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Conveying Your Brand Message Effectively

Conveying your brand message effectively will increase your reach and promote meaningful engagement with your audience. It also helps build a stronger brand identity, thus making your brand more distinguishable.

Read on to find out why branding is essential in standing out and rising above competition, as well as how you can convey your brand message
to your audience.

Table of Contents:

Why is it Important to Convey Your Brand Message?

Every brand needs a voice. Not only does it distinguish you from competition, it also gives your clients an idea of your beliefs and how you can add value to their experiences. Strong branding gives clients a reason to want to work with you. It can also drive future marketing and copywriting decisions.

Show And Tell

The “show, don’t tell” concept might sound more familiar to you. However, when it comes to marketing, it is more important to show and tell. What does this mean?

Showing is creating a visual in the minds of your prospective audience. It encourages your audience to form their own opinions. Telling is proposing a solution, and there is less room for imagination or reflection on their part.

Combining Both Factors

When you combine the two factors, you are tying up the loose ends for your consumer. The trick is to tell the idea, then show it through stories and examples.

Example of Show and Tell

Beats by Dre’s Solo Polo:

“Immerse yourself in your music.
With an advanced acoustic platform and noise canceling, Solo Pro ensures you’ll always have the right sound for the right situation.”

Beats started off with a show, then moved on to telling. To keep things fresh, rotate between starting with show and tell.

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Ensuring Your Website Matches Your Message

Your clients and business partners want immediate solutions. Therefore, when they first visit your website, it should be very clear what the brand represents and what you can offer your audience. If your audience is confused and are unable to find an answer quickly, it wont take them long
to leave the website.

To avoid this, you may choose to make your message clear through a mix of photos, videos and text. This is to ensure you reach out to audiences with different preferences in consuming information.

Using Corporate Photos and Videos

If you do not have an in-house production team, you can always hire an external professional photographer/videographer. While there is the option of using stock photos, those tend to be general and used by other companies as well.

Using your own photos allow you to stand out and create a more unique brand identity. Furthermore, your audience will recognise the difference in professionally taken vs. self-shot photos.

Examples of Corporate Photos and Videos

  • Smiling Faces
  • On-the-job Photos
  • Personal Commitment
  • Architecture Photography
  • Interior Photography
  • Editorial/Journalistic Photos
  • Employee Feature Photos
  • Corporate Portraits
  • Company Profile Video
  • CEO Announcement Video
  • Employee Feature Video
  • Corporate Documentary
  • B2B Marketing Video
  • Troubleshooting Video
  • Brand Story Video
  • Client Testimonial Video
  • On-boarding Video

Establish a Social Media Presence

If you hear about a viral advertisement, it is more likely to be a B2C (Business to Customer) compared to a B2B (Business to Business) company. You rarely hear about an automobile manufacturing company trending on Instagram or an IT management company dominating Twitter. These B2B companies exist in the minority.

Although consistency is key, even a corporate company has to ensure they find creative ways to reach out to their audience on social media.

Example of a B2B Company Successful in Establishing an Online Presence

An example of a B2B company in an industry that might be considered “boring”, but has taken social media by storm is Novartis. They are a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland.

Most people wouldn’t expect a company in this industry to be on social media at all, let alone be this popular. Novartis has built a strong presence on Instagram, with 74.5k followers (at the time of writing).

They share insightful posts with pristine visuals which accounts for a portion of their online success. There are many other factors that contribute to their success , but the good news is: you can create your own recipe for success through trial and error.

Conveying Your Brand Message Effectively

We hope this article finds you well, and that you will be able to apply these strategies to your work. If you are looking for a corporate photographer, videographer or live stream service providers, get in contact with us today. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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