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Press Conference Live Stream Singapore

From TV displays, sports games and concerts, to town halls, breaking news, and press conferences, live streaming invites people to participate at virtually anything. And the best thing is that it connects to all kinds of devices – smartphone, laptop, or tablet. All from the comfort of your own house.

You can now live stream your press conference to anywhere in the world. The possibilities are endless, and our goal is to help you create the best press conference live stream for your brand and audience.

Read on to find out more about planning a successful press conference live stream

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press conference live stream singapore

Why Choose Live Streams for Press Conference?

press conference live stream singapore
  • It saves resources and hassles such as travel, accommodation, and catering for the people involved.
  • The number of attendees is more flexible, not restricted by the size of conference rooms.
  • Ability to stream to different platforms to reach out to more audiences.
  • Recording of the event is also available.

Example of A Successful Press Conference


Lancome Singapore virtual flagship store

Lancôme has announced the launch of its first Advanced Génifique #LiveYourStrength virtual flagship store, exclusive to Singapore. The press conference was done remotely to introduce the virtual online store and it was very successful and garnered a lot of attention from the media and public.

Here is how it worked :

  • Countdown to build excitement and momentum before the reveal.
  • Inviting influencers and celebrities to take part in the event help to spread more awareness and gather more viewers and followers.
  • Interactive elements in the event also help spark interest captivate user attention.

How to Make Your Press Conference Live Stream More Engaging?

With the market being saturated with live streams, it is difficult to stand out among the crowd to capture the audience’s attention, and even harder for them to stay. Here are some ways to ensure your virtual press conference is interactive and engaging.

  • Well produced and organized live streams tend to do better than those that are not coordinated and done last minute.
  • A good marketing plan leading up to the event is critical to building awareness.
  • Interactive tools such as virtual reality or gamification will attract a bigger crowd compared to a traditional conference.
  • Integrate pre-recorded videos with your live stream to make it even more engaging for your audience.

Learn more about the best tools to make your online events engaging.

Press Conference Live Streams Singapore

Here at Vivid Snaps, we offer live streaming services on multiple platforms. Apart from social media platforms, we also stream on Zoom, Cisco WebEx Live Stream and DaCast.

If you are interested in streaming on a platform not listed above, reach out to our project coordinators. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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