fps unless the local broadcast conventions dictate otherwise.

The videographer will have to calculate the shooting interval, the number of shots required and most importantly the filming duration that they need to achieve the required time-lapse. While there is a formula they can use, the videographers can also make use of online time-lapse calculators like Photopill.

Types of Construction Time-lapse Videos

Building Construction Time-lapse 

Building construction time-lapse videos are one of the most common types of time-lapse videos that many construction companies film for their portfolio purposes. Commercial buildings may also film a time-lapse of the building being filmed from the ground up to garner publicity before the building’s grand opening.

This type of time-lapse video is the most tedious to film as they can take up to a few years to capture enough footage to form a coherent and engaging video. We highly recommend that you engage a professional videography company who can manage your time-lapse project for the entire duration.

Kampung Admiralty 

Video by WOH Aarchitects.

In this time-lapse of Kampung Admiralty, we liked that the video showcased a direct comparison of the before and after of the construction process. To achieve this video effect, a second time-lapse of Kampung Admiralty had to be filmed, with the building being framed from the same angles as the first time-lapse recording.

The Exchange 106

Video by The Exchange 106.

The Exchange 106, Malaysia’s newest tallest building, was officially completed in 2019. We liked that this time-lapse video added a storytelling element to the construction time-lapse by showing the record-breaking statistics of the building.

In this video, there were various motion graphics used to visualise the timeline and the different statistics of the construction project. If required, we have an in-house graphic designer who is able to design unique motion graphics for your video needs.

Singapore Sports Hub 

Video by Singapore Sports Hub.

Aside from filming the time-lapse of the construction, this video of the Singapore Sports Hub also included aerial shots to provide a birds-eye view of the building. This highlights the beauty of the building, especially in the golden sunset hours against the backdrop of the Kallang neighbourhood. 

While filming aerial videography with a drone is a common technique for building videography, do note that the new drone regulars will require filming permits prior to the shoot day.

Aurora Melbourne Central

Video by Aurora Melbourne Central.

Situated in Melbourne’s CBD area, Aurora Melbourne is to date the tallest mixed-use development building in the district. This video was filmed as part of construction building company Probuild’s own portfolio to showcase the construction process to their clients.

Intercontinental Hotel Dublin

Video by Evercam.

Stewart Construction, a leading Irish building contractor, partner with an extensive design team and specialist design-led supply chain for the build of this new hotel in North Dublin. This video was served to help the team record and monitor the construction process.

Shopping Mall Construction Time-lapse

For new shopping malls, a building construction time-lapse video can be used as part of the pre-opening publicity strategy to garner excitement over the mall’s grand opening. 


Video by CapitaLand.

Ahead of Funan’s opening in 2019, this video was released as a part of Capitaland’s publicity strategy for the shopping mall. 

We recently shared more examples of shopping mall construction time-lapse videos in our previous article.

Cruise Ship Construction Time-lapse

Aside from the construction of big buildings, you can also consider filming a cruise ship time-lapse video. The complexity of the construction process makes for an engaging video that viewers will watch if they are interested in having a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes of the cruise ship building process. 

AIDAnova Cruise Ship

Video by MK timelapse GmbH.

The AIDAnova cruise ship, which launched in 2018, was the world’s first cruise ship powered by liquified natural gas. 

We liked that this time-lapse video incorporated an original track by composer Harry Price for the background music. For your time-lapse video, we highly recommend that you include background music accompany the construction time-lapse to make the video more engaging for your viewers.

Interior Renovation Time-lapse

Prudential Marina One

Video by Vivid Snaps.

One of our clients, Prudential Singapore, previously engaged us to film a time-lapse of their office renovation process along with a highlight video of the new office space at Marina One. 

Construction time-lapse videos do not necessarily have to focus on the exterior constructions of a building. If you have an interior space that needs to undergo a major revamp, you can film an interior renovation time-lapse to commemorate the opening of our new interior space.

Interior Event Set Up Time-lapse


Video by Vivid Snaps.

Construction time-lapses can also be filmed for closed-door corporate events that require a large set up for your venue. Previously, we filmed an event setup time-lapse video for a corporate event by our client Breadtalk.

Multi-camera Time-lapse

For large time-lapse projects, we would highly recommend that you engage in a multi-camera setup.

A multi-camera setup allows you to include different angles in your time-lapse videos. This provides a variety of shots for your viewers which makes the video more engaging to watch. 

Additionally, this setup also ensures that there will be a second camera to film the time-lapse should any of the cameras be accidentally moved or blocked by the construction crew.

Engaging a Professional Time-Lapse Video Production Company in Singapore

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo

We hope that this video has helped you understand more about how to use construction time-lapse videos for your marketing purposes. Due to the long filming hours needed, we highly recommend that you engage a professional time-lapse video production company who can guarantee the best time-lapse results. 

If you would like to engage our services, drop our project coordinators a message today and we will get back to you.

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